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How the biology of Godzilla works in this continuity
Godzilla originated from a plant that works different from other plants. ""Natural selection" allowed the super plant to be able to adapt to any forms of energy including radiation if it was part of his creation. It was also granted metal like tissue to store its energy. Eventually whatever caused Godzilla to evolve to what he is today, his evolution would be akin to a single celled organism evolving to a fish etc.

The Girl seen at the end will be tied to Mothra.
The mystery girl was wearing tribal garb that fits with the general theme of her followers, and parts of her hair seemed shaped like moth wings.

The film will be dedicated to Haruo Nakajima, the original Godzilla suit actor.
Because Toho would be heartless to do otherwise.
  • I'm also in agreement with this idea.

There will be a heroic kaiju at some point
Mothra is the obvious choice, but an analog to the second Godzilla could also be possible, or since Godzilla is treated as purely villainous in this perhaps King Ghidorah will be be made heroic, or perhaps he will be evil, and will be slain and reborn as Mecha-King Ghidorah and be forced into the heroic role.

There will be more Godzillas representing past incarnations
Fillius represents the 1954 Godzilla, sharing his size, we might get a mutated offspring representing Shin Godzilla, possibly another as Zilla (although since Zilla was noted to not be related to the actual Godzilla and be weaker, they might be a species mimicking Godzilla and act as mooks of sorts). Since the original is not likely to be defeated till the end of the trilogy they need something to fight in the meantime.

This Godzilla is a chimera of other kaiju
Befitting the King of the Monsters this Godzilla's various traits that are unique to this incarnation will turn out to be things from other kaiju, perhaps it naturally evolved to mimic them similar to Shin Godzilla's constant adaptions, or perhaps it outright absorbed traits from what it consumed. Its plant like nature could have been taken from Biollante, and its metalic features possibly absorbed from one of the many robots it fought like Jet Jaguar.

The Kaiju that destroyed Metphies' world will be revealed to be...

King Ghidorah, who will appear to battle Godzilla and Mothra in the sequel.

  • This is is looking more likely given promo for the third anime, showing an Exif symbol that bears a resemblence to Ghidorah, with the caption "Bow down and worship the golden demise."

There's something or someone more evil than Godzilla Earth out there just biding its time.
The way the second Godzilla film is being set up could practically be the climax since its Godzilla versus Haruo piloting MechaGodzilla. But the anime is a trilogy of films. Which means that there someone out there who is waiting to pull an Eviler Than Thou on Godzilla for the third movie. Whether its Methius, the Biisaurudo, King Ghidorah, a new kaiju. Someone out there wants Godzilla to fall so they can take over as the Big Bad and they are using Haruo as an Unwitting Pawn.

Time travel will be involved at some point.
In either the second or third film, a time machine will be discovered or created, and two volunteers will sent back in time to stop the kaiju from taking over. Haruo will volunteer, and travel back to the year that Godzilla Earth was created. He successfully averts the creation of the plant-based Godzilla and fade from existence due to a paradox.

Unfortunately, there was another one...

Another Godzilla will appear.
And by that, I mean a traditional, flesh-based Godzilla who is Godzilla Earth's antithesis. Whereas Godzilla Earth hates humans with a passion, moreso after they killed his son, the other Godzilla is mankind's defender, who has it out for Godzilla Earth not only for driving humanity to near-extinction, but also for killing Anguirus and Rodan (and in the process, revealing that Operation: Hedorah was nothing but a propaganda campaign).

It is soon revealed that this other Godzilla is the REAL Godzilla, and Godzilla Earth was the creation of another alien race. Initially believed to be the Exif, it turns out to actually have been an alliance of various races, including the Xiliens, Mysterians, Kilaaks, Nebulans, Seatopians, Simians, Natarls, Tachyons, Garogas, Atlanteans, Vortaak, and Trilopods (all hostile alien races from past movies, shows, games, and comics). These aliens also have other kaiju under the control, including King Ghidorah, Gigan, Megalon, Orga, the 70s Mechagodzilla, and every kaiju made for Zone Fighter.



The third party
There will be other human survivors besides the primitive girl at the very end. They will have a similar level of technology like on the generation ship and will be pissed at them for abandoning them to the non-existing mercy of the monsters. Something like in Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing or ∀ Gundam will ensue.

The Servum were lightly inspired by Godzooky.
Think about it both are relatively small flying Kaiju with close ties to Godzilla. The Servum are even technically related to Godzilla like Godzooky's his nephew.

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