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I have been named many things: A King, The Alpha, Savior, Destroyer but today, I. Am. A. God.

This page covers the 2017/2018 anime trilogy: Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle, and Godzilla: The Planet Eater.

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The Trilogy

    Planet of the Monsters 
  • The Plan. Say what you want about our heroes but they have huge brass to take on Godzilla especially Haruo who was having none of the Beam Spam and charges right in to plant the bombs. This is the pinnacle of Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?.
  • Godzilla Earth finally returns and cue massive Oh, Crap! from all the humans and aliens. As Dr Martin explained, thanks to humanity leaving their planet, Godzilla was free to roam and evolve. The end result was that he wasn't just the BIGGEST Godzilla in the entire franchise, he is the most powerful Godzilla.
  • Operation: Hedorah in the prologue. Even if they're lesser kaiju, the very fact that the military was able kill Anguirus and Rodan with conventional weaponry deserves mention.

    City on the Edge of Battle
Now I have become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds
  • Godzilla Earth versus Mechagodzilla City. While many fans were justifiably disappointed that Mechagodzilla didn't fight Godzilla in its original design, the fact is that its form as the City brought it on level ground with Godzilla Earth. Not as another kaiju, but as a god equal to the King of Monsters. The City puts the "god" back into Mechagodzilla: a malevolent force that's terraforming Earth, ultimately making it uninhabitable for anyone. And now it opposes Godzilla, a god who is also terraforming the Earth...but its influence won't ultimately destroy the planet. Two opposing natures in conflict with each other—an unconventional Behemoth Battle between a natural god and a mechanical god.
    • And Mechagodzilla City would have won. The City wasn't the underdog of the battle; it was winning, if only barely. And if Haruo hadn't decided to stop the City from assimilating Earth, if he hadn't decided that exacting revenge right now was not worth losing everything, Mechagodzilla would have defeated Godzilla Earth.

    The Planet Eater 
  • Ghidorah's entrance, and effortless destruction of the Aratrum. This Ghidorah is no pawn. This Ghidorah is a true Planet Eater.
    • Hell, Ghidorah's updated role and look, while divisive, undid decades of Villain Decay. Rather than being a slave of an alien race, it's the alien race who serves him. Instead of being a mindless beast like the Heisei Ghidorah, he's a clever manipulator that more or less set the entire plot in motion. And unlike the Millennium King Ghidorah, his electric bite is so powerful it paralyzed Godzilla Earth. Ghidorah's necks alone dwarf Godzilla Earth, his plan was a total Near-Villain Victory, and he comes out of the whole thing alive and well. The most the strongest version of Godzilla could do was banish him back to his dimension, but Ghidorah could always come back...
  • That said, Godzilla Earth sent Ghidorah packing with style. Once Godzilla could touch the dragon, he made short work of him. He tears off Ghidorah's jaw with ease, shatters another head with a swing of his tail, and the third one is already running scared when Godzilla finishes it off, destroying the portal it came from.
  • Mothra also gets a moment when she disrupts Ghidorah's illusion, giving Haruo a chance to escape and save the day.


The Novels

  • King Caesar appears and he defeats Megalon.
  • Godzilla destroying Gorath.
    • What's even more awesome is that its implied Gorath contained Kaiser Ghidorah, the Final Boss that almost killed Godzilla in Godzilla Final Wars.
  • Mothra also appears and she is the first Kaiju to push Godzilla to retreat. In fact it's stated that had Battra not fought Godzilla alone and lost, the two could've killed Godzilla.

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