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Shin Godzilla. The newest, true and godly incarnation of the King of Monsters. It goes without saying that this film will fill with awesomeness.

  • The titular monster, obviously, has its share on this page:
    • The roar. That iconic freakin' roar we all know and love. When Godzilla first mutates into the third form, he roars for the first time, and it's the exact same roar as the original 1954 Godzilla! Later, as he rampages in his fourth form, he uses the more famous Heisei roar.
    • The first time the Japanese government tried bombarding Godzilla with all they have: tanks, howitzers, MLRS, attack copters, F-2 with JDAM......They fail, obviously, it doesn't flinch a little even when they purposefully aim at its head and legs; but the scene is one of the best portrayal of what a Real-life full-on war with Godzilla would look like. The layered attack strategy and overall aversion of Hollywood Tactics makes the fight feel more real, and thus makes Shin Godzilla feel more like a truly unstoppable force than a divine punishment for bad military commanders.
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    • Godzilla's first use of his Atomic Breath, which is now a ''laser'' (hence the name Cabinet Resigning Beam). Doubles as Nightmare Fuel as he levels 2/3rds of Tokyo using that.
      • The change in intensity of his Atomic Breath smacks of scientific realism, bringing to mind an acetylene torch. Initially red and billowing, until its wielder adds another element and refines its control, resulting in a shift in color and becomes a tight cutting beam of even greater destructive potential.
    • On the other hand, Godzilla's Spine Beams are no less powerful than the breath itself; it also cuts through the buildings with ease and even acting as its personal CIWS by shooting down other B-2s and any UAV closing by.
      • Before that, American B-2s with their GBU-57 managed to injure Godzilla. A score for humanity.
      • It's a nice moment for the filmmakers as well, who have really Shown Their Work in regards to what humanity would actually use against a Kaiju. The GBU-57 is capable of penetrating over 40 meters of hard rock before bursting with 2.5 tons of explosive filling. It is, hands down, the most powerful non-nuclear weapon on the face of the planet against a single target, and even more potent than most nukes against a single target unless you can basically hit the target directly (extremely hard to do).
  • The final operation, with ingenious uses of unmanned trains and controlled building collapses to actually bring Godzilla down. Several times. It also marks one of the few times the humans actually contained Godzilla with no exotic weaponry, giant robots, or through manipulating him into fighting another monster, just great strategic planning and plenty of blood coagulants. It helps that they use the triumphant march of the first Godzilla film.
    • Part-meta, some notes must be dropped for "Unmanned Zairaisen Bombs": In the Godzilla franchise, railways and trains are among the first things the Kaijus like to wreck; "Unmanned Zairaisen Bombs" playing a major role against Godzilla in the final battle can be interpreted as a payback time against the King from the trains.
  • It always was said that Tokyo's natural predator was Godzilla. In this movie, you can see how one of the major weapons was indeed Collapsing BUILDINGS on him, and using repurposed construction cranes and other urban machinery. In this movie, Godzilla attacked Tokyo, and Tokyo struck back.
  • Meta example: The movie winning seven Japanese Academy Awards, including Picture of the Year.

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