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Nightmare Fuel / Godzilla: The Series

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Sweet dreams, kids.

Most entries are listed in their respective episode's production order due to having been aired Out of Order.

  • Out of all the weird and gnarly monsters our heroes deal with, including freaking aliens, Cameron Winter stands out from the rest of the heroes' adversaries. While HEAT aren't strangers to antagonistic humans, none of them are as personal and vengeful as Winter himself: A cool-headed and seemingly friendly businessman who in reality is a calculating and cold-hearted sociopath, willing to risk innocent lives, the military, and even Godzilla—the sole defender of Earth—all for the sake of profit and petty revenge. Unlike the merely impatient lead researchers of the Nanotech Creature's creators, the well-meaning yet horrifically misguided Alexandra Springer, the careless Tobias Wilson, and the similarly greedy yet standard-villainy Milo Sanders, Winter exceeds his human peers in vileness while lacking any redeeming or humorous qualities, making him shining proof that the worst monsters can be humans. The worst part? Despite having his Evil Plans continuously foiled by HEAT, Winter escapes justice by placing the accusations against the three hunters he hired to kill Godzilla, claiming they attacked out of their own accord with his stolen mechs. Speaking of mechs, not only does he sell them to the military, he gets hired to design technology for them. Regardless of the blows, Winter gets what he wanted: Money.

  • The Tachyon aliens in the episodes "Leviathan" and the 3-part "Monster Wars." Not only can they control your mind, but if they transplant their consciousnesses into you, you'll slowly end up physically mutating into one of them. When they're forced out of you at that point, they pretty much put you into a debilitating coma.
    • Let's not forget their "guard dogs" which are basically mutated hybrids of aliens and dinosaurs, complete with long prehensile tongues that are strong enough to pull people. Their introduction shows them kidnapping the scientists exploring the titular alien ship from within the shadows while their victims scream for help.
    • But none of that compares to their greatest weapon: the first Godzilla transformed into a reanimated cyborg, essentially creating a Godzilla version of the Frankenstein Monster. And unlike the other mutations, Cyborg-Zilla is completely and irreversibly under the aliens' total control. Even its roar doesn't sound natural.

  • The theory that the show in the same universe as Extreme Ghostbusters and Men in Black: The Series is this — New York is seemingly the epicenter for not only giant kaiju (attacking or otherwise), but also ghosts and various other supernatural menaces (stretching back to the 1980s) as well as aliens, and that through sheer luck, we've managed to somehow survive it all, and even create our own countermeasures. (That said, it's highly likely New Yorkers have become rather jaded to all this stuff after a point.)

2. "New Family Pt.2"

  • The mutant squids are scary monsters to start off the show, since their first appearance makes them look like mysterious tentacles coming out of the oil spill. The worst part? The squids are running away from an even bigger mutation called Crustaceous Rex, a vaguely dinosaur-shaped, tentacle-covered crustacean with a face only a mother can love.

3. "Talkin' Trash"

  • The Nanotech Creature is a colony of singled-celled organisms controlled by Nanomachines, designed to clean up waste by eating petroleum. In its introduction, the colony escapes its container and tries to consume one of the assistants before creator Felix Hoenikker re-contains the colony with a specialized vacuum. Things are about to go smoothly at that point, right? Sadly, no. Thanks to Hoenikker's impatient employer, the Nanotech Creature is released before being properly tested, eating anything it can find, petroleum or not. The best part? This thing is the show's answer to Hedorah, thanks to being a garbage-eating Blob Monster that tries to kill Godzilla by smothering him.

8. "What Dreams May Come"

  • The Crackler, a physical projection of a soft-spoken man's repressed tension going on a rampage with the intent on attacking all of the man's stressors. Its design is pretty distinct from other mutations, appearing as some kind of Big Creepy Crawly, except it's an Energy Being rather than a living organism. Then there's its "laugh"... if you can call it that.

18. "An Early Frost"

  • The Chameleon is a mutation that looks like Godzilla, sounds like Godzilla, and moves like Godzilla, but it is not Godzilla. In fact, it only looks like Godzilla from the neck down (if it has one) because its head and face look nothing like his or any known animal's at that, looking like a three-clawed hand that opens up like a flower. Then there is its resistance against Godzilla's power breath and near invisibility via its Chameleon Camouflage, which is put to great use against the Army. Imagine a massive Body Horror monster that can blend with its environment so well, you won't know where it is until it's too late.
    • As for why the Chameleon looks and sounds like the Big G, it's because Winter specifically created it to frame Godzilla by mimicking his appearance and attacking people, so Winter can make himself look like a hero for creating the same creature designed to kill Godzilla.

19. "What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been"

20. "Web Site"

22. "Juggernaut"

  • The Techno-Sentient is a blob-like organism that grew bigger and bigger with every machine it devoured, starting from a child's toy car to a hot dog cart to construction equipment to military grade hardware. And it's not a mindless beast either. It knew that if it had control of the military equipment and launch an unprovoked attack on Baghdad, it could start a third World War that would result in it devouring more technology and destroy everything except machines. The only way HEAT could destroy it was Godzilla constantly smacking the launch scaffolding the Techno-Sentinent had absorbed to where it was also warped around the nuclear missile with no escape, and Randy reprogramming the flight path at the last second so that it detonated out in space.

23. "Shafted"

  • Pictured above is the Silver Hydra, a colony of silver microorganisms that "freeze" their prey with liquid silver. Who are the first victims after waking up? Kids. Scratch that; the kids aren't the first victims, as the heroes discover much older victims dating back from the 1940s. The worst part is we don't know what happened to them after Godzilla takes down the Silver Hydra, or why it's freezing people in the first place.

24. "Trust No One"

  • The DNA Mimic. Picture a puddle of liquid DNA that can replicate any living thing it comes in contact with. Then there's the weapon that was used to kill it, nitric acid, or at least scramble its structure: A solvent capable of melting any living thing right down to its molecular structure. The stakes get higher when the DNA Mimic takes the form of Godzilla, putting Nick in a dire event where he has to tell which is which. It was a miracle he fired the solvent at the DNA Mimic, but imagine the horror when Nick fired at the real Godzilla... The whole episode is essentially a PG-rated take on The Thing (1982), and while it lacks the gory transformations that film is famous for, the episode retains the Paranoia Fuel by not only having the heroes accusing each other of being the titular creature, but also the idea of the DNA Mimic replacing all life on Earth with itself should it escape.

30. "Freak Show"

32. "Where is Thy Sting?"

  • Randy's fever dream, where after he got stung by a scorpion, he has a dream about the smugglers where they are attack by a Giant Scorpion with a skull face and scorpion-like people attacking the smugglers as Randy watches on in horror.

36. "Future Shock"

  • HEAT (sans Craven) accidentally travel to an alternate future where monsters known as D.R.A.G.M.A.s have destroyed the militaries of Earth and basically overrun the world. When Nick hesitantly asks what happened to Godzilla, Future Craven can only sadly point to a memorial, stating that although he fought to the last, the monsters finally overcame him. It's chilling to think of monsters able to kill even Godzilla himself.
    • Wanna know the scariest part about them? They have a very infamous Toho counterpart. Its name? DESTOROYAH.
    • If Godzilla dies then what happened to the other mutations? The answer comes from Major Hicks who revealed that he release them from Monster Island and every single one of them were annihilated by the D.R.A.G.M.A.s. C-Rex, King Cobra, Giant Bat, Shrewester. They're ALL gone.
    • Let's not forget that the man-made creations like the Lizard Slayer and Ts-eh-Go should be around when the apocalypse happens. Even they fell before the D.R.A.G.M.A.s.