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House of Anubis (2011-2013) is a mystery series airing on Nickelodeon, based on the Flemish-Dutch series Het Huis Anubis by Studio 100.

The series tells the story of Nina, an American student who earns a scholarship to a fancy English Boarding School and becomes a member of the House of Anubis, believed to be the nicest house on campus. On the day of Nina's arrival, another student named Joy is pulled out of the school under mysterious circumstances, prompting her roommate, Patricia, to suspect that the school faculty are enacting some kind of conspiracy. First aired on January 1, 2011, as part of a two-night series premiere.

The second season began on Monday, January 9, 2012, following the story of Nina and her friends, now dealing with a curse-happy ghost after an ancient mask. The third season began January 3, 2013, focusing on the new character KT and her own mission at the House, being sent by her grandfather with a special key for unknown reasons.


Tropes in this series include:

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  • Aborted Arc: At the end of season two, Victor's fathers' ring is revealed to have contained a tear of gold which is an ingredient needed for the elixir of life. Once season three starts, the ring isn't even mentioned.
  • Absent Animal Companion: Though kept slightly longer than one episode, the cat Amber found and adopted in the first season vanished following the short arc where they assumed Victor stole it, killed it, and stuffed it. Though this led to Trudy being fired by Victor, the cat itself was never seen or mentioned again.
  • Academy of Adventure: The un-named boarding school, at least if you live in Anubis House. There are evil teachers, a lot of mysterious activity and secrets, and even ghosts!
  • Adaptation Distillation: Season 1 can be considered to be this for the first season of the dutch version. Not only is the plot streamlined by reducing the amount of tangential storylines and some of the soap series drama, but the various villainous characters introduced throughout the first season of the dutch version are either rolled into a single character or given a more consistent role in the story.
  • Advice Backfire: Happens to Patricia twice:
    • When Patricia tells Joy that Fabian likes Nina because they have a lot in common, Joy takes that as advice to pretend to have more in common with Fabian to win him over from Nina.
    • Mara asks Patricia for advice about what to do about Mick possibly moving to Australia. Patricia tries to reassure her by saying that Mara and Mick work as a couple so well despite their differences. Mara takes this as advice to make their differences more evident to Mick so that he'll break up with her before moving to Australia.
  • Alliterative Family: The Clarke family—John, Joan, Jerome...and Poppy.
  • Almost Kiss: Eddie tries to kiss Patricia while she's blind. She pulls away.
  • Ambiguously Absent Parent:
    • Amber, Mick, Joy and Victor have all had their fathers appear as characters; however, no mentions of their mothers have been made. With Victor, it's especially strange as we've seen flashbacks to his childhood. His father was present, but his mother was nowhere to be seen, and it's implied his father had full guardianship over both him and Sarah Frobisher-Smythe.
    • Fabian is the only major character who's parents have never been so much as mentioned during the series. While the lack of parents in general is justified due to the show taking place at a boarding school, the absence in his case is notable as he's the only character who's parents have never been confirmed to exist, and his only known family are a godfather and an uncle.
  • Amnesia Missed a Spot: Played with when Fabian gets his amnesia curse. At first, he is still able to remember enough, like who Nina is, even though it does take a little work to trigger these memories. Though, eventually he does lose his entire memory, including his name.
  • Anger Born of Worry: Nina gets like this a lot in season 2. She has a tendency to get mad at her friends for trying to help save her life, because it was putting themselves in danger, too.
  • Anti-Interference Lock Up: Sibuna tries to pull this off on Victor and Denby in order to stop the eclipse ceremony from taking place. While Fabian kidnaps Corbierre in order to lure and lock Victor in the boys' locker room, KT lures Denby into Anubis House to try and trap her in a room. It backfires; Victor manages to escape through a vent, and Denby winds up locking KT in the room instead.
  • Arc Number: Seven. Anubis split the Cup of Ankh into seven pieces and The Chosen One was born on the seventh hour of the seventh day in the seventh month. Seven acolytes are necessary in order to tip the scales of life. Also, the Cup of Ankh can only be put back together once every 25 years. (2+5=7) Doubles as a Numerological Motif for the Cup.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: After Patricia tries to steal Nina's locket, and then dumps water on Amber:
    Mara: You went too far. Plus, I was on cleanup duty.
  • Artistic License – Education:
    • The show takes place in the UK, but was broadcast for a largely American audience, so the portrayal of schooling is very much American-based and not UK-based, right down to The Movie taking place at the students' high school graduation... something that doesn't even exist in the UK, as they don't consider graduating from High School an achievement the same way Americans do. This was most likely done so the American audience could understand what was happening, despite it being unrealistic for the setting.
    • The headmaster, Mr. Sweet, is also the school's science teacher. In the show, this just means that he's either in his office doing headmaster work, or teaching the students in the science lab, with little emphasis being made about his dual role. In real life, this would be way too much work, as he'd have to do administrative work in addition to grading papers, giving tests, and actually teaching the class.
  • Ask a Stupid Question...: When Victor is padlocking the attic door, Trudy comes up and asks,
    Trudy: What are you doing?
    Victor: Baking a cake. What does it look like I'm doing?
  • Awkward Kiss: The kiss between Eddie and Piper sure is awkward, as Eddie thought Piper was her twin sister and his girlfriend, Patricia, and Piper had no clue who Eddie was. The kiss appeared to be rather strange for both of them, as Eddie expected Piper to insult him like Patricia does, and Piper didn't even know what was going on.
  • Band of Brothers: Sibuna. Despite any fights the group may have they are shown to be incredibly loyal to each other, risking lives on almost a daily basis for another member who needs it. Not exactly a band of brothers though, as it's, as Amber puts it, "Three girls and two men. Well, boys." However, now it's three boys and two girls, but the point still stands.
  • Bathroom Stall of Overheard Insults:
    • Amber steps out of a bathroom stall just after hearing Mara tell Patricia that she's attracted to Mick. It goes over about as well as you'd expect.
    • In House of Victory, this is how Jerome learns that Mick cheated so Mara would win the election. He isn't insulted, though... just amused.
  • Birthday Buddies: Joy and Nina were both born on July 7th, which is a Significant Birth Date. Joy was believed to be The Chosen One because of her birthday, but wasn't born at the exact right time; this lead to the reveal that Nina, who had the same birthday, was the real Chosen One, being born at 7:00 AM. The two of them were, incidentally, born 12-hours apart.
  • Birthday Party Goes Wrong: Downplayed with Amber's birthday. Though the mood was ruined by Fabian screaming at and trying to attack Eddie just minutes into the party, Amber still managed to have a decent party thanks to the amount of gifts... most of which she'd bought for herself. She did, however, get frustrated when everyone seemed more concerned with what Fabian was doing, rather than focusing on the celebration.
  • Blind People Wear Sunglasses: When Amber is blinded by one of the chamber's traps, she spends the day wearing sunglasses, to the confusion of her non-Sibuna friends.
  • Boarding School of Horrors: The un-named boarding school could be considered this. While it is a rather clean and rich school, and students are (usually) well taken care of, it is also a school where the teachers tend to be evil, ancient secrets haunt Anubis House, and it seems to be a hotspot for ancient evil activities, as well as endless dangers the students face daily just to sometimes simply survive. The school WAS only started for the teachers to succeed in their plots of achieving immortality...
  • Bonding over Missing Parents: Jerome and Joy managed to become closer by talking about their similar father issues. Jerome revealed he was still trying to get closer to his father, and Joy claimed to feel the same way about her own father.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: The show had many characters borrow Victor's famous pin-drop speech. Fabian did it once in the school play (where he was playing Victor, of course) and he did it again with Patricia and Alfie when they became sinners. The result:
    Fabian: It is ten o'clock!
    Patricia: You have five minutes...
    Alfie: And then I want to hear you all drop.
  • Buffy Speak: Nina refers to the ghost that is haunting her as a "Curse-y spirit".
  • Calling Your Nausea: After eating gallons of creamed carrot on a bet, Jerome ended up in his room, exhausted and completely sick. When Mara comes in to talk to him, he is initially able to hold a normal conversation. But soon after, Jerome frantically asks Mara get him a bucket; she does so just seconds before he throws up.
  • Character-Magnetic Team: Sibuna seems to grow larger each season, either by gaining new allies or actual members. What started out as a Power Trio became a Five-Man Band, and eventually, by The Touchstone of Ra, everyone in the house had been involved at some point in Sibuna. Except Mick.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • The blank phonographic cylinder that made the horrible screeching noise when Fabian and Nina attempted to play it. It was fake. It has a clue hidden inside it.
    • The stained-glass window in the attic wasn't just a pretty design; it was hiding one of the reflectors.
  • Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are:
    • Used twice by Rufus Zeno, both times to taunt the kidnapping victim of the season. Patricia tried to escape in Season 1 and he told her to "stop being a silly girl", and then when Jerome tried to escape him in Season 2, he casually stalked around looking for him.
    • When Patricia, turned into a Sinner, was stalking KT through the school grounds, she walked at a casual pace, and threw in a taunting "I'm coming to get you, KT."
  • Company Cross References: When Patricia suggests getting the help of their "favorite comedy double act" to protest Victor's cameras, Amber suggests SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like: Nina did this to Fabian. The rescue? Saving her from falling into a bottomless chasm. The 'crime'? Accidentally kissing a girl he thought was her. Granted, it wasn't the smallest accident in the world, but he still didn't deserve to be yelled at for saving her life.
    Fabian: I...I saved you...
    Nina: Yeah? Well, why don't you save the other girl in this dress?
  • Composite Character: Rufus Zeno is a composite of two villains from the dutch version: Rufus Malpied and Zeno Terpstra. He also fulfills the role both characters had in season 1 of the dutch version. From season 2 onwards, he also becomes an Expy of Raven, the main villain of the second season of the dutch version, which means that at the end of Season 2, Rufus Zeno has become a composite of three separate villains.
