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This page covers the 2017/2018 anime trilogy: Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle, and Godzilla: The Planet Eater.

  • After detailing his plan to bring Godzilla down for good, Haruo demanded to have 600 personnel to travel to Earth with him to start the operation. One of the officers believed that such a feat is impossible. Next to happen is hundreds of men and women ready to travel to do it.
    • In City on the Edge of Battle, this is proven to be no empty statement. The mothership sends down a rescue-and-resupply ship to allow the survivors of the first disaster to return. Haruo publicly apologizes and admits that their current dire situation is all his fault. The crew almost unanimously chooses to stand and fight alongside Haruo anyway.
  • Anguirus and Rodan's deaths are implied to be the catalyst for Godzilla finally deciding to destroy humanity. You can say a lot of things about this Godzilla. But one thing you can't say is that he doesn't care about his friends.
    • Also, when Godzilla Filius is killed, Godzilla's IMMEDIATE reaction is to wake up, and bring swift and DEVASTATING vengeance upon his son's killers. This Godzilla can feel love; and if you hurt those he cares about, you will die.
  • Upon arriving at Earth, Haruo drops to the floor and cries that Earth hasn't forgotten them. Dr. Martin informs him that Earth has never forgotten them, and would be there until the end of time.
  • If Metphies's friendship and loyalty toward Haruo is genuine, it counts as this. Ultimately subverted in The Planet Eater with The Reveal of Metphies' plot.
  • It's subtle, but Haruo and the Houtua twins actually became friends by the end of City on the Edge of Battle. In particular, the more-guarded Maina went out of her way to save him, pulling him out of the wreckage and nursing him back to health, and in doing so, indirectly saved him from Mulu's betrayal.

  • With Mecha-Godzilla being humanity's last hope, propaganda films were made to give the people hope that one day they can reclaim Earth from the Kaiju. Unfortunately, Mecha-Godzilla is anything but.
  • Gigan appears...and this time, he's aligned with the humans.
    • There's also the fact that human soldiers disobeyed the commands of the military in order to save Gigan, a Kaiju.

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