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Monsters vs. Aliens takes place in a universe where Stephen Colbert is president.
  • The President resembles Stephen Colbert.
    • Heck, the movie could actually be our universe in the future. Where the man runs again and WINS. And people have just adjusted to aliens and mayhem and madness more with him running the show.
    • Better - it's the show's universe. After all, in the world of character!Stephen, aliens and mayhem and madness is just Tuesday.
    • It would make sense, considering the President is voiced by him. Only problem is that he wouldn't be that stupid if he ever won an election as a politician.
      • Stephen Colbert the political satirist wouldn't be. His character, on the other hand, probably would.

Kim Possible is related to this film.

Mirage from The Incredibles is related to Susan.
Possibly her sister, possibly her mother, depending on Mirage's powers (or lack thereof). White hair, Mundane Fantastic universe, and seriously, you'd probably have to be a super to survive the meteor, let alone turn into a giant from it.
  • How about this: Mirage was hit by the same as Susan, and mutated the same eyes and hair. Notice, Susan looked just like a regular dark-haired, doe-eyed woman before the meteor.
    • Mirage might had be a far family member that also happened to be walking around near the meteorite crash site with Susan, but it took longer to recover and no one notices her after all the wedding interruption.

The director of this movie is a macrophile. We are paying 15 bucks to see a big-budgeted, 3-D animated macrophile fetish story
Just take a look around Giantess City. Notice how all the stories, comics and poser pics drawn there have a similar plot and feel as that of the movie. And how Susan's growth scene resemble most poser videos on that site.I mean, if a macrophile can have sucess in the comic book industry (Femforce), then another one can have success in the movie industry.Maybe he's even one of Giantess City's regular users. I'm thinking dagan or shadowlord, since their comics thend to have sci-fi elements.

B.O.B. has Psychic Powers
This would explain why he keeps confusing his own memories with those of his friends.

The Earth in the movie is the Cylon Earth from Battlestar Galactica. It was destroyed when the president hit the button that launched all the nukes.
This means only one thing: Stephen Colbert is a Cylon. Whether or not Kiefer Sutherland is one has yet to be determined.
  • "All of this has happened before and will happen again."
  • This is because, believe it or not, macrophiles get really turned on at the prospect of the destruction of humanity. And if it features bloody corpses, better.
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  • The Iron Giant came out of nowhere to save the day. Suuuuuppppeeerrrrmaaaaaannnn!
  • Since there were sequel-TV shows. The Monster Squad managed to destroy all the nukes AND the giant snail, somehow. Maybe Ginormica tossed them all into the Sun.

The General W.R. Monger is, despite his claims to the contrary, actually a cyborg.
Think about it, after the credits the man appears and says he's ninety years old. Pushing ninety doesn't look like you're forty-to-sixty. Plus, how does a 'Nam vet collect enough experience, strength, and resources to hog tie MONSTERS? As in the mad science, nuclear mutation variety? Maybe monsters can only fight monsters? And why just keep them confined? Wouldn't it be cheaper to exterminate them? Or even go the Dr. Cockroach route, experiment on them? Keeping them all in the same location, letting the monsters interact, form bonds, become a band of brothers? Sounds like a revolt waiting to happen. Or maybe he was gathering an army, in case something like the world invasion happened? Or rise and over throw the Buffoon President?
  • He has been Roland, Beowulf, Achilles, Gilgamesh. He has been called a hundred names and will be called a thousand more before the world goes dim and cold. He is hero.
    • Maybe he himself is a longevity empowered monster of some kind.
    • He might be a WW2 veteran, for that matter - assuming that it takes place roughly in the present day, he would have been about twenty years old in 1940.
The General W.R. Monger is actually Jack Bauer in disguise.
Of character!Colbert's world? (See above WG) I could go for that!
  • He is General George S. Patton's most recent reincarnation.

Insectosaurus was a daughter of Mothra.
She wasn't a tiny grub mutated by nuclear radiation. That's just a cover story by Monger, so as too not reveal an island full of rapid kaiju monsters. The nuclear testing just startled her and she ran off the island and attacked Tokyo instead.
  • Insectosaurus is male.
  • Crack theory: Insecto is the Mothra/Godzilla fanchild everyone on Tumblr keeps trying to make. Those dorsal spines have to be inherited from somewhere...

General W.R. Monger became immortal fifty years ago.
He exposed himself to some formula for immortality. After refusing to go back to a life in which everybody goes forward but himself, he decided to take on the neverending task of collecting monsters. That, or Area 51 has some kind of immortality gas so that the monsters don't die too soon and he had also exposed himself to it.
  • He's his world's counterpart of Nick Fury.

Susan is actually Penny from Bolt.
They *do* look somewhat similar. Penny changed her name to avoid all the publicity, maybe got minor plastic surgery. Her mother was divorced from her dad, died early, and Penny had to move in with her remarried dad. Eventually Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino died, and Penny/Susan grew up and moved out.
  • Alternatively, Susan Murphy was her name all along - it's entirely possible that Penny was just the name of the character she played.

