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Warehouse 13 is a massive Artifact of Doom (and Holy Hand Grenade) collection thus it must have the following in inventory:

Possible future artifacts
  • Dick Cheney's shotgun: makes the shooter dangerously inaccurate
  • Weird Al's accordion
  • A syringe belonging to Keith Richards. An injection with it renders the subject immune to all poisons and ill side effects of drugs and narcotics.
  • The Books
  • Michael Jackson's glove. Substantially increases singing and dancing ability at the cost of severely lowered testosterone.
  • An ordinary-looking ballpoint pen which turns into a bronze sword when uncapped. They've bagged it a few times now but it always ends up dissapearing from the Warehouse and reappearing in this kid's pocket.

Also see:SCP Foundation Grand Unifying Guesses, which Warehouse 13 may be controlled by.


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