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Tear Jerker / Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

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  • Haruo tried to stop what was effectively a death sentence on the team of explorers, all of them were the elderly including his grandfather. Haruo's grandfather begged him to stop this but Haruo pleaded back believing that his grandfather was forced to do this. However to his shock, it was his grandfather who willingly join as he has grown to lose hope that there was no possible way to thrive outside of Earth. Even if the planet might be uninhabitable, at the very least, Haruo's grandfather would feel the fresh warmth of the ground.
  • Godzilla Filius's death. The minor foreshadowing, including how he doesn't attack until humanity strikes first, builds up to how this Godzilla isn't the one that drove out humanity. This one is his innocent son, essentially, and Haruo killed it out of Revenge by Proxy, whether he knew it or not. What really drives home how sad it is was was Filius's last despairing look into the camera before Haruo's plan finally kills him.
    • And the fact that immediately after he is killed, his much larger father immediately rises out of the ground and promptly starts destroying everyone in sight. As much as this Godzilla hated humanity, it did care for this little copy of itself, and if you were to harm it, much less kill it, then expect a swift and furious retribution.
  • One could say that Yuko’s death is this, however by the time you see Haruo tear off her helmet to find nanometal bleeding out of her eye, you’ve already been listening to her scream in agony for several minutes, while Haruo loligags because he’s just gotta kill Godzilla and can’t bear to give up his big chance, to the point that he’s still unable to decide for a few minutes after Yuko stops screaming, in a moment that isn’t actually made all that dramatic despite how telling it is, because in he moment, to Haruo, who’s perspective we’re seeing this from, found he genuinely was considering trading her life so that he could get his shot at revenge. As such, by this point, you’re less choked up that the (arguably) cutest character in the movie has died, and more outright disgusted that Haruo chose not to do anything to save her until it was so obviously too late, that one will find themselves wondering why he even bothers catching her after he destroys the nanometal.
    • Of course, it gets worse, considering that the last thing she says is his name. She had so much faith in him that she died expecting him to save her even at the last second. And one still can’t help but wonder if they should be sad about her death, or delighted that maybe, ‘’just maybe’’, this unprecedented personal calamity that he alone is responsible for (since he had the power to stop it but didn’t) will make him ‘’finally’’ get a grip!

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