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The greek gods were Transylvanians.
They have changed since that time. But not too much.

The feature was thinly disguised as a morality play to homage The Hays Code-era gangster films.
The ones that wouldn't be allowed onscreen unless the Villain Protagonists got their comeuppance (sometimes in no more than the last twenty seconds of the film).

The David statues were prototype Rockies, probably even more brainless than Rocky and made solely to be eye candy.
Many people think they might be previous victims of the Medusa ray, but the fact that they are at least half over again the size of a normal or slightly tall human seems to debunk that. This guess makes that feasible.

Brad and Janet are meant to be.
That's why all the potential sequels never got off the ground - they all counted on Bran and Janet being apart.
  • BranxJanet OTP
  • Does Brad know that Janet is cheating on him with some guy named "Bran"?
  • I am now going to have to write a fanfic about Janet being in love with a guy named Bran...
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  • It's not a guy named Bran. Janet is in fact in a sexual relationship with corn bran, as in the cooking material.
  • Look how far D and N are on your keyboard. My WMG is this is a troll entry.
    • YOU'RE a troll entry.
    • Now now, there is more than one keyboard layout in the world.
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Transylvanians managed to intercept old B Movies on TV signals and mistook them for actual life on earth.
The way Transylvanians dress and act seems to either resemble B movies so closely that its possible they strike a chord with something in Transyvanian culture. Some of them came to earth expecting what they saw in the movies and were distressed to find a bunch of Brad-and-Janet-like Muggles.
  • Well, actually, in the unproduced sequel idea Revenge of the Old Queen, it's revealed that that's how Transylvanian culture is in general. Yes, dressing in heels, corsets, and fishnets is considered normal to Transylvanians.

RHPS is actually an Educational Film for Transylvanians
The criminologist is giving a lecture on the dangers of interacting with humans. Intended as a Scare 'Em Straight or even a political statement.
  • Well, that would explain the ending speech the Criminologist makes. The only question is how he would have statements from all the people involved, unless....
  • Made more plausible by Shock Treatment, where props from the first movie like the American Gothic painting and Frank's throne painted red. The movie is about characters played by the same actors as Riff Raff, Magenta and Columbia making a reality TV show in Denton and a popular fan interpretation is that these are the characters from the first movie in disguise.
    • For a while I wondered the opposite. Maybe RHPS was a reality TV prank done by a human TV company but then why would they have advanced technology like the Medusa machine and other alien technology?
      • Maybe the Medusa machine and other alien tech aren't alien tech at all. If it's a Reality TV prank, then that means it'd more than likely be a Hollywood production. And maybe in the reality of the story, Hollywood developed advanced technology that appears alien in nature. And if you really must include aliens into it, maybe that tech was reversed engineered by Hollywood, which was done after the U.S. Military couldn't figure out how to (and somehow, Hollywood secretly has geniuses on their payrolls that are smarter than the military has).

The Criminologist is a Transylvanian living among humans, able to travel back to Transylvania at a moment's notice.
Or, you know, he could be a
Time Lord.
  • Made plausible in Revenge of the Old Queen, where Steve is able to learn Transylvanian invasion details from Crim's Denton Affair book.
Columbia's verse in "Time Warp" is describing how Frank recruited her.
This assumes she is human, of course. He may also have put her through tests or given her a gift that granted her Type V or VI Immortality, if the verse is saying that time literally means nothing to her any more rather than that the hedonistic culture of Castle Frank N. Furter means she no longer cares about the future.

Continuing the above theory, Columbia survives the film's end.
Alone, betrayed, without a home, without money and immortal, she wanders the countryside until she ends up in the city of Gotham. With no other choice, she turns to a life of crime. After some time, she learns of a supervillain called The Joker, and in him she sees a replacement for the deceased Frank-n-Furter. She partners up with him, taking the name "Harley Quinn".

The anti-matter gun cannot kill humans.
Proof of this is seen when Riff-Raff couldn't kill Rocky with the anti-matter gun no matter how many times he tried. The only way Riff-Raff could kill Rocky was by damaging the radio tower prop so it would collapse.

