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Break out the industrial-strength earplugs.

Characters who have super-powerful screams can do things like scream out sonic booms, and screech so loud it can paralyze people by making their eardrums bleed.

Comes with an unusually high level of Required Secondary Powers (most importantly, super-resilient eardrums and respiratory tract), and often involves Acceptable Breaks from Reality, like a visual that indicates the sound, to depict. On top of that, logically thinking, this power would be Awesome, but Impractical, seeing as a sonic boom would practically level everything in a spherical radius from the hero (including themselves). But most straight examples don't portray this aspect of it.

Occasionally, characters with this power also have the Compelling Voice ability, if the character has sufficient fine control over it.

Subtrope of Make Some Noise. Glass-Shattering Sound is a sister trope for sounds, both supernatural and mundane, that only shatter brittle materials. Sound sources other than voices that have a physical effect on people or things are covered by Gale-Force Sound. Sometimes combined with Razor Wind and can overlap with Breath Weapon. Compare Loud of War, Musical Assassin, as well as the sonic variants of Brown Note. For the lethal weapon version of this, see Sonic Stunner.

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    Asian Animation 
  • Catch! Teenieping: In "Happying's Back", Romi and the other Royal Teeniepings confront Giggleping, who is no longer wearing the badge on his scarf that has kept him corrupted. As a result, he gains Super-Strength, and his yells create powerful shockwaves that prevent Romi or anyone else from getting close to him.

  • BIONICLE: The Makuta's "Power Scream" has enough power to shatter solid stone.

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