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A place to gather together theories involving crossovers from multiple fandoms all at once or that would frequently repeat on other Wild Mass Guessing pages (such as the infamous "Character X is Haruhi Suzumiya").

The Time Lords page has moved. Click the link to see it.

See also Grand Unified Timeline.

Based around a specific series


...and, the TV Tropes hivemind is CRAZY!!!

Eventually all these theories will come true, and cause the end of the world as we know it.note 

We now have a holy quartet of WMGs.
Take a wild guess. You know it? You do not? Okay, now everyone is something. You really can't think of it? The truth, is Kyubey is now responsible for everything that's ever happen ever. (You know you saw it coming.)

Luckily there will be a few Genre Savvy tropers here to deal with the Apocalypse.