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Nightmare Fuel / Gintama

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Despite Gintama being a comedy manga and anime series, the genre doesn't stop it having some nightmarish moments, especially in serious arcs:

  • Chapter 13 shows Gintoki having a nightmare related to his past: While carrying a wounded comrade on a mountain of corpses, the corpses speak to him that he can't protect anyone. The nightmare ends with the one he was carrying turning out to be a skeleton, who screams that he can't protect anyone.
    • It borders on a tearjerker and contains some Fridge Horror once it is revealed little by little what Gintoki had to suffer through during the Joui War. Especially the fact that he didn't have too many options when he had to kill Shoyo to save Katsura and Takasugi.
  • Sacchan and Okita's ideas on how to improve the series in Episode 50. Especially Sacchan's one.
  • Pandemoniums when they're not seen by Shinpachi: they are creatures that look like giant bugs (big enough to hold them as if they are plush animals) with ugly human faces.
  • Episode 136 tells of Hasegawa searching for a room to rent to show his visiting wife by the weekend.
    • Gintoki introduces him to an accommodating real estate agent, who leads them to various properties around town (mostly kennels for Hasegawa's dog). The last property he shows them is part of a furnished complex and is worth thirty-million yen, but the agent offers to rent it to Hasegawa for thirty-thousand yen provided he cleans the mess left by the former tenant.
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    • A viewing of the apartment reveals blood-splattered walls and curtains and the message "Noboru" written in blood. Hasegawa immediately protests, and the agent reveals that seven previous occupants of the room died mysteriously, making the property incredibly hard to market and inciting him to rent it cheap enough to be rid of it.
    • When Gintoki suggests that Hasegawa neglect the perceived history of the apartment - explaining that rooms are like women in that they don't like boys prying into their past - and take the offer, the real estate agent offers the apartment to him instead because of his apparent understanding of property ownership, handing him the key.
    • Gintoki politely transfers the key to Hasegawa. Hasegawa returns the key to the real estate agent. This repeats, and then it repeats, and then it repeats. They begin to argue with one another, physically. They claw at one another. Hasegawa's dog growls and barks at the blood-written message. Static interrupts the view of the episode. Hasegawa's portable radio transmits "kill" repeatedly of its own accord. The three-way argument intensifies. The volume of the radio increases. Gintoki's eyes roll back and he screams.
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    • The weekend arrives. Hasegawa's wife visits the final apartment shown to Hasegawa by the real estate agent after receiving an invitation. She opens the door. She freezes. Hasegawa's radio transmits "kill" repeatedly off-screen. Hasegawa's wife screams. The visual snows.
  • Barber Arc (Lesson 232/Episode 152): Though briefly seen, Gintoki imagines a nightmarish image of him, Shinpachi & Kagura had their heads decapitated while being consumed by many crows if they eventually screw up Shige Shige's hair.
  • Episode 153: The radio story involving Jerry the dog. It starts out heartwarming and becomes tearjerking, only for it to end with a surprise monster dog face. Certainly scared Gintoki, who screamed like a little girl and kicked the radio, breaking it.
    • Which leads to even more Fridge Horror, Gintoki fought in a war which he still feels extremely guilty over having lost comrades in. Some of the men probably had pets and/or kids waiting for them at home that they never could return home to...
  • Nizo's gradual possession by the Benizakura until he gets fully consumed, turning him into a monstrous mix of man and machine, something that could be even pulled from AKIRA.
  • In the Fuyo Arc, the workers send the maid robots to destruction by being smashed, only for Number 502 to appear. He then orders the maid robots to subject the workers to being crushed the very same way the robots were.
  • In the Shinsengumi Rebellion arc, Itou thought that he survived the train explosion without any injuries but then he looks up and discovers his arm is missing and screams.
  • In the Flames on Yoshiwara arc, Kagura's descent into an Unstoppable Rage against Abuto is simply unnerving. The sweet but brash main heroine we know is suddenly reduced to delivering a brutal beatdown on Abuto with a constant Slasher Smile on her face, due to her Yato blood. And all because Abuto beat down poor Shinpachi almost to death.