  • Compressed Adaptation: Season 2 can be considered this with regard to the dutch version, as it combined elements of seasons 2-4 of the dutch version in a single season. The reason this falls under this trope instead of Adaptation Distillation is the fact that a significant part of the dutch version was lost in adaptation, including a plethora of important events and characters.
  • Compressed Vice: In season 2, the Sibunas all admit that they have phobias that make it hard to get through one of the tasks. These phobias came out of nowhere, and were fixed pretty quickly. Alfie's phobia, claustrophobia, at least, was mentioned again in season 3, and Amber's bug phobia was mentioned in passing earlier on. But the rest of them? Never mentioned again.
  • Continuity Nod: Happens every so often, usually when referring to a past mystery. Some gems are-
    • In Season 2, when Mrs. Andrews tells Joy that, because Joy missed so much school the year before, she'll need a tutor to help her catch up. Joy replied, "That's sort of your fault for that, isn't it, Mrs. Andrews?"
    • Also in Season 2, when Nina and Fabian are trying to stay awake all night and telling stories, Nina references one episode in the first season.
    • In Season 3, when Fabian is getting paranoid because of Nina's disappearance, he goes to Patricia for help, reasoning that, when she was the same way over Joy, she herself was desperate for help. This caused Patricia to give in and help him.
    • Probably used best one episode towards the end of the third season, when Eddie is trying to convince Patricia, who's a Sinner, to remember her feelings for him, which she claims she cannot, and does not want to. He then says this-
      Eddie: I it felt, the first time we saw each other? Or the first time we went on a date? Kissed...your first ever kiss... Or the time you poured a jug of milk over my head...
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: After tricking the younger students into paying to audition for a school play and insulting and rejecting them all, Jerome and Alfie's punishment is putting on a performance for them dressed as sumo wrestlers in tutus, and paying them back with 50% interest going to charity.
  • Cool House: The House of Anubis. It's the nicest house at the boarding school, with secret rooms, hidden treasure, and a lot of history.
  • Cop Hater: Downplayed. Following the discovery that police officer Sgt. Roebuck is a member of Victor's Secret Society, is therefore untrustworthy, and that he'd openly lied to Patricia about Joy's safety and whereabouts, Sibuna had developed a general mistrust of cops. On two separate occasions afterward, a newbie would make the suggestion to take the situation to the police, and would get immediately shot down by the more experienced Sibuna members.
  • Covering for the Noise:
    • The end of the second season had Nina trapped in a room under the school. Fabian was paranoid at first about whether or not she was okay, but quickly discovered he could speak to her from a grate in the headmaster's office. Unfortunately, said headmaster came wandering in while they were talking. When Nina asked Fabian if he was still there, he was forced to shout "QUIET!", only to cover it up with " Quiet a funny story, Mr. Sweet..."
    • When Jerome and Alfie are harboring a goose that had eaten Jerome's gem, Victor came looking for it. As the goose honked from their closet, both of them had to pretend the noises were something else; Jerome's bad stomach, and Alfie's cough.
  • Creepy Basement: The students aren't allowed in the attic or cellar, and both are plenty creepy. The attic is full of old belongings of the Frobisher-Smythes, including a strange doll, weird phonographic cylinders, and a creepy painting of Sarah. The basement, meanwhile, is where Victor does his alchemical work, and the secret society held their meetings.
  • Creepy Dollhouse: Downplayed. The characters discover an old dollhouse in the attic, and though it's rather innocent, it's considered creepy due to it being an exact replica of Anubis House, which is considered creepy enough as-is. Throw in the fact that the ghost of Season 1's Sarah Frobisher-Smythe ends up possessing it, giving clues often by moving the figurines around the house or making it light-up and smoke, it's just a bit unsettling.
  • Cultural Translation: The entire point of this shows existence is to be this to the show Het Huis Anubis. Can be noted by the American names of the characters (Nienke's name on the original show for instance, was replaced with the name Nina on the translation).
  • Curse of the Pharaoh: Being that the show is themed around Ancient Egypt, this concept comes up a lot. Most notably, the Frobisher-Smythes died after exploring an Egyptian tomb, leaving their daughter an orphan and their home in possession of the antagonistic and cruel Victor Rodenmaar Sr. When making a school play about this story, Nina wrote that the Frobisher-Smythes were cursed and killed by Anubis for desecrating a pharaoh's pyramid, and the plot of Season 3 revolves around Robert Frobisher-Smythe having actually been cursed for that very reason, forced into a deep sleep until he could be awakened by The Chosen Many- including the descendants of his archaeology team, who'd raided the tomb and been responsible for the curse.
  • Cutting the Knot:
    • In one episode, Sibuna is trying to figure out how to get the crocodile bridge over the chasm in the tunnels. Fabian suggested a complex counterweight lever system. Immediately after, Amber suggested they merely picked the bridge up on it's side and drop it over the hole.
    • In another episode they are trying to get past a dead-end, and Alfie suggests to just smash the wall down with their shoulders. He doesn't smash the wall, but he does disarm the pendulums swinging over the chasm bridge and finds the way across.
  • Custom Uniform of Sexy: Girls' blazers are more fitted and flattering than you would expect from uniform jackets.
  • Darker and Edgier: In season 1, the mystery was finding clues, building a cup, and learning secrets about the house. Season 2 got darker, with curses and much more on the line, not to mention some more intense scenes (including the main villain being sucked into the Egyptian underworld). Season 3, and characters are losing their souls, someone impersonated their mentally ill adoptive sister, and even the romance is becoming more intense. No wonder it's been moved to TeenNick....
  • The Dark Side:
    • The Secret Society, who were behind Joy's disappearance and are opposing the students at every turn, soon bring in the newest teacher into their ranks leading to his Face–Heel Turn.
    • Season 3 has, what the heroes call, Team Evil. They eventually also start corrupting people into their team, by locking them into a sarcophagus and stealing their soul for the god Ammut to devour. They are even worse when you discover they take the soul of some Sibuna Members themselves. While this could be considered mind control, the members who had their soul lost openly admit that power feels good and are all glad that they lost their conscience, while the rest of them feel that way anyways.
  • Dartboard of Hate: Jerome and Alfie throw darts at a picture of Mr. Winkler, after he punishes them for their most recent scam attempt.
  • Demonic Possession: Robert Frobisher-Smythe is heavily implied to be possessed by Ammut, the Egyptian Devourer of the Dead, who plans to come into the mortal world. And then they need five more sinners to fully awaken their God, and end up with Victor, Mr. Sweet, Patricia, Alfie, and Fabian. All of the sinners have lost their conscience, and plan to bring a world of chaos and sin.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: One instance of this.
    Mr.Sweet: Your opponents have already set a match for three days time.
    Jerome: But that's only three days away!
  • Dismantled MacGuffin: The Cup of Ankh. According to Fabian's book on Egyptian mythology, Amneris took the Cup and hid it inside the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Anubis was angered by this and split the Cup into seven pieces, preventing it's use. Rufus later explains that Anubis and Amneris reached an agreement whereby the Cup could be put together once every twenty five years at a certain hour, but only by a member of Amneris's bloodline.
  • The Dreaded Toilet Duty: Victor's most common punishment for the kids is toilet duty. With toothbrushes. It's something they dread, and though in most cases they have to just do the House toilets, one case ended up with every resident punished- and forced to clean every bathroom in the school.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Nina's parents died in a car crash when she was young and her Gran was nearly killed by an evil ghost. Fabian's godfather was The Mole, Amber's father is cold and strict, Alfie's parents are overbearing, Jerome's mother doesn't care for him and his sister and his dad was in jail for theft, Eddie's father is one of the villains, Joy's father kidnapped her for reasons related to the mystery, Patricia's parents seem to favor her twin, Mick and Mara's parents are both rather pushy, KT is an orphan and her great-grand father is the big bad of season 3. And that's just the families.
  • Embarrassing Relative Teacher: Mr.Sweet happens to be Eddie's father. With Eddie being a Jerk with a Heart of Gold bad-boy from America and Mr. Sweet being known primarily for his dorky nature, Eddie was all too eager to keep their relationship a secret. When Patricia accidentally reveals the truth to the whole school, The Freelance Shame Squad that greets them proves Eddie's fears correct, though the embarrassment eventually subsides as the two grow closer.
  • Enemy Mine:
    • Downplayed in Season 1, when Nina agreed to help Patricia despite the way she'd been treated. By the time they'd actually, properly, teamed up, Patricia had become her friend, not an antagonist.
    • At the end of "Touchstone Of Ra", Sibuna teams up with Victor to save the world. Though this isn't the first time he'd ended up helping them, this was the first time it was made official.
  • Equivalent Exchange: The Cup of Ankh will grant immortality to the person who drinks the Elixir of Life out of it, but someone else will die to replace the life that would otherwise have ended eventually.
  • "Eureka!" Moment:
    • Happens often, usually thanks to Amber.
      Amber: Don't try and confuse me with your fancy words.
      Patricia: It's in the dictionary, Amber, it isn't fancy.
      Nina: (suddenly jumps up) Dictionary... of course! (The riddle was "where yesterday always follows tomorrow.")
    • Or,
      Fabian: (reading riddle) "Inside the core of my enemies' pride is where the final relic hides..."
      Amber: Core... core...
      Patricia: You sound just like Corbierre [Victor's stuffed raven], Amber. Coo... coo...
      Nina: Patricia, Amber! Geniuses...
      Amber: Thank you! Wait, why are we geniuses?explanation 
  • Everyone Can See It: Fabian and Nina embody this trope so much, it's almost painful to watch. It gets to the point where other students in the house are asking Fabian to please just ask her out already. This conversation alone proves it:
    Mick: So, Fabian, who are you planning on asking to the prom?
