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Nightmare Fuel / Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

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Take a look. That is the monster that even the Devil would not touch.

Let's see what happens when we insert the writer of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero and Psycho-Pass into Godzilla...

Beware of unmarked spoilers below!

  • If any of you thought that ShinGoji was bad, well imagine if the plan to freeze him (do note his last form was his infant stage) didn't work and he remained to evolve without interference. The end result was AnimeGoji. Several of the powers he could have gained in his next evolutions are added to this new version of our titular Kaiju.
    • Regeneration, flight and multiplication: The Servum, the plants, and the Godzilla Filius are all offshoots of Godzilla.
    • Self-energy production and limitless nuclear fusions: Minus the nuclear part but given what he was capable of here, its an understatement.
    • A small universe within his body: More like an entire ecosystem taking over the planet.
    • A God: The ending.....presumably.
  • Godzilla can make Tranquil Fury more frightening than it's even possible to. After the humans defeat Godzilla Fillius, suddenly, a massive Earthquake occurs, then the real Godzilla explodes a mountain he was in. But he doesn't make a sound. He sees the fleeting humans and proceed to annihilate them by using a power breath and a tail whip that can destroy his surroundings. For a monster who was dormant for 20,000 years, that is truly a frightening display of Tranquil Fury.


  • The prologue details a monster apocalypse. The novel perfectly details that event and how truly devastating a world of monsters could affect the entire world.

  • The first Kaiju reported was Kamacuras. In this universe, it was Kamacuras who destroyed the World Trade Center.

  • Operation: Hedorah was a plan used by the human military to release a bio-weapon the operation was named after to destroy Anguirus and Rodan. Godzilla has his self-regeneration to survive Hedorah's corrosive attacks but Anguirus and Rodan didn't had that which meant the two latter Kaiju either died quickly or they suffered slow and painful deaths.
    • It gets even worse when the military lost control of Hedorah who would rampaged across Beijing and Tianjin. Think about the amount of human deaths and also the devastation to the local wife life and ecosystem rendering it to probably a lifeless wasteland. Oops!

  • Dagahra is a walking plague. Even if the humans do defeat the Kaiju, they had to content to its huge swarms of Barem which has poisoned Australia's waters.

  • Godzilla finally makes his appearance. His first debut is that not only he destroyed Los Angeles and San Francisco but also wiping out three Kaiju at once.
    • He was so much of a threat that the US government fired 150 nuclear warheads at him in hopes he would be killed. Godzilla walked out of that unharmed.

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  • Its not good to be a Siberian or those that lived there as they fell prey to Megaguirus and a flock of Rodan.
  • The novel managed to make Zilla of all monsters the stuff of nightmares. Long story short, the worst case scenario involving the creature's ability to asexually reproduce occurs and Paris is taken over by the creatures. Juveniles would attack citizens from the ground while adults would ambush any military helicopters or planes by attacking them from the buildings above. The only saving grace was that Zilla and its numerous offspring had low durability compared to other Kaiju and could easily be dispatched by conventional weaponry.

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