  • Jiraiya revealing his burned off face to Tsukuyo and Gintoki. He even plans to disfigure Tsukuyo to make her similar to him, not by burning her face off, but by flaying off the skin of her face.
  • In chapter 401, we see Sacchan's delighted creepy face as she plans to skin Sadaharu and the puppy he brought in, all to disguise herself to get close to Gintoki, and transform whatever is left of the puppy into a wedding dress. No wonder why Sadaharu saved the puppy in seconds.
  • In chapters 488-491, Katsura succesfully infiltrates the Shinsengumi and gets transferred to Shimaru Saito's fraction, with the belief that Saito is a murder machine. However, Saito just wants to have friends, and in an attempt to be friendly with Katsura, he tries to smile... but it doesn't look right, which understandably frightens him. It doesn't help he accidentally breaks the teacup by his forehead (because he was nervous) causing him to sustain a wound in his head. If it is not enough, he licks his mouth with the blood causing Zura to finally panic.
  • Despite being doubled as a comedy, The Guardian Spirits arc in Chapter 499-501 has one: Okita's identical-looking Guardian Spirit. In truth, he's not actually his Guardian Spirit, but rather as Sougo's inner demon since childhood and a curse to Hijikata himself (It's also revealed that he tries to drain his life away, albeit with little to no success). It doesn't help to the fact that the spirit's extremely identical sadistic face slightly increases the creepy factor. Even Shinpachi is disturbed by this.
    Shinpachi: It's basically a devil!
  • Chapter 527: Having just become Shogun, Nobunobu begins to exercise his power to kill whoever he likes, such as ordering two innocent hostesses killed for reminding him Shigeshige enjoyed their cabaret club. When Tae calls him out on his actions, he has restrained by his guards and then pulls out a sword to slowly cut through Tae's throat with a freakish smile on his face.
  • Chapter 531: When the Shinsengumi and the Joui Alliance are traveling on the sea to the island where Kondo, Matsudaira and Katsura are being prisoners, they spot a ship that is filled with dead people, when suddenly they get ambushed by the Naraku.
  • Chapter 539 has two solid moments of this:
    • First, we find out one of the ways the Naraku recruit new members: They raise and train children from a young age, with the intent of converting them into mindless assassins.
    • The second one comes near the end of the chapter, as Sasaki finds out that his wife and all of her bodyguards are dead, with the seeming killer being a young Nobume.
  • Chapter 549 later reveals that while it wasn't Nobume who killed them (she actually tried to protect them from the Naraku), there's still the fact that Nobume killed the entire Naraku squad who had murdered them by herself.
  • Chapter 560: Batou's introduction is very disturbing, since we see that his eyes are sewn. One cannot help but wonder if he even had eyes.
  • Hankei's abilities double as both Nightmare Fuel and Paranoia Fuel: He is able to infect people with nanomachines, which allows him to control them like puppets. Said nanomachines can spread from the infected to others as well, just like zombies. With these abilities, he takes over the Kaientai's ships and crew.
  • In chapter 583, we are given false hopes that Umibouzu might have managed to defeat Utsuro... until he regenerates from the arm that Umibouzu cut off moments before in the fight. He reveals his survival by appearing behind him with a freaky smile before grabbing the sword stuck in Umibouzu's chest and ripping it through his body and his remaining arm, cutting it off.
  • Kamui's descent into madness during his fight with the Yorozuya is just plain horrifying. His eyes become wide and unfocused, and he gets a creepy smile on his face, just like Kagura did during her fight with Abuto.
    • However compared to Kagura's, the way how he ended like that crosses with Tear Jerker. Even more since the next chapter he just stopped to smile when Shinpachi and Kagura manages to not to being defeated by him.