    Amber: A certain play writing scholarship student with a thing for antiques and apple pie?
    Mara: Of course he'll be taking Nina...if he ever gets around to asking her.
    Fabian: I don't know what you're talking about. Me and Nina...we're not an item.
    Mick: Come on. Everyone knows you two secretly like each other... well, not so secretly.
    Mara: Yeah, so when are you going to put Nina and the rest of us out of our misery?
  • Evil Teacher: Played With. While most of the villains are teachers, such as Victor and Denby, most of them still have standards and genuinely want to be good teachers in addition to completing their goals. Mr. Sweet and Mrs. Andrews argued against letting Rufus keep Patricia, for example, despite being Sibuna's enemies. The only truly evil teacher was Miss Denby, who got the job by impersonating her sister, and was the only person on Team Evil to not become a sinner- she was just always evil and power hungry.
  • Exercise Excuse: One episode saw Sibuna having to practice a specific series of movements in order to cross through one tunnel safely. However, the routine was one that looked very odd out of context. When caught by their teacher, Alfie quickly told her they were just doing an interpretive dance, and then performed a dance for her. This got her to awkwardly move on and leave them be.
  • Expy: In Touchstone of Ra, the new students living in the Anubis house Dexter, Cassie and Erin are this for Alfie, Amber and Mara respectively.

  • Fake Faint: In one episode, Nina needs time to get a clue out of the hallway chandelier. To help distract Victor and Trudy, Amber pretends to faint and Nina runs to get everybody to help her, then gets the clue. As soon as Nina's done, Amber hops back up as if nothing ever happened.
  • False Start:
    • This happens a lot on this show where everything from important information to kisses are interrupted on almost a daily basis, and the characters are forced to try again later, often to the same result.
    • Fabian kept trying to ask Nina to the prom. He got interrupted about four times before finally managing to ask at breakfast once Nina told him to hurry and ask before something else stopped it from happening, and they were still almost interrupted by Patricia.
  • Finale Movie: The series was concluded with a Made-for-TV Movie titled The Touchstone of Ra.
  • First Kiss: It is revealed that Patricia kissing Eddie was actually Patricia's first time kissing anybody, leading for her to avoid Eddie after it happened. Her own best friend was shocked to discover this.
  • Flashback B-Plot: Not entirely told through flashbacks, but it's heavily centered around them: One season 1 episode focuses on the students seeking treasure and having their usual drama, but involves a subplot about Victor and Sarah remembering moments from their childhood, told through flashbacks, in order to give more context about their complex relationship and Victor's quest for eternal life.
  • Food Coma: In one episode, Eddie talks Jerome into a bet that involves Jerome eating several gallons of creamed carrot, all in one sitting. After a montage of Jerome forcing himself to choke down the food and nearly throwing up at the end, we next see him lying down in his bed, feeling sick and exhausted.
  • Food Fight:
    • Alfie and Jerome start throwing food at each other and their housemates in the first episode, which Fabian claims happens every meal. It doesn't escalate too much, but Patricia uses it as an excuse to drench Nina in water.
    • Patricia starts one when Eddie accidentally gets some creamed carrot on her shirt. Amber notices Patricia throwing food at Eddie and makes them stop until she safely gets out of firing range. By the time it's done, she and Eddie are both covered in the stuff.
  • Food Slap:
    • Pouring a drink on someone Patricia's favorite ways of getting revenge—she does it at least once every season, and it's been lampshaded on a few occasions. To elaborate, she did it in the premiere to Nina, when she was trying to get information out of her, and in another episode to Amber when she told on her for trying to take Nina's locket. She poured milk on Eddie in season two for only dancing with her on a bet, and then in Season 3 she threw juice at KT and finally, poured juice over Willow. ( She was a sinner in the latter case, however.) She also threatened to do this to Jerome in Season 3. In the finale movie, she TRIED to do it twice, but was stopped on both occasions.
      Nina: (to Eddie, after Patricia poured milk on him) Yeah...she does that.
    • KT once threw her cereal at Patricia, in response to Patricia throwing juice at her.
  • Forged Message: Eddie, with KT's help, forged a break-up letter for Fabian claiming it was written by Nina. Fabian didn't fall for it, however, because he knew that the letter was written in a way Nina didn't write. Eddie didn't do it to be malicious; He DID have a letter from Nina for Fabian, but lost it, so tried to make his own instead.
  • The Freelance Shame Squad: Happens to Eddie after Patricia accidentally sat on the school speaker button, while the two of them were in the principals office, and they accidentally revealed that Eddie was the principal's son to the entire school. When they got out of the office everyone had gathered to mock Eddie.
  • Fresh Clue: When Nina and Amber go to rescue Patricia from Rufus, they end up in the warehouse but can't find her there. They instead find a burger that's still warm, proving they only just left. In fact, they hadn't even left yet- Rufus was in the process of escaping with Patricia at that exact moment.
  • Friendship Moment: There are a bunch on this show.
    • When Victor is questioning the students about who stole the key to his office, Nina truthfully says she had taken it. Cue Fabian, Mick, Amber, Mara, and even Patricia—who had been bullying Nina since Nina arrived—and Jerome—who has a tendency to put himself first—jumping in and claiming it was them who'd taken the key.
    • When Fabian had accidentally called Joy by the wrong namenote , Joy ran out crying, and Patricia followed her outside to make sure she was okay.
    • After Nina came in crying about the mean article someone posted about her online, which had brought up some uncomfortable truths- like how she hadn't visited her hospitalized Grandmother in a long time- the rest of Sibuna ran over to comfort her.
    • Almost every time someone gets their heart broken, you can expect another character to be there for them. Examples include Nina comforting Amber, Amber comforting Nina, Willow comforting Joy, Joy and Mara comforting Willow, and just about everyone comforting Fabian.
    • At the end of Season 3, when Joy and Jerome were still both heartbroken over what had happened episodes earlier, Mara (who had caused what happened, and had been trashing Joy for liking Jerome) and Alfie teamed up to get their friends back together.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • While Jason is describing the acting exercise of using subtext to make the words "I love you" have different meanings, and Jerome and Mara are talking, Fabian and Mick can be seen in the background quickly backing away, and then later awkwardly doing the exercise.
    • In another episode, while Patricia and Eddie are having a small argument, Sibuna's shocked faces in the scene make it hilarious. The fact that they all react in perfect unison sells it.
  • Ghost Butler: Inverted in the first episode of the show: When Nina arrives at the house for the first time, the door opens to let her in without her touching it.
  • A Gift for Themselves: In season 3, Amber celebrates her birthday and has a huge pile of gifts. Some of them came from her friends and father, but a majority of them were ones she purchased for herself, because she knew the gifts everyone else got for her wouldn't cut it.
  • Godhood Seeker: In season 2, all of the characters are looking for an artifact called the Mask of Anubis. While Sibuna needs it to break a curse that had been placed on them and Victor just wants immortality, the villains Rufus and Senkhara are after it because it can take the wearer to the Egyptian afterlife, where they'd rule as if they were Gods. This doesn't work out for either of them; Senkhara is banished before she can possess Nina and use her body in the afterlife, and Rufus is Dragged Off to Hell for his impure heart.
  • Guilty Until Someone Else Is Guilty:
    • In late season 3, Eddie has a vision that warns him of one of his friends pulling a Face–Heel Turn. KT ends up being accused as the culprit thanks to a fingerprint-scanner Fabian had, and this causes the rest of Sibuna to isolate and bully her. She was innocent, but no matter what she did she couldn't get them to believe it wasn't her. She was only proven innocent, and thus trusted again, once everyone realized the actual traitor was Patricia, albeit with her soul stolen. It was a bit late by that point though, as KT almost ditched them, and Fabian ended up getting turned soon after.
    • In "The Touchstone of Ra", the touchstone gets stolen from the museum and put into Eddie's bag. The freshman Dexter is Mistaken for Thief, because he was interested in the touchstone and even fell asleep in the same room as it. The only person willing to believe his innocence is Patricia, but nobody else trusts him until it's discovered that the true culprit was Sophia.
  • HA HA HA—No: Fabian does this to Jerome in the first episode, following a remark Jerome made.
    Jerome: Fabian, tell me, does it ever get boring always being the one to say 'that's not right' or 'cut it out' or 'fun is bad.'
    Fabian: [laughs.] No.
  • Head Desk: Jerome makes this a trademark in season 2 as his efforts to help his father keep hitting walls.
  • Hearing Voices: Nina can hear the house talk to her, and at the end of Season 2 Eddie starts hearing a voice in his head, telling him how to defeat Senkhara.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Aside from Victor, the rest of the Society seems to have pulled one, at least in the sense of no longer showing any interest in becoming immortal. In particular, Mr. Sweet seems to find Victor's obsession a little frightening.
  • Heroic BSoD: Happens a few times on the show.
    • Fabian becomes incredibly upset and unfocused when he learns Jasper lied to him, and whenever Nina disappeared, struggling to think about anything else.
    • Jerome went into a state of shock and panic, once when he discovered Rufus was still alive and that he was working for him again.
    • Eddie freaked out and went into a state of denial when he learned his father, Mr. Sweet, was a member of Team Evil.
    • Nina had a temporary break-down when she accidentally poisoned Alfie, leading to a 10-Minute Retirement from Sibuna.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
    • Joy takes a bolt of lighting from a possessed Nina in order to protect Fabian. Victor gives up the last tear of gold to save her.
    • Nina tried to make one by allowing Senkhara to take her to the afterlife in exchange for removing the curses from her friends and her grandmother, but Eddie, the Osirian was having none of it.
