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Possible Kiras:
Kira: Shinigami Eye Deal?
Calvin Hobbes No
Megan Parker (future) Unknown 50/50 chance
Dr. Bob Kelso Enid No
Stewie Griffin Ryuk, Brian, or Rupert Only in Relevant Cutaways
Jessica Fletcher her editor Yes
Maximum the Hormone Ryuk, Rem, and any others Maybe
Edgar Allen Poe and Bobby the Stalker the Raven Yes
Nathan Petrelli Linderman No
Sylar his mother Yes
Matt Parkman Sylar No
Jeremy Greer Unknown Yes
Gaius Baltar Chip-Six No
Donnie Darko Frank Maybe?
John Crichton "Harvey" No
Lelouch Lamperouge C.C. Yes
Aeolia Schenberg Unknown No
Setsuna F. Seiei Gundam! No
Sweeney Todd "a dark and a hungry god" Maybe
Owen Harper Janet (the Weevil) No
Tyler Carson Unknown Yes
Santa Claus his reindeer, Rudolph, his elf Yes
Spongebob Squarepants The Flying Dutchman No
Zac Efron The collective will of the masses No
Joe Quesada An Anthropomorphic Manifestation of Inflated Ego Yes
Ichigo Kurosaki Rukia Kuchiki Yes
Orihime Inoue her faeries No
Doctor Faustus Mephistophiles Yes
Doctor Horrible Moist? No
Millie Locke No
Bruce Wayne (Nice hoodie and transistor radio set there in Begins though he apparently gave up ownership before killing anybody.) Obviously something with a bat-motif, possibly Rem? No
Ra's Al Ghul ("FOR TRUE JUSTICE!") Tiz al Ghul No
Harvey Dent ("You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.") Unknown Possibly.
The Joker ("It's all part of the plan.") Ryuk Who knows?
Robin (when forced by ...) Slade Nanobots: Yes
Every troper TV Tropes No
Alton Brown The Chairman No - he hates unitaskers.
Dexter Morgan The Dark Passenger No
Clyde Shelton Unknown No
The narrator of Fight Club Tyler Durden Unknown
Ma-Ti (What kind of lame power is heart, huh? Who's Laughing Now?) a big blue guy with green hair No
One or more Magical Girls Kyubey Maybe
Kyoya Ootari Tamaki? Probably
Will Graham ("How would killing make you feel?" "Righteous.") The Stag Man or Hannibal Lecter Probably
Guy Fieri Bacon Unknown
Timmy Turner Cosmo and Wanda Yes, but he tries to undo it after things go south.
Caligula Ryuk Almost certainly.

But in Zetsubou Billy, the lead singer of Maximum the Hormone stated that he and his band are Kiras, and so are we ("Even you're Kira!"), so what does that mean?

  • It means that they were lying.

The implications of this are disturbing...
Teen Girl Squad is what happens when somebody draws a comic in a Death Note - that girl who wrote the email SPECIFICALLY TOLD STRONG BAD ALL HER FRIENDS' NAMES. You notice she never wrote back to him.
  • Doesn't this make Strong Bad a Kira then?
  • Note: Only Kristen's name was written in the comic. Therefore, she is probably dead. The rest of them are fine. Also note that Strong Bad did not use his real name. At least, I don't think so...* eerie music?*
    • But you have to know what someone looks like to use a Death Note.

Death Note takes place in the same universe as Dead Like Me
There is a person mentally contected to each book who receives the names of people about to die. They in turn pass the names onto the leader of a reaper group, and this is how they know who is going to die.

Death Note takes place in the same universe as Mirrormask
There is a reason that everyone in that world wears a mask, are afraid to show their faces, and say as little of their name as they possibly can. Also, see the fanfiction "The Faceless" which has people wearing masks 24/7.

Lorien is the Shinigami King.
Lorien is an immortal being that knows and can tell humans their remaining lifespan. It makes sense that he's the Shinigami King since the King makes the rules and if he so wishes can circumvent the rules of death.
  • Lorien is also R'hllor, which proves that R'hllor is also the Stranger (God of Death).


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