  • Chapter 602 treats us to the lovely image of the members of the Tendoshu having been chopped into pieces by Utsuro, found by the Altana Liberation Army and currently stored in tanks of liquid. And because of Utsuro's immortal blood, they're all technically alive.
  • In chapter 602 and 603, it's revealed that Utsuro has given his immortal blood to several of his Naraku, allowing them to fight on despite grievous injuries, looking just like zombies as they slaughter the soldiers of the Altana Liberation Army.
  • Chapter 628 shows that even despite Gintoki and co. finally needing to rest after fending off Dakini and Shinra forces, Yato forces made their move by kidnapping Gengai who was in middle of his bathroom break. Unlike Kamui, the Yato leader is actually using his head!
  • Chapter 629 had the Liberation Army finally restored connections to Earth and preparing to negotiate with Gengai to deactivate the nanomachines that were preventing the Liberation Army from using their technology. When that didn't work, Liberation Army's trump card is used and if Earth doesn't comply, the entire planet will be destroyed in 6 hours!
  • Chapter 630 shows how Enshou has gone off the deep end with his revenge as he is willing to blow up Earth while their men are still on it and he's killing his own men who wanted to stop him from doing so.
  • Chapter 637: Utsuro ups the final battle by igniting Earth's Altana to destroy Gintoki's allies and to begin the final phase in his endgame.
  • Chapter 638: Utsuro intends to use the Earth's Altana to charge up the Terminal as a cannon against the Liberation Army's Hinokagutsuchi in an attempted Beam-O-War. The heroes and allies realized that if that occurs, the impact of the energy from Earth and the weapon would result in not just Earth's destruction but also the destruction of the entire Liberation Army in outer space! Hell, it could potentially lead to Class X-2 and beyond! Utsuro is hoping it would go beyond!
  • Chapter 639 shows 2 things:
    • The Kiheitai realizing the plans of Utsuro of blowing up the galaxy and even if they stop the Hinokagutsuchi, they needs to stop the destruction of the Terminal.
    • How Batou dies during the explosion of part of the Hinokagutsuchi. And how the Kiheitai are about to get caught on the explosion.
  • Chapter 644: Enshou is not down yet and even when the Hinokagutsuchi's cannon was heavily damaged, it still has enough energy left and Enshou plans to order a Colony Drop!
  • Chapter 660: After Gintoki manages to blind Utsuro, the latter delivers the following phrase: "Am I really that scary?" while opening his eyes.... without his eyeballs and then killing nearly ALL his attackers without problems.
    • Then and not least, Utsuro gets near Yamazaki and without hesistation cut his throat killing him.
  • Chapter 668: The chapter ends with the Hinokagutsuchi about to make impact on Edo in form of a Colony Drop! Is this how it ends?!
  • Chapter 678: We know why Gintoki was running away from the Naraku and is showing Takasugi... Utsuro's beating heart.
  • Chapter 679: We see on a flashback Gintoki finding where Utsuro went. And then after finding him reincarnated as a baby and adopted him, he tried to kill said baby.
  • Chapter 680: We find out why Gintoki only has Utsuro/Shouyou's heart despite seeing him raise the baby, it's because Shouyou gouged out his own heart and entrust it to Gintoki. And Gintoki had to witness Shouyou die again.
  • Chapter 681: Oh boy! When Takasugi was about to end the Tendoshuu's corpses, they turned to be Utsuro's ones! And to make it worse, he says that he was already scattered around the place.
  • Chapter 699: Just when you tought that the battle would be easy, Utsuro makes a takeover of the Tendoshuu remaining survivors that used his blood in order to be inmortal. How? by changing the look of the victims to be like him!
    • Even worse? The last page of the chapter shown that Utsuro backstabbed Takasugi who was trying to rescue Gintoki!
  • Chapter 701: Utsuro has been fully resurrected once again!
  • Chapter 702: Utsuro took over Takasugi's body and stabbed Shouyou, then when Gintoki finally arrived at the scene, he sees Takasugi literally turning into Utsuro.

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