    • Eddie willingly chose to sacrifice himself to stop Ra's attack in "Touchstone of Ra", but survived, only with the "Osirian" dying.,
  • Hey, You!: Eddie almost always calls Patricia by an insult, "Yacker." This insult takes on a different meaning when they start dating.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Robert Frobisher-Smythe hid the Mask Of Anubis this way. It was actually quite brilliant: He placed the Mask in the tunnels and protected it with a series of tasks designed to keep people away from it. Anyone would assume that the Mask he'd gone to so much trouble to protect must be the real one, but when they reached the end of the tasks, they would discover that the Mask in the tunnels was a replica and that the real one had been donated to a museum disguised as a replica.
  • Hidden Villain: The Collector, the Big Bad of Season 2, only used his nickname, and only ever appeared wearing a mask and using a voice-changer. Revealed to be Rufus Zeno.
  • Hijacked Destiny: In the third season, there's a plot to awaken the sleeping Robert Frobisher-Smythe, involving roles passed down through the generations, awaiting the fated eclipse. Robert's "Keeper", Harriet Denby, had her role (and identity) forcibly stolen by her adopted sister, Caroline, who wanted the glory of being involved in the ceremony. Because of this, and Caroline's general impure nature, Frobisher-Smythe woke up evil.
  • Historical In-Joke: Robert Frobisher-Smythe was part of Howard Carter's famous expedition into King Tut's tomb.
  • Hooked Up Afterwards: Fabian and Mara kiss in the last scene "Touchstone of Ra".
  • I Broke a Nail: Spoken word for word by Amber:
    Eddie: You're a couple of strong, 21st century women. What do you need my help for?
    Amber: I broke a nail...
    Eddie: Go sisterhood!
  • Identical Twin Mistake: When Patricia's polar opposite twin Piper arrives at the house, this trope is in full force. Apart from their Twin Switch, Piper is mistaken for Patricia multiple times. This leads to Eddie kissing her, Alfie thinking his crush on Piper is a crush on Patricia, and the Sibunas thanking "Patricia" for getting rid of the stolen oxbow before the teachers checked her bag. Strangely, they did have an Identical Twin ID Tag with their necklaces. After Piper gives Patricia hers before leaving, Eddie then mistakes Patricia for Piper.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Each episode so far has been titled "House Of _____", except the final special "Touchstone of Ra".
  • Idiot Ball:
    • The main characters have an annoying habit of letting Victor in on their suspicions of him. Up until Rufus comes along, Sibuna believes he's responsible for Joy's disappearance and is up to something sinister. Instead of keeping secret about it like someone normally would do, they talk about it openly in front of each other and their classmates. Amber is the worst offender as her Dumb Blonde status makes her ask about it in class. Her defense? She was trying to get information.
    • In one episode, the group finds a picture of Victor Sr. and a Victor Jr. They instantly assume that the Jr. is the Victor they know and throw out the elixir of life theory. They never assume that the one they know might have a son, nor do they stop and think that even Victor Jr. would be around 80 without the elixir.
    • Hey, so we know all this information on the secrets of the house that would probably get us killed or seriously injured if they knew that we knew. Clearly, the best idea here is to put on a play about it that everyone will see.
    • Jerome and Joy both get one, when they are kept in the gatehouse, along with Patricia and Alfie, to do an 'extra credit' project for their teacher, based around an eclipse coming up. Patricia and Alfie are aware that it's really a ceremony to awaken Robert Frobisher-Smythe. Jerome and Joy, however, refuse to believe them. This wouldn't be so bad... except Jerome and Joy both dealt with the mysteries in both of the past two seasons. Heck, Joy had even been part of Sibuna in the beginning of that very season, and Patricia and Alfie are their best friends. Joy even had to deal directly with weird supernatural type stuff like this when she was thought to be the Chosen One in the first season. Neither of them had any reason not to believe Patricia and Alfie. This was lampshaded by Alfie-
    • Later KT gets a minor idiot ball. In an effort to convince her that Fabian was turned into a sinner, Alfie mentioned that he had talked to Joy, who was crying in the hallway after Fabian verbally trashed her. KT argued that she saw Fabian and Joy and Fabian didn't even say anything. The problem is, Alfie wasn't there with her- so how would he have known about Fabian and Joy, unless Joy told him herself? She also tried to go visit the gatehouse in the middle of the night for... some reason... without telling anyone she was going. Of course, she was nearly captured by Robert.
    • Fabian is not immune either. Robert was lying on the floor of his bedroom, looking weak and begging for help. Rather than let the guy who he KNOWS is evil just rot, he decided to help. Fabian was then taken to the gatehouse, and Robert claimed he wanted Fabian to help lift a curse and take over his research when he died. Fabian, of course, accepted, and even WENT TO THE TANK ROOM WITH HIM. Gosh Fabian, you were always gullible, but... really?
    • Sibuna in general seem to fall prey to this. How many times will they talk loudly about their plans in the hall, or allow themselves to get tricked by the villains? A lot, apparently.
  • I Am Spartacus: Happens in the tenth episode after Alfie's head is stuck in a stag's head. Everyone tries to take the fall for Nina after she returns the spare attic key.
  • Iconic Item:
    • Nina's locket, so much so that when Fabian and Patricia see that Eddie has her locket in Season 3, they jump to the conclusion that Eddie and Nina were secretly dating over the summer, since Nina wouldn't give her locket to just anybody.
    • Also, Victor's pin, which is a big part of his catch-phrase, a reason the other characters use to make fun of him, and is always referenced by anyone who is trying to imitate him.
  • Identical Grandson:
    • Patricia's, Alfie's, Joy's, and Jerome's great-grandparents apparently looked exactly like them.
    • Victor looks exactly like his father. They also have the same name, to boot.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: Mara pulled this on Jerome, warning her that she'll go after him if he ever breaks Joy's heart. Justified in that he had cheated on Mara herself earlier in the season and she didn't want to let Joy get hurt. Jerome was good natured about it and agreed with the threat.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: Happens between Eddie and Patricia when Patricia is turned into a sinner. He begs her to try and remember how she felt about him, because she still had all of her memories, but none of the feelings. They ended up kissing, but it is unknown if the real Patricia actually slipped out, or if it was all part of the plan to get Eddie and KT to accidentally unleash Ammit.
  • Immortality: Eternal life is obtained if you drink the Elixir of Life from the Cup of Ankh. But someone else will die if you do.
  • Immortality Seeker: Victor and his society are all after the secret to eternal life, as well as Rufus Zeno. Victor's father had been after it as well, which meant Victor's basic goal was to finish his father's dream. Other members of the society had different goals as well; While most were selfish, it is known that Jason was dying of a degenerative illness, and would have died young unless he obtained the immortality. It is unknown what Rufus's larger goal was, but he was certainly more ruthless about it, willing to kill people if it got him what he wanted.
  • I Never Said It Was Poison: After the slanderous article about Nina is published, Fabian confronts Joy about it, because as the paper's editor she'd know about it. Joy claimed to not have read it, only to then directly quote it. This is what tips Fabian off to the fact that Joy wrote the article herself.
  • Intentional Mess Making:
    • At one point in the third season, Sibuna needs to get themselves into detention to get papers from their teacher. To accomplish this, they proceed to start trashing the hallway.
    • The modus operandi of The Sinners is to spread as much chaos as possible, and one common tactic involves making a mess of things- ranging from sticking a cookie on the mirror, to writing on the walls, to outright destroying everything.
  • Impeded Communication:
    • Late in season 1, Alfie helps out the Sibuna gang by going into the cellar, while the others converse with him over walkie-talkie. He leaves the walkie behind and Jerome picks it up, pretending to be Alfie, which gets Alfie into trouble when the others think he's done and leaves while he's still down there. Jerome then uses this to manipulate Alfie into helping him.
    • In season 3, Nina has disappeared without warning, and Fabian is a mess trying to figure out why. He discovers she sent Eddie a letter, and he goes to get it...only for this letter to have been written by Eddie and KT. Fabian realizes it immediately, and it only makes him get angrier, coming to the conclusion that Eddie and Nina had an affair over the summer. Eddie, however, wasn't doing it maliciously, but because he really lost the original letter.
    • When Alfie notices that Amber has been getting calls from her dream fashion school, he tries at first to keep her away from her phone, so that she doesn't talk to them and get into said school. When he realizes how selfish this is, however, he tells her the truth.
  • Improvised Imprisonment: Toward the end of season 3, Sibuna temporarily believed that KT was working for Team Evil and needed to get her out of the way. When ostracizing her failed, and they believed she attempted to go after Patricia, she was instead locked away in her bedroom alone, with a sign on the door warning people that KT was "dangerous" and "crazy". This failed for two reasons: Patricia was the actual Sinner and had successfully turned everyone else against KT, and Willow let KT escape without even knowing what was going on. By the time they all realized they were wrong about KT, it was too late to fix everything.
  • Inappropriate Hunger: Happens once with Alfie:
    Amber: Alfie, how could you possibly be eating at a time like this?
    Alfie: I always eat when I'm scared. Or nervous. Or...happy, come to think of it.
    Amber: Or any day with a 'y' in it...
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Two within the same episode!
    Amber:(to Mick after breaking up with Mara) Trouble in Maradise?
    Alfie:(after security footage shows Victor cleaning his nose hairs) Show another tape, it seems you've got a nose for comedy!
  • Inevitably Broken Rule: When Nina first arrives, Victor lays down the two main House rules for her- no staying up past the 10:00 curfew, and no going into his office, the attic, or the cellar. When the plot gets rolling, these rules get immediately broken; Sibuna has to habitually sneak out at night for a shot at getting anything done, the keys to the cellar and attic are in Victor's office, and the attic and cellar is where a good chunk of the Season 1 clues are found. The rules were only in place because of the big mystery anyway, as Victor needed the kids to not snoop around and discover his secret plans.
