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Heartwarming / Shin Godzilla

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When your country is being razed by a giant monster, it takes a damn good reason for you to smile.

  • Rando Yaguchi expressing his confidence in Japan's future, when he sees how hard the task force is working. Switches to a moment of Funny when they tell Yaguchi to get some well as a clean shirt and a shower.
    • Funny moments aside, the group choosing to title their anti-Godzilla plan "the Yaguchi Plan". The man himself doesn't really react beyond an acknowledgement; but the fact that they would do name the plan after Yaguchi, whom nobody initially believed when this whole mess started, shows that they are behind this humble man and his cause, regardless of whatever happens next.
  • Kayoko risking her political career—and likely any chance to be President of the United States—by doing everything she can to assist Yaguchi's task force. It's also personal: She doesn't want her grandma's homeland being nuked for a third time.
    • It's not just her—another American official, presumably Kayoko's father, decides to stick around and see that Godzilla is defeated. He's seen wishing Kayoko good luck before the final battle begins. Also, the U.S. military, who were supposed to withdraw, instead do everything in their power to weaken Godzilla.
    • Just Yaguchi and Kayoko: Fire-Forged Friends at its finest.
    • There's the very subtle implication in the film that the Americans (and thus the UN) are fully aware of how. . . problematic. . . dropping a nuke on Japan is, and are not doing it lightly. It's just that they don't see any other viable option for dealing with Shin Godzilla.
  • Hiromi Ogashira spends most of the movie being an unemotional Perpetual Frowner. But upon learning that Godzilla's radiation will fade and leave Tokyo habitable in a few short years, Hiromi breaks into an almost-palpable smile of relief.
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  • An out of universe example is that while the soundtrack is a mix of terror, suspense, and awesome they managed to get TWO VERSIONS of Godzilla's theme into the film. The classic version and the version from Terror Of Mecha Godzilla which surprised many fans. Because it wouldn't be a Godzilla film without the late, great Akira Ifukube.

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