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Watch for the sign of the Saint: He will be back!

The Saint is a long-running franchise, created by Leslie Charteris, surrounding the exploits of international adventurer Simon Templar.


  • The Saint, the original series of novels, novellas and short stories, which started in 1928.

Live-Action Films:

  • A series of movies were produced by RKO between 1938 and 41:
    • The Saint in New York (1938), starring Louis Hayward
    • The Saint Strikes Back (1939), starring George Sanders
    • The Saint in London (1939), starring George Sanders
    • The Saint's Double Trouble (1940), starring Georges Sanders
    • The Saint Takes Over (1940), starring George Sanders
    • The Saint in Palm Springs (1941), starring Georges Sanders
    • The Saint's Vacation (1941), starring Hugh Sinclair
    • The Saint Meets The Tiger (Produced in 1941, released in 1943), starring Hugh Sinclair
  • The Saint's Return (titled The Saint's Girl Friday in the US), a 1953 Hammer Studios film starring Louis Hayward
  • Le Saint mène la danse ("The Saint leads the dance"), a 1960 French film starring Felix Marten
  • The Saint Lies in Wait, a 1966 French film starring Jean Marais.
  • The Saint in Manhattan, a 1987 TV film and backdoor pilot, starring Andrew Clarke
  • A series of TV movies were produced by London Weekend Television, all starring Simon Dutton:
    • The Brazilian Connection (1989)
    • The Blue Dulac (1989)
    • Fear in Fun Park (also known asThe Saint in Australia) (1990)
    • Wrong Number (1990)
    • The Big Bang (1990)
    • The Software Murders (1990)
  • The Saint, a 1997 film starring Val Kilmer.
  • The Saint, a 2017 TV film starring Adam Rayner, with a special guest cameo by Sir Roger Moore.
  • The Saint, an upcoming film starring Regé-Jean Page.

Live-Action Series:

  • The Saint, a popular British television series of the 1960s starring Sir Roger Moore.
  • Return of the Saint, a late 1970s series starring Ian Ogilvy.

Radio Dramas:

  • A series was produced in 1940 for Ireland's Radio Athlone, starring Terence De Marney.
  • In 1945, Edgar Barrier starred in a 13 episode series for NBC. Later that very year, CBS produced their own, equally short-lived series starring Brian Aherne.
  • A more successful version came in 1947, with Vincent Price playing the character on three different networks: CBS (1947-48), Mutual (1949-50), and NBC (1950-51). Tom Conway and Barry Sullivan replaced Price for the final months of the NBC run.
  • Tom Meehan played the part for South Africa's Springbok Radio between 1953 and 1957.
  • Paul Rhys starred in three BBC Radio adaptations in 1995.


  • The Saint Misbehaves, a never-performed stage play by Charteris and Denis Green.


  • The Saint Goes West, a photo play published in a 1941 issue of Life Magazine, with Templar being played by Charteris himself.