  • Initiation Ceremony: Patricia's fake initiation ceremony for Nina included both having to steal from their house father, to sneaking into the forbidden (and rumored to be haunted) attic at midnight, with the goals of getting Nina scared, humiliated, and into trouble. In the end she even locked Nina up there. Nina passed, but was still terrified.
  • Invisible Writing: Sibuna find an old dictionary but when they open it, nothing is written in it. Later it turns out the text was in invisible ink, and the heat from the flashlight made the words appear.
  • Is It Always Like This?: It happens a few times in the show:
    Eddie: Is your friend [Patricia] always so..?
    Joy: Yep.
    Fabian: She's [Patricia] not always like this, you know.
    KT: What are we going to do, follow her? (beat) We're following her, aren't we?
    Eddie: You're starting to get the hang of how things work around here.
  • It Sucks to Be the Chosen One: Zig-Zagged. Joy is kept hidden away, unable to see her friends from school or have any contact with the outside world, plus she just wants to be normal. While this might seem like It Sucks to Be the Chosen One, the real chosen one doesn't have it nearly so bad...until Season 2, where Senkhara is making the Chosen One's life a living hell.
  • It's What I Do: Happens many times.
    Amber: Joy, chill, this is how we roll.
    Jerome: It's a bonding thing. Some guys go fishing....Clarkes track down priceless gems. It's how we roll.
    Nina: (about Patricia after she dumped milk on Eddie's head) Yeah...she does that.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Joy in the Season 2 Finale, when she encourages Fabian to go be with Nina. Friendship version in Season 3 where Mara tells Joy to be with Jerome, though she hates Jerome.
  • Jaw Drop: Alfie does this when seeing Joy's new look in season 3. Joy closes his mouth.
  • Kick Them While They're Down: Joy was completely heartbroken by Jerome dumping her in front of the entire school during a play and turned to Fabian, her long time best friend, for advice. He instead hurt her even worse, because being a sinner, he had no sympathy for her and instead tore up her self-esteem when it was low to begin with.

  • Lampshade Hanging: The The Touchstone Of Ra had a lot of these moments.
    • After finding out the class field trip was to an Egyptian museum, Jerome remarked, "Why is it always Egypt?"
    • After Victor dropped his pin, Dexter excitedly said, "That's like his Catchphrase!" Jerome responded with, "Dude, we know."
    • Patricia's tendency to pour drinks on people was lampshaded by her two attempts to do it to the new students, and how she was automatically stopped both times.
  • Light Is Not Good: A very small subtle example: In the Season 2 finale, we see a very bright light, which implies to lead into the Egyptian afterlife. But Nina is heading toward it, with Senkhara possessing her... if she'd actually succeeded in going in, they'd never see them again.
  • Love Triangle:
    • In Season 1, Amber and Mara both had feelings for Mick, who had previously dated Amber, and then started to date Mara. At the same time, Jerome started developing feelings for Mara, a plot that continued into Season 2, with a Mick/Mara/Jerome triangle.
    • In Season 2, the main romantic plot involved a Nina, Fabian, and Joy. Nina and Fabian started the series as a couple, hampered by Joy's repeated efforts to win Fabian's affections. There was also a minor love-triangle between Amber, Alfie, and Piper, as once Amber and Alfie broke up, Alfie had temporary feelings for Piper, which Amber was upset by.
    • Downplayed in Season 3, where Patricia still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend Eddie, and was struggling with her jealousy over his friendship with KT, who did have feelings for him as well- but didn't act on them, knowing about Patricia's situation.
  • Loyal Phlebotinum: The necklace only works for Nina the Chosen One, as well as Eddie, the Osirian.
  • MacGuffin Blindness: After an entire season of risking their lives and battling both Victor and Rufus to get to the Mask of Anubis, the Mask doesn't work even when used by Nina. It turns out the real Mask of Anubis was the thought-to-be-fake mask on display at the artifact exhibition, having been seen by all the characters but dismissed as a replica.
  • Mirror Reveal: When Amber is cursed to turn old, she first only gets a personality change and complains about things like joint-pain or hearing problems. Then Nina catches her in her room, and is shocked by what she sees; Amber is forced to check the mirror to find that she's now covered in wrinkles.
  • Mistaken for Thief: In "Touchstone of Ra", the students go to a museum themed around ancient Egypt. Somewhere along the line, an artifact gets stolen and put in Eddie's bag, where the teachers find it. Eddie's friend Sophia was the culprit, but Eddie blames Dexter because the latter liked the stolen object. The only person who believes Dexter is Patricia, but only because she doesn't like Sophia.
  • Moment Killer: Aggravatingly often, usually something mundane. It's a favorite trick of the writers, and has happened to basically every pairing on the show at least once. Lampshaded by Nina in the season one finale, just before Fabian asks her to the prom.
    Nina: Now hurry up before there's an earthquake, or a swarm of locusts, or anything else that stops you from asking!
  • Mythology Gag: A couple to the original Het Huis Anubis:
    • Amber and Nina becoming roommates in Season 1 reflects the fact that their Dutch counterparts were roommates.
    • Early in Season 1, Victor gives his "pin drop" speech, then shouts "I can still hear something!" Alfie runs by and responds "We still have three minutes." This was a Running Gag in the Dutch version.
  • New Season, New Name: For the third and final season, the show was rebranded as "House of Anubis: The Reawakening".
  • New Transfer Student: Nina in Season 1, Eddie in Season 2, KT in Season 3. All of them came to the school from America, and struggled to fit in, as their arrival changed the house's dynamic.
  • Next Stall Shenanigans: This happens twice in the first season:
    • In one episode, Nina is trying to study a strange clue she and Fabian had found and hides in a bathroom stall to do it. Then it turns out Amber was in the stall next to her; she rises over the wall to ask Nina what she's up to and threatens to tell Mr. Sweet that Nina is "doing something weird and (she) doesn't know what it is" if she doesn't.
    • Toward the middle of the season, Fabian is in the boy's bathroom deciphering a clue by repeating the riddle out-loud to himself and then determining that it's pointing to the living room clock. It's then revealed that Alfie overheard this as he starts poking fun at Fabian's strange behavior from the next stall, throwing Fabian into enough of a rush to leave that he drops the artifact and accidentally fuels Alfie's suspicions about what he and his friends are up to.
  • No MacGuffin, No Winner:
    • Sort of. The McGuffin is used once, but the accompanying elixir necessary to use it turns out to be fake, so it doesn't work. The end of the series has the McGuffin buried under the house, with only the heroes, (and possibly only one of them), knowing where it is.
    • At the end of Season 2, Presumably, the Mask of Anubis will now leave the house with the rest of the Egyptian exhibition, putting it out of reach of both sides. Even if it doesn't, the only person in the house who can use it has no intention of doing so.
  • No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dine: Happens in Season 3. Miss Denby catches Patricia sneaking around by the gatehouse with Denby's bag. In the next scene with them we see Denby and Patricia were simply 'having a nice tea' while Denby was interrogating Patricia in the nicest manner possible. Patricia was visibly horrified the entire time, because who knows what Denby would have done if she really tried to flee or fight?
  • No Name Given: Just where do these kids go to school?
  • Non-Residential Residence: One episode involves the Anubis House students having to sleep in the school's lounge due to a pest problem at the House; this was part of a plan by Victor in order for him to easily search for and steal the puzzle pieces Sibuna were hiding.
  • Noodle Incident: A non-comedic example from Season 3: Patricia and Eddie broke up for an unspecified reason. All we know is that, apparently, everything went to Hell when Patricia went to America.
  • Not Even Bothering with an Excuse: Jerome does this when everyone is leaving the sit-down strike, and Victor threatens to expel them. At least the other students had genuine reasons why they didn't want to stay.
    Mick: Thing's this sports scholarship. I need a good...reference from the school...
    Mara: And there's a class on sea-cows I really want to take. Sorry, Patricia.
    Alfie: Yeah, my parental units would kill me if I got expelled from yet another school.
    Jerome: I'm out too. It was a dumb idea anyways.
  • Obviously Not Fine: In one episode, after a long time of Fabian and Joy having a complicated relationship, with Joy experiencing Unrequited Love and trying to compete with Nina for his affection, they finally got to talking. Fabian ended up making it clear that he really did still love Nina and, at the same time, managed to convince her to drop an article that was being written for the school's newspaper. A shaken Joy sits crying while he starts to leave; when he turns around to see if she's okay, she gives him a strained smile and says "Of course, I'm Joy."
  • Odd Name Out: The Clarke Family goes as follows—John Clarke, Joan Clarke, Jerome Clarke, and...Poppy Clarke.
  • Official Couple: Nina and Fabian start finally having a stable relationship in Season 2, after tons of teasing and, tons fan's waiting for it. Then Season 3 happened...
  • Offscreen Breakup:
    • Happens to Patricia and Eddie. As such a beloved couple, the fans were outraged and confused when they broke up over the summer with no given explanation. It's speculated that Patricia broke up with him because the relationship was moving too fast, but it was still jarring to the fans.
    • There are also some breakups that might not have even happened at all. The characters just moved on to other people without actually splitting. Mara, for example, started dating Jerome, before it was confirmed she and Mick were done.
  • Only the Pure of Heart:
    • The Mask of Anubis works this way, allowing the pure-hearted Chosen One to "weep tears of Gold", while punishing evil-doers who try and use it.
    • Only the pure of heart may lift the sleeping curse off of Robert Frobisher-Smythe, or he'll wake up evil.
  • Only the Worthy May Pass: Anyone who wears the real Mask of Anubis will go to the afterlife, but they must be pure of heart to enter. When Rufus wore it, he was immediately deemed unworthy, then he and Senkhara were dragged downward through a hellish portal.
  • Operation: Jealousy: Happens twice.