Continuing the above theory, Columbia faked her death because Riff-Raff told her to before he killed Frank and Rocky.
During the song "I'm Going Home", Riff-Raff told Columbia offscreen that he was going to kill Frank, and wanted Columbia to play dead so that the humans would be dumb enough to think she actually died.

Rocky Horror Is About Growing Up
  • Hear me out. At the beginning of the movie, Brad and Janet both start out completely innocent, with naive, childlike stupidity. They met this man, Frank N. Furter, with his strange tastes and culture, and are at first repulsed by it. Soon, however, they give in to pressure, mostly out of curiosity. While Janet finds out she likes it, Brad is confused more than ever by the way things happen. Soon, things are brought to their peak during the "Floor Show", where things get too wild. Frank, Rocky and Columbia are all killed because of their strange interests and behaviors, while Brad and Janet escape, either better or worse from their experience. The message is clear: Giving yourself over to pleasure can be good, but too much can lead to a bad end.
    • That... is very clever.

Rocky is a Promethean.
  • Probably a Galatea.
  • Expanding further on this, both Frank n Furter and Riff Raff are experiencing disquiet in the latter parts of the movie (preusmably, Transylvanians are more sensitive to disquiet than Earthlings).

Frank N. Furter is somehow connected to the Doctor.
I know what you're thinking: "Show X shares a trope or lookalike with show Y, stop spamming the WMG page." But think about it: The Time Warp may be analogous to the TARDIS moving. The mansion may be some sort of disguised TARDIS, or a different model. Frank N. Furter could be a surviving Gallifreyan or something, maybe a Doctor. (Sorry, I'm not totally down with all the Dr. Who history yet.) Columbia is/was a companion.

Magenta is Actually Magenta from Blue's Clues
That's why she owns the dogs - she misses being one herself. One of the Transylvanian machines accidently turned her human. And she stays with Frank and the others because she misses the crazy world that Blue's Clues takes place in, and this is the only subsitute she could find that was almost as insane. And this would also explain why Riff Raff and Magenta look nothing alike even though they claim to be siblings - he's covering for her. He probably doesn't want Frank to know that he turned a dog into a human, so he just claimed that she was his sister.

This is also why Magenta really isn't seen as much in Blue's Clues in the newer episodes. If she's seen at all, they simply use a subsitute dog. However, they know that she won't be as convincing as the real Magenta, so they don't have her act much, but just throw her in the background when she's needed.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter is the same being as Q and Discord.
it only makes sense!

Planet Transylvania is in the Sixth Dimension, or vice versa.
They're all a bunch of hypersexual singing sociopaths; perhaps Dr. Frank-N-Furter's work on Rocky places him as one of King Fausto's scientists, developing his "zombie army, zombie navy, zombie marine corps"..."you won't be laughing when the zombie space cadets are on the march!"

Frank's failed "mission" mentioned by Riff Raff is to see if the earthlings could help continue the Transylvanian race.
Maybe the race is dying or having too many genetic mutations (if Riff and Magenta's situation note  is at all common, it wouldn't be surprising), so Frank was sent to see if crossbreeding with earthlings would be a good option. But, instead of actually doing his job and reproducing (unless you count Rocky), he just fucked and Medusaed them all. Hence why Magenta and Riff are so desperate to go back to Transylvania—they feel like Frank isn't doing anything useful on Earth, so they may as well go home. Frank taking all the credit for making Rocky when it was really Riff Raff that did most of the work was just the last straw.
  • This website confirms that, but I'm not sure how official it is
The whole movie is actually what the real life Columbia saw when she in a coma.
  • Before you go "Oh no, not another 'This TV show/movie was actually a character's coma' theory!", I have a pretty good reason for this. We do not know a whole lot about Columbia in the film, besides that met Frank one day when a pick-up truck came up to her, that she has a boyfriend named Eddie, and that she loves Magenta. Columbia doesn't do a lot in the film, so I think this is because this movie is actually what she saw in a coma, and this might explain why she doesn't talk a lot in the film. Columbia fell into this coma in a motorcycle accident with the real life Eddie, who died in the accident. Columbia made up these characters in the dream because in real life, she was too shy to talk to anyone besides her boyfriend and her best friend (who was the real life Magenta). The real life Frank was based on Columbia's science teacher, Riff Raff was her uncle, and Brad and Janet were homecoming king and Queen at her high school. (The coma incident happened when Columbia was a senior in high school) Columbia's death in the movie might symbolize when the real life Columbia woke up from the coma.

