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Sisterhood Eliminates Creep

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But Earl walked right through that restraining order
And put her in intensive care
Right away Mary Anne flew in from Atlanta
On a red eye midnight flight
She held Wanda's hand and they worked out a plan
And it didn't take 'em long to decide...
That Earl had to die
The Chicks, "Goodbye Earl"

Maybe he cheated on all of them and flirted with their mothers for good measure. Maybe he's a rapist needing some justice that the law can't or won't provide. Maybe he's just a jerkass, and the girls have all had enough of him. Whatever he did or may be planning on doing, these ladies won't let him get away with it. They unite, and, with the power of sisterhood, bring this man down.

Results may vary, depending on how sympathetic the man in the equation is. If he turns out to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, expect the revenge scheme to be portrayed negatively, or at least crossing a line. If he turns out to be an unrepentant scumbag, however, this revenge will be just what he deserves — and more.

No Real Life Examples, Please! Compare Wife-Basher Basher; I'm a Man; I Can't Help It; Good Adultery, Bad Adultery; Domestic Abuse, and Revenge Against Men.


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    Anime And Manga 
  • In Aggretsuko, after Retsuko finally opens up to Washimi and Goro about her frustrations with Director Ton, Washimi uses her position as the assistant to the boss to get Ton reprimanded.
  • In Spy X Family, this gets played for laughs in a Spy Wars episode, where Bondman promises love and a happy life to every woman he encounters, be they his long-term allies, random thugs that try to harm him, or even the daughter of the Big Bad. They all join him until it's a harem, but end up realizing that he won't commit to any one of them, so they bond together and beat the snot out of him for stringing them along.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • The Discworld of A.A. Pessimal sees a neologism added to the impressive lexicon used by Assassins as a euphemism for "murder". A team of Lady Assassins has arisen who are perfectly happy to accept professional contracts and to bank the money afterwards. Except that they really don't give a stuff about the official reason for taking out the contract. The Marriage Guidance Counsellors will take a contract if the client is known to be a rapist, an abusive husband, a child molester, or a wife-beater. Their unique form of "marriage guidance" adds a lot of job satisfaction to their careers as well as leaving the world a little bit cleaner afterwards.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Act of Vengeance, five victims of the same serial rapist meet during a lineup at the police station. Deciding that Police Are Useless, they team up to initially start warning other women, and then move to attacking sexual predators and then to hunting the rapist who attacked them.
  • Every version of Black Christmas is about a sorority that has to take down a creepy, murderous stalker. The Black Christmas (2019) in particular was advertised with the sisters actively taking up arms against their tormentor.
  • Death Proof's main villain is Stuntman Mike, a bastard of a Serial Killer who murders women by means of his "death proof" car. After the first group of girls are killed off this way, a second, more badass group of girls band together to take revenge on him and ultimately take the bastard down.
  • The Hairy Bird: In 1963, a group of students at an all-girls school hatch a plot to get a lecherous male teacher fired.
  • Hustlers is about a group of strippers who, struggling financially after the 2008 recession, decide to team up and form a hustle drugging clients and stealing from them. They explicitly target corrupt Wall Street traders, rapists, and garden variety douchebags. This moves into Deconstruction when a sympathetic man with an autistic son is Ramona's latest victim, leaving Destiny disgusted with her. In the present-day portions, Destiny says that what they did was wrong, despite their sympathetic reasons.
  • John Tucker Must Die: As a result of Jerk Jock John Tucker having three girlfriends at once without any of them knowing, the three of them team up with the protagonist Kate so she can pretend to fall in love with him and break his heart. It backfires when she really does fall in love with him but still goes through with the plan anyway to help her new friends get their revenge.
  • The film 9 to 5 is all about this. The three women plot to harm Dabney Coleman's character but do a feminist Heel–Face Turn in front of his boss to make him look better.
  • The Other Woman (2014): A woman discovers that the man she's dating is not only married but is seeing a second woman on the side. The three women get together to get revenge on the guy, especially after finding out that he's setting up his wife to take the fall for his shady business dealings.
  • In the Halloween segment of the anthology movie Holidays, a trio of porn actresses who are sick of their Bad Boss' mistreatment of them take creative revenge on him.