    • Mara and Jerome (who of course, had an insane crush on Mara) started to fake date to make Mara's ex jealous. This ex happened to have moved to Australia and was wrongly quoted to have had a new girlfriend, and of course he did not and was actually talking about Mara. In the end Mara claimed she was just dating Jerome because people were teasing him for not having a girlfriend, leading to Jerome's confusion and annoyance.
    • The second time is when Eddie started to get really close to Mara to make Patricia, who was still his girlfriend, jealous until she explained why she had been mad at him that whole time. He later admitted he was glad when she got jealous because it proved she liked him back.
  • Pair the Dumb Ones: Brainless Beauty Amber and Dumb Jock Mick were a couple at the beginning of the series; however, despite sharing their ditzy personalities, they still ended up breaking up when they realized they had no common interests.
  • Parental Betrayal: Done by Mr. Sweet, Eddie's father. A bit of dramatic irony, too, as the viewers and the rest of Sibuna knew that Mr. Sweet was a member of Team Evil but nobody told Eddie, and when he found out he was completely devastated. Gets even worse after Mr.Sweet starts proactively manipulating Sibuna to further the plans of his own team- and knowingly hurting Eddie in the process.
  • Prefers Proper Names: Victor, being the old-fashioned character he is, refers to all the students either with their full names ("Nina Martin") or with honorifics ("Miss Martin"). When he first met Eddie and referred to him as "Edison", Eddie's request to be referred to as Eddie was immediately rejected, and the very fact that he'd even asked for Victor to call him by his nickname shocked the other students. The one time he didn't use a student's full name was in the Season 2 finale, where his referring to Nina as simply "Nina" was played as a show of warmth and affection.
  • The Power of Friendship: This seems to be the main reason Sibuna keep winning. Fabian makes a speech about it in season 2, even, claiming that while the teachers have more of the advantages, they have the team, and they'd win because they wouldn't let each other fail.
  • Prophecy Twist: In The Touchstone Of Ra, there is a prophecy about, well, the touchstone of Ra—whoever touched the stone will be turned into stone themselves, unless the Osirian makes the ultimate sacrifice- their life. Eddie was ready to die and save his friends, but when it was over, it instead turned out that he had instead lost his powers- The Osirian did die, as in there would be no more Osirians, but Eddie survived.

  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Nathalia Ramos decided to take a break from acting to go to college, so Nina didn't return for Season 3.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • Ms. Denby from Season 3 is quite fond of tearing into Victor for his failures, openly calling him incompetent and foolish, among other things. She even refers to him as just being the caretaker, and gives him chores to do.
    • Fabian, as a Sinner, delivered two of them, to Joy and Alfie respectively. To Joy, he had whispered to her that nobody liked her, and she should just shut up and be glad anyone was stupid enough to date her...this was when she had come to him seeking out comfort after her recent heartbreak. To Alfie, he taunted him for thinking he could stop him and rescue the unknowing KT, and claimed:
      "You always get it wrong, Alfie. You're the joke of the group. I will always be two steps ahead of you."
    • Alfie then shot back with:
      Alfie: What are you going to do, attack me? Yeah, umm, you're not exactly the most sporty person ever. Maybe that's why Nina left you.
  • Recut: Sort of. Nick ran all of the episodes again, but with some new lines of dialogue added in.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Those possessed by Ammit sport red eyes during important moments, or in surges of extreme emotion.
  • Relative Ridicule:
    • Early in Season One, Patricia shows off her antagonism by listening to Nina's story about dead parents and being raised by her Grandmother, something even Jerkass Jerome took seriously, by snarking that since Nina was now in a boarding school in a different country, her Gran probably wanted to "get rid of her".
    • Jerome's big subplot in season 2 was reconnecting with his jailed father and going through major Character Development, helped by Mara's support throughout it all. However, when he wound up cheating on her in season 3, Mara turned on him completely, and wanted nothing more than to hurt him. Because of this, when everyone discovered she was distantly related to a Lord, she used that fact as an opportunity to point out that he's "the son of a thief", an act even her own best friend thought was too far.
  • Reminder Failure: As Fabian, struck with the amnesia curse, gradually begins to forget more and more about his life, he starts making notes to himself whenever he needs to remember something, only to forget about the notes he wrote immediately after writing them.
  • Replaced with Replica:
    • The elixir of life in the season one finale was replaced with the fake elixir discovered by Sibuna earlier in the season. Rufus Zeno drank it and ran off, thinking he succeeded in becoming immortal.
    • In the second season, Sibuna and the teachers were in a race to find the mask of Anubis, which was believed to be hidden behind a series of puzzles, many of them deadly. In the end, however, the mask found in the tunnels didn't work; the true mask was posing as a fake in an exhibition, and the fake mask was put in the tunnels.
    • At one point, in order to get into the tunnels, Victor found and stole the spare amulet hidden in Nina and Amber's room, replacing it with a carefully made replica. Patricia used this replica amulet when hers got lost, and ended up being blinded by the first trap. This replica amulet would later be used to trick the teachers during Alfie's "failed" magic trick, being smashed in place of Victor's real one, which he'd stolen back in the process.
    • When Jasper was tasked with stealing the gem Jerome had spent all season finding for his father, he'd had to replace it with a fake. Mr. Sweet bought it, but Jerome didn't, and this was made worse when Mr. Sweet hired Jasper to examine the gem for them. Of course, Jasper claimed it was real, which only made Jerome more suspicious of him.
  • The Reveal: The Collector is Rufus Zeno.
  • Revenge via Storytelling: Played for Drama. As a result of being cheated on, Mara makes it a personal goal of hers to ruin Jerome's life. She writes a school play designed around humiliating him. His character is portrayed as a huge, manipulative loser with no redeeming qualities, and he gets his heart broken at the end- with the ultimate plan being having Joy dump him on stage in front of everyone. Jerome realizes the character is based on him and takes it in stride, but is crushed when he learns about the full plan and breaks up with Joy before she can break up with him.
  • Romantic Candlelit Dinner:
    • Mick, after his temporary absence and his rocky relationship with Mara, decides to take her on a fancy candlelit dinner his bedroom. Jerome takes advantage of this by telling Victor about the fire-hazard, leading to the candles being snuffed, but Mick and Mara just end up laughing about it.
    • In Season 2, Nina and Fabian attempt to have a date in the attic, complete with two small candles. When the moment is ruined, however, Fabian is forced to angrily blow out the candles and pack up. Later, his dream of dating Nina includes a large, lit, candelabra on the table.
  • Roommate Drama: This happens a lot thanks to rooms being swapped around on occasion:
    • When Nina first arrives, she's put into Patricia's room in place of the disappearing Joy. Patricia assumes that Nina had something to do with the disappearance and starts to bully Nina relentlessly, helped by the fact that they're living together.
    • After Amber leaves the House, a spot opens up in Mara's room and is taken by Willow. Due to their clashing personalities, Willow's Cloud Cuckoolander tendencies drives Mara insane, and then later, Mara's overzealous studying habits drives Willow insane, too. When Jerome tricks Willow into changing rooms, Mara is overjoyed.
  • Running Gag:
    • Patricia dumping drinks on people when she's angry.
    • Characters being late for curfew and thus getting yelled at by Victor.
    • Sibuna characters being late for classes, and having to make up an excuse.
    • Alfie freaking out about some imaginary threat.
    • Each season has their own, as well.
      • Season 1—Patricia asking where Joy is, Nina stating the fact that she's American, Jerome walking in on Sibuna meetings, Nina trying to lie.
      • Season 2—Fabina failing to have an actual date, Eddie and his love for pancakes, Patricia failing to be romantic, Fabian being teased for being a nerd.
      • Season 3—Alfie interrupting Jerome and Mara, KT stating that she's at the school to "stop a great evil", Willow "Squee-ing", Eddie claiming he's the Osirian.
      • Touchstone Of Ra—The new kids interrupting things, characters making fun of Patricia's dress, lampshading.
  • Sadistic Choice: Joy and Fabian are given a choice at the end of season 2 - the mask or their trapped friends. They chose their friends.
  • Secret Circle of Secrets: Victor's aptly-named "secret" society. They even have hooded cloaks and Ominous Latin Chanting, to boot.
  • Secret Room: In season 2, the students discover a secret antechamber in the cellar, which not even Victor or the teachers knew existed. This antechamber leads to a series of trap-filled tunnels guarding an important treasure, but the antechamber is treated as a separate place in-and-of-itself, a secret study room for Frobisher-Smythe.
  • Self-Deprecation: In-universe example:
    Nina: I guess I am a little scared. The last time I felt like this, I threw up on my kindergarten teacher.
    Driver: No, that'd just be my driving.
  • Self-Punishment Over Failure: In the third season, Alfie lies to Amber about her receiving a call from a New York fashion school because he doesn't want her to leave. After breaking down from the guilt, he tells her the truth and she's upset at him for a while. When they meet up in the hallway, she's holding a glass of milk, and he dumps the milk on his head as a self-punishment.
  • Senior Year Struggles: Downplayed in the finale movie, The Touchstone of Ra. The students are preparing for their graduation day and most of them have their paths figured out, but Willow's subplot is about not having enough credits to graduate unless she does extra credit work for the graduation. Meanwhile, they have to deal with four freshmen living with them at the same time, interrupting their celebrations. The students get nostalgic at the end when they realize they're all leaving the school they've lived at for several years.
  • Settle for Sibling: In season two, Eddie brings this up when he thinks Patricia and Alfie might be into each other, stating that it might be what Alfie is thinking.
    Eddie: Well, he was into Piper, maybe you're just the next best twin!
  • Shared Dream:
    • Nina, Fabian, and Amber all receive an ominous dream about an upcoming dance, which ends with Senkhara pushing Nina into the tunnels' chasm. They all discover the next morning that the dream was a shared experience, and soon learn that everything in the dream is coming true.
