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Unbelievably, yes.

WARNING: Unmarked Spoilers ahead!

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    The Film 
  • Shin's second form (nicknamed Kamata-kun), despite spurting massive amounts of blood from its gills, looks utterly hilarious due to his nubs and his bug-eyed stare. (Although, it is also equally skin-crawling if you realize how uncanny his face looks from the sides...)
  • One shot has Kamata-kun trying to stand upright while wiggling its arm nubs comically. It's somewhat reminescent of the scene from Meet the Robinsons where the T. Rex is yelling "I have a big head and little arms!"
  • Some of the cuts between Godzilla's rampaging and the low-key emergency meetings related to it are darkly hilarious.
  • The early scenes of the Japanese government in "action" also come off as hilarious, with everything from several minutes of ministers speaking over each other being cut out and replaced with a "several minutes of this later" panel, to the PM and ministers shifting to "more appropriate" conference rooms four times in five minutes. There's even a moment when it takes so long to organize a press conference, that by the time they have started, the information being provided (namely, that Godzilla cannot walk on land) is already outdated, with a great shot of the minister trying to reassure the public, only to freak out on camera when he's told what's happening.
  • The hilariously useless scientific experts the PM confers with to get some answers about Godzilla. The paleontologist thinks it might be a dinosaur, the marine biologist thinks it might be some kind of aquatic animal, and the no-prefix biologist doesn't want to speculate at all on risk of losing credibility. The PM promptly laments that these "experts" were a complete waste of time.
  • As horrific as Godzilla's atomic breath may be, the first part where he spews out smoke and fire looks rather like an exaggerated Vomit Indiscretion Shot.
  • When Godzilla returns, one of the government officials exasperatedly wonders why it's always coming back to Tokyo.
  • As Yaguchi is napping at his desk, he's woken up by an outdoor crowd that has suddenly started cheering on Godzilla if not outright worshiping it.
    • As he wakes up another day, people tell him he should go home. Hiromi outright tells him that he stinks.
  • While Yaguchi's task force is examining information individually, one break the silence and practically dances around while showing off what's on his laptop, continuing even as Yaguchi and Ogashira start conversing in the foreground.
  • Godzilla is ultimately defeated by... bomb trains and buildings dropped on top of him. The very things he's known for smashing are now smashing him.
  • In one scene, Yaguchi's task force takes a moment to relish the fact that they can work without being bogged down by procedure and inter-departmental squabbles, complimenting one another's work effort. Then they all come together, presenting a united front that...Yaguchi could use a shower and a change of clothes.
    Ogashira: It does smell a bit rank in here...
    [Yaguchi smells his armpits again.]
    • A later shot shows the clean shirt still in its wraps while Yaguchi slept.
  • After a major cabinet reshuffling, the subtitles show Yaguchi's new title is so absurdly long, it takes up the upper third of the screen, and the translated version is four lines long.
  • After a lengthy meeting, the stand-in Prime Minister complains about how his noodles have become soggy.
    "They told me this would be a hard job..."
  • When someone says the UN's plans will give the Prime Minister pause, we suddenly cut to him pausing, then we cut to somewhere else.
  • There's something rather amusing with the way Godzilla's tail beam is revealed while cheerful military fanfare plays in the background. Also with the way Godzilla's tail looks like as it shoots out a beam of destruction...
  • When third form Godzilla realizes he is overheating, he seems to look at the camera with a mild Oh, Crap! expression before rushing back to sea.
  • It's kind of black comedy, but there's a moment where the military is about to shoot Godzilla with everything they've got, but they are told to abort the attack because there are still civilians in the area. Cut to a deserted neighborhood... with only two very old people, crossing a road in the line of fire veeeery slowly.
    • As the choppers take off, it shows Godzilla eye them almost in confusion, only to roar and continue its path of destruction.
  • The team of meek coolant injector trucks in the finale is called Hydra Slayer.
  • The fact that the scenes showing the team working, typing and making phones calls are made kind of funny with the clear Lock-and-Load Montage music playing as they do something so mundane and boring.
  • The Godzilla response team is forced to hastily abandon their pristine conference hall... and move to a much less modern space. The equipment, in its first shot, is clearly marked 'dispose', and it's all clearly from the early 2000s at the latest.
  • The non-Japanese actors playing foreigners are... clearly not professional actors.



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