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Heroes takes place in the same universe as the following.

The Company has a second Board of Directors.
Angela and Arthur Petrelli, Maury Parkman, Linderman, and the others were just a front. Even though their Company is now destroyed, a second Cabal works behind the scenes, pushing things to create opportunities for World Domination. The members of this Cabal are:
  • Tim Kring, because you know that would make sense.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya, because it's obligatory.
  • Doctor Doom, because his brilliant mind would not allow him to miss this opportunity.
  • Mr Muggles, because everyone else thinks so.
  • Sweeney Todd, because why not?
  • Fred the Mannequin, because he already betrayed Will Smith...
  • Adam Monroe, because it was mentioned in the show.
  • Zach from Season 1, because someone needed to spy on Claire...
  • Dr. Phil, because haven't you seen that photo of him pointing his finger at the camera, Sylar-style? Obvious proof that he eats brains!
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  • Edward Cullen, because everyone needs an Ultimate Evil.
  • Molly Walker, because she's too cute to not be suspicious.
  • Albert Wesker, because Umbrella is staffed by imbeciles.


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