Frank N Furter is a sex vampire.
He needs to have sex to live and anyone he has sex with risks becoming one, too. This is what happens to Brad and Janet who are found, along with Dr Scott, by the police which is why the Criminologist has all those files on them with pictures and maps. Brad and Janet are now sex-mad and stuck in the Ford/Carter era.

Columbia is actually a teenager Frank kidnapped.

Remember when Frank told Riff Raff and Magenta "Even my children turn on me..." after Columbia's monologue? There's a reason he said that: Columbia was a teenage girl he kidnapped in Denton. He kidnapped her because he not only wanted to have someone to have sex with, but he wanted a "daughter" as well! A common stereotype of kidnappings is that the kidnapper will either have a van or a truck, and Columbia sings of seeing a "pick up truck" in The Time Warp. However, she fell in love with Frank pretty quickly when she was kidnapped.

Doctor Scott wanted Eddie to die.
They don't seem to have ever been particularly close. During Eddie's Teddy, the doctor sings about how Eddie 'left home the day his mother died'. If Eddie's mother was Doctor Scott's sister, then that would have made it even more bitter. Doctor Scott just wanted to get rid of him, but let Frank do the dirty work instead.
  • Maybe it's implied but I always thought Dr Scott sent Eddie to the castle to investigate Frank.

When Frank accused Brad of being a spy sent by Doctor Scott, he was right.
Brad intended to go to the castle all along to learn Frank's secrets. Since Frank would have been suspicious if he'd just driven up, he "forgot" to refill his spare tire before driving by in a storm, knowing that getting stuck with a flat tire would give him an excuse to stop there. He reacted so casually to the Transylvanians and their antics partly to seem dumber than he actually was and partly because he was prepared for them. When Doctor Scott arrived, the two began coordinating directly: Brad always seized the Doctor's wheelchair before running during chase scenes, and was quick to grasp Doctor Scott's explanations of things because he had been briefed previously. Frank nearly caught on, but Brad was able to keep up the facade of obliviousness the whole time and get away.

As for Janet, she may have been in on the plan as well, or she could have just been some hapless woman brought along by Brad to help with his cover story.

  • Not confirmed but made more plausible by Revenge of the Old Queen, where Brad's brother is an agent working for a government agency that investigates aliens (presumably the same one as Dr Scott).

Frank'n'Furter and Romanadvoratrelundar are siblings
the Tamm Romana and Frank'n'Furter look similiar and have similiar mannerisms at times, and who's to say the transexual planet was'nt actually Gallifrey? Or he could've easily moved from Gallifrey to "Transexual Transylvania" to Earth using a TARDIS.

The movie was actually based on Columbia's experiences with her imaginary friends.

Columbia was actually a teenage girl. Riff Raff and Magenta were her parents, with Riff Raff being the abusive parent and Magenta being the kind parent. Columbia would often be sexually abused by Riff Raff, usually when Magenta would refuse to have sex with him or when Columbia needed to be punished. To address her confusion about sex, she created an imaginary friend, Doctor Frank N Furter, who was based on a drag queen on a late night TV show Columbia saw. In the show, the drag queen was a scientist who had many wonderful inventions he used to help solve the problems of people who came to his laboratory. The name "Frank N Furter" was taken from a slang term Riff Raff often used for his penis, and the fact that Frank came from another planet was because Columbia had never seen anything like a drag queen in the real world, so she assumed that they must come from another world. Eddie was invented when Riff Raff brought up that Columbia would never get a boyfriend.