Gallaxhar's evil scheme is all because he's a giant prude.
His Noodle Incident-laden Start of Darkness apparently began when he found some dreadful fact about his parents, and apparently he was happily married at one point, up until his new wife wanted to do something. Since this is only a PG movie, we can't go into the sordid details, but one can infer his plan to conquer the universe and populate it with clones of himself is because of a gigantic fear of sex. It also provides a handy Hand Wave for why he put Susan in the "one-size-fits-all" unitard: he didn't want to see her naked after he sucked the Quantonium out of her and returned her to normal size.

Gallaxhar comes from a planet where the females usually eat the males when mating.
It's why he was so squicked out by this, and destroyed his planet. Also, the reason why the inhabitants of the new 'Gallaxhar's Planet' would all be clones.

Area 52 is the North American branch of SEELE
(Or whatever they're called, I've only seen two episodes) A massive underground base that holds both (super)natural and man-made monsters, including a giant woman and a Mad Scientist, with the (eventual) mission to quell an alien threat. They're practically identical!

MVA is NGE in a world where Darker and Edgier and Bloodier and Gorier never developed, thus the (apparent) lack of plans, confusing and otherwise and Body Horrors.
Or maybe we over-ernest Eaglelanders just aren't as good at those as we think.

Dr Cockroach is related to Lieutenant George
They have the same actor. A possible means for this to happen is: George has a child, or perhaps children. One of them, despairing of the general naivety of his family, emigrates to the US and becomes an accomplished scientist-then transforms himself into Dr Cockroach.

The Nuke Button Being pressed lead into the events of Fallout 3
Hey, Nukes hitting all over the planet, people get into bunkers and you can see the rest.
  • But then, the Mirelurks and especially the mirelurks kings must be the irradiated descendants of the Missing Link, same for the radroachs and the Doc.Irradiated Bob is the Master and Susan is Frank Horrigan (really nasty radiation).
    • Jossed by the Halloween special.

The Nuke Button Being pressed lead into the events of Metal Wolf Chaos
The Arizona Conflict had to start somehow. And with the craziness caused by the President's contact with the UFO involving Axel Frog, the American people had their tolerance for freaky shit increased enough to vote Richard into office.

The Nuke Button Doesn't Actually Launch The Nukes.
It was disconnected at some point because it was obviously an accident waiting to happen.
  • Considering the TV series is set after the movie and the Earth is not a post-apocalyptic wasteland in said series, it's pretty obvious the nukes weren't launched or were somehow stopped.

Derek wasn't really jealous of Susan's fame.
He was really just afraid to admit that he could not give her what she needed.

Susan Has Yet To Discover All Her Powers.
Quantonium is supposed to be the most powerful element in the Universe, Right? So it seems likely that it can do more than just make someone fifty feet tall. Susan has all sorts of awesome powers she doesn't even know about yet.
  • She can support her weight without crushing all her bones, indicating some kind of mass or gravity power.
  • Well, she did punch through a supposedly impentrable energy field with relative ease, and through alien metal like they were wet paper. Even without the Square-Cube Law, that's pretty strong.
    • I was actually rather impressed with the writers for how they handled this. Yes, they gave Susan nothing but size and standard non-flying brick package for powers, but they then let her use them. There was literally no point at which she attempted to use brute strength for anything and it failed, except when she took a little too long to break the jar/cage her powers were drained in (and it was about to shatter if she'd had a few seconds longer). And once she gained her confidence (aka by the time she was abducted), she realized and accepted this fact and started throwing brute strength around as a solution even when standard movie/videogame logic tells her she should be helpless.
  • Sort of personal cannon, but I consider high durability as one of her powers after that scene.
  • General Monger describes her by saying "her entire body radiates with pure energy, giving her enormous strength and size." I interpreted that as, the Quantonium gives you godlike strength and endurance, and becoming giant is just a side effect.

The Nuke button launches all the Nukes in America...
Directly into space! Nobody would be stupid enough to have a button that nukes the world. It's a kind of anti-asteroid swarm defense mechanism. It's a bad thing because now they can't retaliate against anyone with a nuclear arsenal that strikes first.

Gallaxhar's computer is actually his wife.
At some point, he took her brain, modified her memory a bit, and made her the center of his ship's computer.
  • Alternatively, he gave his computer a voice to resemble his wife and personality.

Link is really an alien who crash landed back during the ice age and made up a fake story so he wouldn't be disected by Monger and then forgot he was in fact an alien at all
  • The weird thing is that this explanation makes MORE sense than the one given in the film. If he really is the missing evolutionary link between humanity and sea creatures, his body and brain shouldn’t be at the point where he can fully grasp the English language, let alone pronounce all of the sounds in it. He would simply be too far behind the point where humanity’s ancestors evolved for those capabilities.

Susan will eventually learn to control her height (possibly girth too) at will, growing larger as well as smaller when needed.
Because quantonium wouldn't really be that great as a tool if it's impossible to control its effects. But now that she's secure in her gigantic skin and not trying to get back to her own size she probably won't figure out how to do it until her friends are trapped in a death trap some place too small for her to get at/they're menaced by something too large for her to take down even with her current strength and the stress makes her powers kick in Just in Time.