    • Senkhara's Dream Weaver abilities allow her to trap people in very realistic dreams. These dreams often wind up being a shared experience for all the people within it, and they all wake up at the exact same time once the dream is over. One example is when she came to seek The Osirian, appearing to Fabian in a dream. Eddie wound up with the same dream, because he can see ghosts as a natural Osirian ability, but Fabian denied having a dream once they both woke up.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • When Nina and Fabian reunite, all of Anubis house surround them, clapping and hugging.
    • Amber is definitely this for Nina and Fabian. Not only did she start to ship them by the second episode, she made them a couple's scrapbook, made them prom king and queen, and basically did everything in her power to get the pairing together.
    • Joy could also be considered this for Patricia and Eddie. While she was not exactly pushing as much as Amber was, she did try and get Patricia to be with Eddie.
  • Shout-Out:
    • In the first scene, Nina says she "feels like Harry Potter." Later she also mutters "Welcome to Hogwarts." Eddie even calls Patricia "Hermione".
    • Villain/s search for the relic/s that will provide immortality. Also, they mistook "The Chosen One" when there are two girls born in July on the same date. Significant differences aside, Joy and Nina are like the Distaff Counterparts of Neville and Harry.
    • One scene has Alfie get a deer head stuck on his head. He says that the half animal thing might be a hit with the ladies, then comments that "It seems to work for that Jacob Black dude and Amber loves him."
    • The thick-as-thieves pranksters, Alfie and Jerome, have the last names of Lewis and Clark, respectively. Victor sequentially makes mention of their last names twice, so it's more than likely not a coincidence. note 
    • In House Of Cameras:
      Nina: We're going to need a little help from our favorite comedy double act.
      Amber: Spongebob and Patrick?
    • Amber says Nina and Fabian are just like Scooby and Shaggy.
    • Jerome's dad says that "He knows he hasn't been the best dad" and Jerome answers "Darth Vader has nothing on you."
    • Fight Club reference:
      Amber: The first rule of Sibuna is you do not talk about Sibuna!
    • In "House of Sarcophagi", Fabian says "I see dead people".
  • Shouting Free-for-All: One scene in season 1 involves the characters trying to make themselves breakfast, with disastrous results. Besides the kitchen being an absolute mess, everyone's yelling at each-other and getting in everyone else's way, until Fabian finally puts a stop to the chaos and they all speak calmly.
  • "Shut Up" Kiss:
    • Patricia does this to Eddie when Eddie is trying to get a reaction out of her and he didn't know she was cursed and made mute.
      Eddie: C'mon, you're killing me! What do I have to do to get a reaction out of— (Patricia kisses him) That'll work...
    • Eddie also does it back to Patricia when she is yelling at him, angry that he 'stood her up' when in reality he was kidnapped.
      Eddie: Sorry I stood you up, Yacker.
      Patricia: It's okay...
  • Significant Birth Date: The Chosen One is born on a specific day at a specific time once every 75 years. Joy Mercer was believed to be it because she was born at 7:00 PM on the 7th day of the 7th month. But it was really Nina, as she was born on the true 7th hour- 7:00 AM. Sarah Frobisher-Smythe, the former Chosen One, was born on 1:00 on the 1st of January.
  • Sisterhood Eliminates Creep: The aptly named "Anubis Sisterhood" was a group made for the girls of the house to overcome their problems, especially male related ones, and have girl time. So, when it was revealed that Jerome had cheated on Mara with Willow, they, along with Joy, worked together under the name of the sisterhood to get their revenge on him. First, they simply humiliate him, but Mara insists on more punishment and makes Joy pretend to love him in order to break his heart later on. Ultimately ends up a bad thing; Jerome, having truly fallen for Joy, is utterly crushed when he hears this, and Joy herself had become the mask, ending up crushed as well.
  • Sleight of Handiness: Alfie reveals himself as an amateur magician in season 2. Sibuna decides to use his skills to trick Victor and get their amulet back during a performance. He goes a step further and tricks everyone into thinking both the fake amulet and real amulet had been smashed, by pocketing the real one and smashing two fake ones, making it seem like his trick failed.
  • Slipping into Stink: One of Victor's cruel detention chores for Patricia and Eddie is to make them shovel a pile of manure on the flower beds. After only a few seconds of doing so, Eddie playfully trips Patricia into the pile, getting her shoes dirty. In retaliation, she outright shoves him into the pile, getting it all over his clothes.
  • Smart Jerk and Nice Moron: The duo of Jerome and Alfie, who are best friends and pranking partners, has this dynamic. Jerome is intelligent, manipulative and a Jerk with a Heart of Gold at best, using his brains for trickery and amusement. Alfie, meanwhile, is a lot less intelligent by comparison, but also less mean, getting along more easily with the house members and being the one manipulated by Jerome rather than an equal partner.
  • Smile of Approval: At the beginning of the show, Patricia was an outright bully towards Nina, which included forcing her into a fake initiation ceremony. Part of this ceremony involved stealing the attic key from Victor, which Nina pulled off. However, a few episodes later, Victor noticed the key was missing, and demanded the culprit confess. Nina stepped up and admitted she took the key to avoid anyone else being punished, after which an I Am Spartacus ensued. Patricia joined in, despite her rocky relationship with Nina, and gave Nina a smile afterward, showing she respected and appreciated her willingness to take some blame.
  • Snark-to-Snark Combat: Patricia and Eddie do this a lot as part of their Belligerent Sexual Tension. The best example, though, has to be when they first met:
    Patricia: (after she accidentally walks into his legs, which were hanging off the arms of a couch) Stick your feet in, will you?
    Eddie: You woke me!
    Patricia: Yeah, well, student lounges are for lounging, not sleeping. Clue's in the name?
    Eddie: Okay, look. I was on a plane for eight hours and then I was on a train for four more. And now I'm in Boresville, UK and don't need a lecture, 'kay Hermione? (Joy gasps)
    Patricia: Great, that's all we need, another patronizing American whose only reference to the UK is Harry Potter. Who are you anyway?
    Eddie: Who are you?
    Patricia: I asked first.
    Eddie: (scoffs) Really? (laughs)
    Patricia: Next time you trip someone up, remember it's considered polite to apologize in this country.
    Eddie: Do you ever stop talking? I should call you Blabs. Or Yacker. Yeah, Yacker.
    Patricia: And how bout I call you, a cab back to the airport?
    Eddie: Oh.(claps sarcastically) Devastating.
    Patricia: As much as I'd love to stay here and trade stereotypes, I think I'm gonna go hang somewhere else. Come on, Joy. (walks away)
  • The Soulless: The sinners, who get their souls taken away by Ammut, and become sociopathic-versions of themselves, committing evil acts with no remorse or conscience.
  • Speak of the Devil: In the Season One finale, Jerome says he's "never going anywhere near Rufus again", only to promptly be texted by him.
    Jerome: Speak of the devil. Literally. I'm surprised my phone didn't burst into flames.
  • Squee!: This has basically become Willow's catchphrase, as she can't help but literally "squee" when excited by something, such as moving into Anubis House.
  • Squick:
    • The entire 'Goose ate a gem, and they need it back' incident, in-universe and out-of-universe. Let's just leave it at that.
    • Victor and Vera as well. Especially in-universe, disgusting the kids whenever they catch the two flirting.
  • The Stinger: In "House of Eclipse", Eddie, Fabian and KT stop the ceremony just in the nick of time, stopping Robert Frobisher-Smythe from waking up evil. However, at the very end of the episode, hours after this happened... his eyes snap open, and his pupils shrink inward.
  • Stargazing Scene: Nina and Fabian share a small moment together in season one admiring the night sky from Fabian's bedroom window. In addition to being another moment of Ship Tease for the pairing, this moment also allows them to figure out the meaning of the next clue, which turns out to be tied to a downstairs telescope.
  • Stock Series Finales: The Movie, Touchstone of Ra, took place during graduation and is the finale, with all the students graduating from the Academy of Adventure after one last mystery.
  • Suspicious Missed Messages:
    • Patricia is already a bit suspicious about Joy's disappearance when she first discovers she's gone, but her paranoia doesn't really set in until Joy won't answer her texts, a strange situation because she and Joy are best friends.
    • Inverted later on in Season 1; when Patricia gets kidnapped, her friends become concerned because she hadn't called them yet, which she'd have done if she wasn't in trouble.
    • When Jerome gets kidnapped by Rufus, nobody has any concerns until he won't respond to any of Mara or Poppy's attempts to contact him.
    • Nina's disappearance from the House was already considered worrying, but the fact that she'd responded to none of her friends' messages over the summer were what really made her friends scared.
    • Played for Laughs and downplayed in season 3. When Amber fails to respond to any of Willow's friend requests, Willow immediately jumps to the conclusion that Amber might be dead. Patricia resolves the issue in seconds, by picking up the phone and actually calling Amber to confirm she's still alive.
  • Take That!: Fabian's comment that "just because it doesn't have Robert Pattinson on the cover doesn't mean it's not worth reading" sounds like a Take That! to the Twilight books, but is actually a Take That! to celebrity magazines.
  • Talking in Your Sleep: Nina does this the night after she meets Sarah. She has a very confusing dream where Sarah continuously warns her to "beware the black bird." According to Patricia, Nina kept mumbling that in her sleep, and Patricia decided to cover her with black feathers so that Nina would freak out when she woke up.
  • The Tape Knew You Would Say That: When Patricia loses her voice and types up stuff in advance on her tablet to show to Eddie in lieu of talking. The typed slides include things like, "You should apologize for whatever cheeky comment you just made" and "Don't pretend like you have a packed schedule." Which of course, he did.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: Mara takes pictures of Mick innocently laughing with a teacher and then sends them in to the school anonymously, making it seem like this in House of Emergency.