Columbia would often talk to Frank about cruel concepts she was trying to deal with. Also, as Riff Raff got more abusive, Frank became more violent, possibly so that Columbia could have someone to defend her from her abusive parent. Columbia blamed all her violent acts towards Riff Raff on Frank.

One night, Columbia's cousins, Brad and Janet, came over for Riff Raff's birthday party. They were around the same age as her, and Columbia introduced them to Frank N Furter, and told them about his new creation: Rocky, who represented Columbia's desire to live a normal life and raise children. Columbia, Brad, and Janet interacted with Columbia's imaginary friends for a while...until Riff Raff was angry that Columbia introduced Frank to Brad and Janet, since he found it immature, and as punishment, Columbia was raped by Riff Raff.

Once Columbia's rape finished, she found Magenta and told her about what happened. After talking to Magenta, Columbia decided to cheer herself up by putting on a pretend stage show with singing and dancing, and Brad and Janet were involved in this show, too! Again, Riff Raff wasn't too pleased when he found out Columbia was playing with Frank N Furter again. Instead of punishing her a second time, he told Columbia that if she still had Frank, she wouldn't make any friends in real life. Therefore, at the end of the party, Columbia ditched her imaginary friends and faked her own death for them and pretended that they died as well.

When Columbia was older, she decided to write a novel loosely based on the night she "grew up", entitled "The Denton Affair".

Riff Raff killed Columbia for a reason...and it's not what you'd expect.
Riff Raff secretly had a crush on Columbia. He always wanted to have sex with her, but he was polite and didn't want to ruin her relationships with Frank and Eddie. Riff Raff then remembered something he learned while on his home planet: dead people could be revived, but at the cost of having their memories erased. Riff Raff had a plan: to kill Frank and Rocky so Columbia had no one else to be sexually attracted to, and to kill Columbia so that she could be revived as his personal sex slave.

This theory could also explain why Magenta is dead in Revenge of the Old Queen. When this is first reveals in the script, Riff Raff acts like he didn't mean to kill Magenta while mourning his dead sister. This is because after being a sex slave with no memory of her past life, Columbia begins to remember that she and Magenta were close friends before her memory was erased, possibly due to Riff Raff screwing up the revival method. When Riff Raff attempts to get Columbia to have sex with him, he enters Columbia's bedroom, only to find Magenta and Columbia having sex! In a fit of rage, he finally learned about her relationship with Columbia and was angry that Columbia betrayed him. He was going to originally kill Columbia with his anti-matter gun for being unfaithful, but just like how Columbia "sacrificed" herself for Frank, Magenta sacrifices herself for Columbia, which causes her to remember the last thing that happened to her before she died, and she asks Riff Raff about the things she remembers after he realizes his mistake. Riff Raff apologizes for using Columbia as a sex slave, and explains to her about The Denton Affair. Riff Raff sends her back to Denton to start a new life that was better than the one she previously had. Since Revenge of the Old Queen takes place in Washington D.C., we never get to see what happens to Columbia.

The song "Super Heroes" predicted Marvel Zombies
Think of Janet's line. "And Super Heroes/Come to feast/To taste the flesh/Not yet deceased/And I know/That still the beast is feeding...."

The movie is part of the Cthulhu Mythos.
Two straight-laced provincial white Americans stumble into a villa where eccentric people are having a party, are indulging in dubious sexual practices, even more dubious "scientific" experiments, and finally murder and cannibalism, and basically not a whole lot seems to make any sense at all by the couple's "normal" standards. Then the locals turn out to have been visiting aliens all along and disappear in a way that will conveniently leave no evidence that they were ever there (and incidentally leaves it kind of unclear whether Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott even survived and if so, in what condition) and a voiceover waxes poetic about the insignificance of mankind as the movie ends. Pretty much the only way you could be more obvious would be if H. P. Lovecraft was explicitly given credit for the script.