Furthermore, she's unknowingly already done it once already; when Dr. Cockroach was experimenting on her and thought that she'd grown a couple of inches taller it wasn't actually his machine that did it, it was her body unconsciously deciding that the fastest way to get away from the pain was to shoot up a little more so the electrodes would either be yanked off her face or their wires torn out of the machine by her head suddenly being further away than the cords could reach.

  • Makes sense. Her first growth spurt takes long enough for her to get from the field to the church, cleaned up, and to reach the altar. Her subconcious knew what she hadn't yet admitted (that her fiancé is a Jerkass), so her body decided that she needed a way out of this wedding. Cue glowing and massive growth.
  • In the first episode of the series Susan absorbs a massive explosion of an element called Hyperium that allows her to shrink back to normal size for a brief time.

B.O.B would've survived the Self-Destruction of Gallaxhar's ship.
He is said to be indestructible - and he is. He just forgot (since he lacks a brain) that other people are less so. In B.O.B's Big Break, Dr. Cockroach mentions that B.O.B would be able to survive a nuclear blast.

Dr. Cockroach is Seth.
He is an alternate timeline Seth where he fused with a coakroach rather than a fly, and was whisked away to Area 52 and given the name "Dr Cockroach".

Megamind was from the same planet as Gallaxhar
I just saw the trailer of Megamind in front of Despicable Me and Megamind just looks like an Expy of Gallaxhar on the surface, right? But what if part of Gallaxhar's backstory was that he was either adopted or a lovechild between a member of Megamind's species and another species?
  • I totally thought this too, maybe Gallaxhar wasn't treated nicely on Megamind's planet, so he destroyed it and left to take over the earth.
    • Actually, it seemed to be a black hole that destroyed Megamind's planet.
    • But maybe triggering a black hole was how Gallaxhar destroyed the planet, his backstory is blanked out by the cloning machine and ends up as a load of rubbish but what if he said 'I made the sun turn into a black hole and destroyed the planet' but didn't say he was seventy lightyears away and made the hole safe afterwards.

Everything happens in the same setting as District 9, give or take a few decades
Disregarding the idea of Ginormica meeting Christopher, consider that no one seems to be as alarmed by Gallaxhar as they normally would be in a first contact scenario: this is because they already know about aliens! The ones that landed in Johannesburg a few decades ago. Then more of them showed up, took their people away, and left. (After branding Earth as an intergalactic hellhole, of course.) So they were hoping to find actually human-ish looking benevolent aliens; also why they tried conventional weapons. They worked pretty well against the prawns, right?
  • Although in MVA they do a bit of Lampshade Hanging on that aliens always land in America - and don't mention anything about them landing in South Africa before.

Susan is the first Titan and her powers are infectious
This is, in fact, the beginning of Attack on Titan, as Susan slowly transforms into a mindless monster and somehow begins to make others like her. She already comfortably falls into the 15 meter class Titan classification.

B.O.B. is the remains of the Blob from the 1988 remake.
It somehow gained (enough) intelligence and becomes nicer than his "parent". Being created by the government still makes him a monster rather than an alien like in the original film.

The Missing Link's species lays eggs.
Hey, they are Fish People. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume something like that. Possibly the fish-apes would form some kind of family groups with a single male in charge (like gorillas) that would migrate to some nice lagoons where the females would lay a bunch of eggs in the water (like salmon swimming upstream during mating season). You have to admit, it isn't the craziest theory ever considered.

Bob purposefully decides whether or not he dissolves something he absorbs
Otherwise Susan's mom and Derek would both have ended up like that ham.

Bob is actually a Water Elemental.
  • That tomato/ranch dressing experiment just opened a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water, and allowed one to slip in.

The Invisible Man didn't really exist
The other monsters made him up to mess with BOB and he just kinda took and ran with it, treating the Invisible Man as a sorta imaginary friend.
  • Jossed with B.O.B.'s Big Break, which shows The Invisible Man in the ending. Well, the party hat and noisemaker on him, at any rate.

Monger was waiting for an excuse to set the monsters free.
  • It's his immediate response to an alien threat, after all. While we aren't given much on his backstory, it's very possible Monger set up Area 52 as a humane alternative to killing the monsters while pleasing the higher ups who just wanted them gone. On top of ultimately respecting the monsters, he seems practically giddy to let them loose on the robot.

Area 52 is an SCP Foundation containment facility.

  • This one explains itself.

Dr. Cockroach is based on the real scientist, Dr. Samuel Conway

  • This one has been running through Furry Fandom since the film came out.
  • Samuel Conway is an actual biotech scientist who's furry persona is a friendly, ninja cockroach. "Kagemushi" (shadow bug), or, because he is the longtime chairman of AnthroCon, "Uncle Kage". The Dreamworks producers had attended the convention as guests a few years before the movie came out.