  • Tears of Joy: A few times.
    • Fabian cries when he finds Nina, after an entire episode spent getting desperate and crazy searching for after he had sent her down the hole during Senet.
    • Mara tears up when she finds out that Jerome is putting someone—his father in this case—before himself for once.
    • Jerome starts to cry when he gets the gem back, and sees his father freed from prison.
    • Pretty much everyone is crying when Joy is saved from dying in the Season 2 finale. In a similar vein, everyone cries when Eddie doesn't die at the end of "Touchstone Of Ra".
    • Patricia seemed close to tears when she finally got to talk to Joy again.
  • 10-Minute Retirement: Nina quits the Sibuna club for all of one episode. Not even one episode, more like half of one. Even while she's trying to remain uninvolved, she can't help but solve the latest clue, and still sits in on a Sibuna meeting.
  • Terrible Pick-Up Lines: Alfie was slapped by a girl at the Halloween party after giving her a pickup line off-screen. When asked about it, it turned out to be the Incredibly Lame Pun of "Want a bite?" while showing off his fake vampire teeth.
  • There Is Another: A version of this is done in season 2 where they discover Nina is not the only chosen person in the house, and there is in fact her Osirian, who is destined to protect her. It's Eddie.
  • Thrash Metal: In Season 2, Patricia is supposed to book a classical quintet to play at the Egyptian exhibition, but Eddie messes it up and gets a thrash metal band instead. Victor doesn't take it well, but luckily for Patricia, the band knows how to play classical music too.
  • Three Plus Two: Sibuna, in all three seasons:
    • What first begins as a club between three students, those being Nina Martin, Fabian Rutter and Amber Millington, eventually expands to include two other students: Patricia Williamson and Alfie Lewis. This happens again in the second season, as the original trio recreate Sibuna but only have Patricia and Alfie come in later when they really need the help.
    • Happens again in season 3, as once Nina never comes back and Amber leaves it's down to Fabian, Patricia and Alfie as the remaining original members, and the new trio, with the addition of Eddie Miller and KT Rush. Then, throughout Season 3, it becomes clear that the Nina-Fabian-Amber trio has been replaced by the Eddie-KT-Fabian trio, with Patricia and Alfie seeming like the added/background two.
  • "Too Young to Die" Lamentation: In an episode following Patricia's kidnapping and ensuing rescue, she has a minor PTSD freakout when the Sibunas get taken to and locked in Victor's office under mysterious circumstances. In response to Patricia demanding she be let out, Amber jumps on the bandwagon and claims she's "Too young and too pretty to die."
  • Toothbrush Floor Scrubbing: One of Victor's favorite punishment for the students is to scrub toilets with a toothbrush, to the point where once merely presented with the toothbrush, they already know what it is they're in for. One particular episode has the entire house get punished, forced to scrub every toilet in school with their toothbrushes.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Mick and his bananas, Jerome and his apples, Joy and her cereal, and Eddie and his pancakes. The characters are shwon with their favorite food so often, they even became iconic with fans.
  • Transatlantic Equivalent: For the Dutch Het Huis Anubis. There is also a German version of the series called Das Haus Anubis. Both series are very successful, and the German version running for several years, while the Dutch version got a spin off called The House of Anubis and the Five of the Magical Sword that surrounds around a new set of students who have really active senses. The new landlords of the house are after their senses for their own use.
  • True Companions: The Sibuna gang, who always have each other's back, and care for each other, in and out of the mystery. Fabian even gives a Rousing Speech based on this.
    Fabian: So maybe Victor's luckier than us. But we're going to get to the mask first. Because we have something he doesn't have, and that's what we have. All of the Sibunas. And we're going to win, because we won't let each other give up, and we won't let each other fail.
  • Twin Switch: Patricia attempts this by having her twin sister Piper go on a date with Eddie for her to impress Mr. Sweet with her manners and music knowledge. Hilarity Ensues when she tries to go and hear what they're saying about her "behind Piper's back", and they catch her- so she has to play Piper playing herself.
  • Two Girls to a Team:
    • Inverted with the original Sibuna made of 2 guys and 3 girls. In season 3, however, it's played straight as Patricia and KT become the two girls on the team.
    • Also works for Team Evil, who (Ammit not included), in terms of the original sinners along with Victor and Robert, have Denby and Patricia as the only two girls on the team.
  • Unrequited Love Switcheroo: Amber and Alfie. Alfie was well known for following Amber around like a lost puppy for all of season one and part of season two. They did date, but Alfie was still pulling most of the weight and they eventually broke up. Then, as Alfie fell for another girl...Amber grew feelings for him and was now the one chasing after Alfie.
  • Unseen No More: In season one, Nina's Gran was only mentioned in conversation, or in one case, heard over the phone, due to her being in America while Nina was in England. In season two, however, she became a recurring character, having gone to England on vacation.
  • Wham Episode: "House of Entrapment/House of Sisters" for its two reveals: Robert Frobisher-Smythe, founder of Anubis House is still alive and KT is his great-grandaughter.
  • Wham Line:
    • Not a specific line, but a moment: The scene where Nina's grandmother turns out to be Senkhara's "timepiece". Seriously no one saw that coming.
    • Towards the beginning of Season 1, while Nina, Fabian and Amber are listening to the recordings:
      Young Sarah: He's coming!
      Victor: It's ten O'clock. You have five minutes precisely, and then I want to hear a pin drop.
    • Towards the end of the first season:
      Jerome: (On the phone) Hello, is this Rufus Zeno?
    • The beginning of season 2:
      Vera: (on the phone) Hello? I'm in.
    • Jerome and Mara reading a letter from Trudy in the middle of season 2:
      Mara: Jerome, look! The first letter of each line.
      Jerome: ...Help Me.
    • The finale of season 2, discussing Senkhara wanting the Mask of Anubis, despite not having a body to wear it with:
      Patricia: She's not going to wear it. She's going to make Nina wear it.
    • The middle of season 3:
      KT: Why would Victor let me leave so easily, if they needed me for the ceremony?
    • Eddie having a vision in the middle of the season:
      Frobisher-Smythe: There's a viper in your nest.
    • The end of season 3, after Eddie and KT plant the Staff of Osiris to defeat Team Evil:
      Frobisher-Smythe: (laughing the rest of the sinners) I needed that staff to awaken Ammut, and you two just completed it for me!
    • Halfway through The Touchstone Of Ra:
      Fabian: Anyone who's ever held the stone...Turns to stone.
    • Season 3 gave us this:
    Eddie: "What are we supposed to do, kidnap the adults?"
    Fabian: "Eddie... that's brillant!"
  • What Does She See in Him?: Mick says this regarding Amber's supposed crush on Alfie.
    Mick: What on Earth does she see in him?
    Jerome: Well, they say love is blind, mate.
    Mick: It'd have to be blind and have no sense of smell.
  • "What Do They Fear?" Episode: The season 2 episode aptly named "House of Phobias" centers around Sibuna trying to conquer their fears in order to explore a tunnel that combines many of said fears. Amber and Fabian both have to learn to handle being around bugs and worms, while Alfie spends the day hiding in small spaces to combat his claustrophobia. The only ones who aren't shown practicing are Nina, who is organizing the aversion therapy for the others, and Patricia, whose fear is feet and thus exempt from the ordeal.
  • What Would X Do?: In one scene, Amber asks "What would Victoria Beckham do?"
  • When the Clock Strikes Twelve: Three instances of this:
    • The Cup of Ankh could only be assembled during a certain time on a certain date, and the time was of course midnight.
    • Nina's initiation took place at midnight, as it was the 'bewitching hour'.
    • In order for someone to be turned into a Sinner, he or she has to be dragged into one of the sarcophagi at noon or midnight.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Amber says this during a discussion of Egyptian mythology in class, asking why someone would want to be immortal when they'd get all old and wrinkly.
  • Witch with a Capital "B": Fabian has called Joy and Patricia witches. The audience would have chosen another word.
    Patricia: Since when did you become her friend instead of mine, Fabian?
    Fabian: Since you became such a witch, Patricia.
  • Working Out Their Emotions:
    • When Mick is frustrated after a bad call with his dad, he tells Mara he's going out for a run.
    • Season 3 reveals that Mara, known for being an unathletic nerd, takes out her anger in work-out sessions in her bedroom. This comes as a surprise to the other girls, who find her furious weight-lifting to be rather funny and unusual.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Alfie pulls one off in House Of Agendas, pretending to have a sprained-ankle so that Amber will take care of him.
  • You Are the Translated Foreign Word: Justified. The science teacher does follow up his Latin statements with their English translations, but only because he is speaking to students who don't know Latin and therefore wouldn't be reasonably expected to understand the untranslated statements.
  • You Were Trying Too Hard: The Sibuna gang agonize over how to open the puzzle box early in the series, only to have it open by itself when Fabian drops it and it turns to the correct combination. Something similar happens with a cube in Season 2, being dropped after episodes of confusion, and revealing it's true secret.
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Happens when Alfie, turned into a sinner, is praising Jerome for breaking Joy's heart. An odd case, in which Jerome and Alfie are best friends, and Alfie is usually the nice one—Jerome didn't know he was evil then. Alfie explained how much Jerome hurt Joy, Jerome was ashamed and in shock.
    Alfie: You ripped her heart up into tiny pieces, then ripped those up too. Respect man, respect.
  • You're Insane!: In the Season 1 finale:
    Jason: You're insane...
    Rufus: Very observant.
  • You're Just Jealous: Mara to Patricia in House of Scares, claiming that the only reason she's against Mara dating Mick is that she's jealous. This is before Patricia's warning (that Mick wouldn't actually want to date her) becomes true.


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