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  • Within the space of a week, Kintaro creating a brand new (and much improved over the original) OS to replace the product he destroyed in Episode 1.
  • Kintaro standing up to Naoko, her father, and his Yakuza henchmen in Episode 2, and winning the genuine respect of both her and her father.
    Mr. Katsuda: He's a strong man, despite his youth and relative inexperience. He didn't try to make any excuses. A man like that is worth keeping around.
    • Naoko got her hands on Kintaro's notebook out of curiosity over what he kept writing about, and had a Villainous Breakdown when she read all about Kintaro seeing right through her act from the beginning. What's more, she couldn't stand how he saw her for the troubled, unhappy girl lashing out at daddy that she truly is.
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  • Kintaro uses his bicycle to race a woman using a racing motorcycle. And he wins. Because his brakes were busted and he couldn't slow down before jumping an impossible ravine. Still, he won.
  • Effortlessly kicking Kogure's ass definitely counts.

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