Frank and co. landed on Earth sometime during World War II.
This is a fairly old theory to the point that it's probably canon but there are a few allusions to the Third Reich's incarceration of homosexuals: Frank's lab coat has a pink triangle on it and there appears to be a number tattooed onto his thigh when Riff attacks him with the anti-mater laser, implying that Frank was very likely captured by some brown coats, but managed to escape. It would explain why he's particularly mistrusting of the German Doctor Scott, and why he refers to him as "Von Scott"note : he's not only trying to out him as an alien, he's another one of those people! In addition, his name being a mix of Frankfurter and Frankenstein could imply the city is where he got his name

Frank and co are part of a Slaanesh cult.
Lust Everywhere, dominating everything they do. It got to the point that they were expelled.

Riff and Magenta were bullied into subservience by Frank.
Frank, Riff and Magenta were sent to Earth as a team, but Frank bossed the other two around until he genuinely believed he was their leader. By the time we see them, Frank's basically Drunk with Power and the two have no choice but to listen to him. Notice the occasional hesitations they give when calling him "master," as if it's still a conscious effort, or the look Riff gives Magenta when Frank refers to him as "faithful handyman," talking down to his team mate for the hundredth time (Word of God also says that Riff did most of the work on Rocky, so Frank clearly has him under his thumb).

  • This unmade Revenge of the Old Queen script says that Frank was a prince back on Transsexual and his mom the queen doesn't treat Riff Raff any better than he did.

Eddie has a Freudian Excuse for his behavior
I'm not denying that Eddie was a "low-down, cheap little punk," note  but after examining the lyrics of "Eddie's Teddy," I think I've pieced together a theory about why he acts the way he does. It's stated that he was "the thorn in his mother's side" and he "never caused her nothing but shame," but I couldn't help but feel like Dr. Scott and the Criminologist were being a little moralizing there; after all, show me one teenager who didn't act rebellious or argue with their parents, and I'll show you a liar. Maybe that part of the story was embellished a little; the Criminologist likely exaggerated it for dramatic effect (maybe so the audience wouldn't notice that he has no fucking neck,) and Dr. Scott essentially made his sister out to be a martyr because he truly loved her and doesn't want to remember her as anything but perfect.

Either way, they're correct in their assertion that Eddie and his mother didn't have a very good relationship, but I noticed that — if Dr. Scott is to be believed — Eddie's more debaucherous behavior didn't kick into overdrive until after Eddie's mum died ("since the day she was gone...") My theory is that Eddie was completely broadsided by his mother's passing, and regretted that they never got to patch things up. So, the day she died, he took off like a Bat out of Hell and never looked back, possibly because his old home held too many painful memories (or because he thought nobody left in the family would miss him — and judging by Dr. Scott's lack of remorse for Eddie's demise later on, he was right.) From there, he fell into a life of rock-n-roll, porn, motorbikes, and shooting up junk to fill the void left by his mother's passing. Maybe it doesn't justify threatening Dr. Scott's life with a switchblade knife, but this theory should at least explain a few things.

Frank and Scott were working together up until Frank attacked Eddie
It would explain how they know of eachother.Scott worked for a government UFO agency. The script for the unmade Revenge of the Old Queen sequel says that the higher up members actually answer to the Transylvanian Queen (Frank's mom).I think Scott was sending Frank humans to study, originally Eddie and Columbia, then Brad and Janet. This would explain why Frank and co were present at the church and Frank knew Brad's car got a flat tyre.Though Scott didn't expect Frank to hurt or kill any of the humans. Eddie sending his letter made Scott investigate and Frank to get nervous when he shows up asking about Eddie.

Elaine from Ghostbusters II slept with a Transylvanian.
Venkman scoffs at the idea of an alien having a room at the Holiday Inn but The Revenge Of The Old Queen script said that Transylvanians have a network of teleporters on Earth disguised as showers. A lot of which were in Holiday Inn bathrooms.


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