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The following pairs of people are either reincarnations of each other, or are twins that have been separated at birth

The nameless hero from Hero is the reincarnation of King Leonidas from 300.
Both take a stand against tyrants, both successfully defend themselves against overwhelming odds, and both eventually fall to a Rain of Arrows. It does seem, however, that the two hundred years or so he spent in the Underworld before reincarnating has mellowed Leonidas somewhat, which is why the hero doesn't ever scream, "This! Is! CHINA!!!"
  • The one calligraphist assassin might have gotten some of Leonidas' attitude, even if he shows it in the more "civilized" form of writing giant letters in the sand.
    • The hero in Hero is also a pussy when it comes to Tyranny. That's BAD mellowing.

Son Goku and Captain Carrot are alternate-universe clones.
Both were abandoned at birth and raised by different species, and both are generally amazingly naive about life. And they're both apparently able to make the most depraved, evil people imaginable behave like pure-of-heart idealists through believing in the goodness buried within them. Moreover, both are fully capable of absolutely destroying the few that don't respond to the "I believe in you!" treatment. Plus. there's the whole Kakarott/Carrot thing.
  • While lacking the Raised by Wolves thing (although he did raise a wolf...) RCMP Constable Benton Fraser is another alternate Carrot. See "Due Rimward" by Paul Jamison for further details.
  • Goku and Superman are also alternate reality counterparts. Each is one of the few survivors of their home planet (which blew up/was blown up), is the sworn protector of Earth, and can fly, among other things. This would also put an end to the debate of which is stronger: neither, they're both basically the same person.

At minimum, this includes Big Boss, Nick Fury, and Gandalf - all of whom were active in Odin's areas of interest.


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