  • Gender flipped in That Was Then... This Is Now. Angela recruits a boy to beat Ponyboy up after he rejects her advances, which results in Mark getting a bottle cracked over his head. Mark and Bryon team up to get revenge by first getting her drunk and then cutting off all her hair while she's passed out.
  • The Fixfire gang of Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang are a Five Girls Band punishing sexual harassers in their neighbourhood.
  • The Girl on the Train - it's revealed that Tom is the murderer of Megan, with whom he'd been cheating on his wife Anna and after he'd spent years Gaslighting Rachel. The two of them murder him in the house, Anna's testimony exonerating Rachel of any wrongdoing (as Tom was trying to kill her).
  • In the climax of Speak, the protagonist Melinda finds herself facing off against the senior Jerk Jock who had raped her before the start of the school year trying to attack her again as retribution for indirectly exposing him as a predator. This time, however, she's able to fight back and manages to scream loudly enough to summon the girls' lacrosse team, who bust the door open and fight him off.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The first episode of Agent Carter has Peggy seeing an obnoxious customer harassing her new friend Angie at the diner the latter works at. She physically threatens him into finding a new place to eat and leaving Angie a generous tip.
  • An episode of Cold Case, "Justice", featured Serial Rapist Mike Delaney being cornered by his victims. However, it was the younger brother of one of them who killed him. They had Mike dead to rights with a revolver, but he managed to fake being afraid so well that they decided he was Not Worth Killing.
  • There's a CSI: NY episode where the Victims of the Week turn out to be rapists who dodged conviction. The perps turn out to be a small team of women, including a lawyer who used to defend men like this in court, going vigilante. There are many moments throughout the episode where the CSIs question if they should even be going after them.
  • In a Clip Show episode of Due South, the Asshole Victim is targeted by his wife and the three women he's cheating on her with (they all go to the same gym).
  • 8 Simple Rules has a non-violent version. Bridget is being hit on as a lifeguard by a Handsome Lech (who is at least a decade older; she's seventeen) and summons three little swimmers who look up to her to tell him to back off.
  • Subverted in Friends when Rachel and her friend Mindy discover that Rachel's former fiancé has been two-timing them both. They unite to get back at him, but Mindy eventually can't go through with it, and the episode ends with her and Barry attempting to repair their relationship. Rachel ends up a bridesmaid at their wedding, though they eventually divorce offscreen.
  • In High Seas, Clara and Natalia team up against Natalia's husband Anibal, who repeatedly abuses Natalia and rapes Clara. First Natalia poisons Anibal, but he discovers it before the poison takes effect and attacks her. Clara rushes to help Natalia, and as they fight him off, they end up killing him. Deconstructed brutally: as the ship’s detective finds them out, the level-headed and cynical Natalia pays him for silence and puts the blame solely on Clara, saying the latter had a consensual affair with Anibal and murdered him when he refused to continue it. As even Clara’s boyfriend is taken in and dumps her, Clara kills herself.
  • House of Anubis: The aptly named "Anubis Sisterhood" was a group made for the girls of the house to overcome their problems, especially male-related ones, and have girl time. So, when it was revealed that Jerome had cheated on Mara with Willow, they, along with Joy, worked together under the name of the sisterhood to get their revenge on him. First, they simply humiliate him, but Mara insists on more punishment and makes Joy pretend to love him in order to break his heart later on. Ultimately ends up a bad thing; Jerome, having truly fallen for Joy, is utterly crushed when he hears this, and Joy herself had become the mask, ending up crushed as well.
  • In the first-season finale of Preacher (2016), having learned that God has abandoned the Earth and they are all probably going to Hell anyway, the preteen girls of Annville all team up to castrate and murder the pedophile bus driver.
  • The Pact: The main women are going for this when they drunkenly prank Jack after they prevent him from trying to rape Tish at the work party. They weren't expecting Tamsin to kill him.

  • In the music video of "Ugly Heart" by G.R.L., the five singers are arrested at a tattoo parlor. At the end of the song, which is about a beautiful man who romantically wronged one or more women, it's revealed that they've tattooed the word "ugly" on his face multiple times.
  • The Chicks gave us "Goodbye Earl" (back when they were still the Dixie Chicks), a Murder Ballad about a woman killing her abusive husband with help from her childhood friend.
  • Carrie Underwood has the Revenge Ballad "Two Black Cadillacs", where two women on opposite ends of a cheating triangle join forces to get rid of the guy who was lying to the both of them, only meeting face to face at his funeral after the deed is done.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Summer Rae and Layla had a 2014 feud after Fandango dumped Summer as his partner and replaced her with Layla. After weeks of Cat Fights and squabbles over him, they ultimately decided to team up and form a tag team called the Slayers. They would interfere in his matches for weeks, causing him losses.
  • Santino Marella was acting like a chauvinist and mistreating his girlfriend Maria for wanting to pose for Playboy. This eventually culminated in the entire female roster coming down to the ring to beat him up.
  • Dean Malenko likewise had an arrogant sleaze gimmick in 1999 and ended up facing Ivory and Jacqueline in a handicap match to get his comeuppance.

  • In the Soviet television play based on Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Ali Baba's wife Zainab and Qasim's widow Fatima become the ones to defeat the robber leader Hassan together. Zainab gets him drunk and Fatima kills him. Technically, there are 38 more robbers, but they are such idiots that Fatima disposes of them within seconds, and only Hassan is really dangerous.
  • The Merry Wives of Windsor is about Sir John Falstaff attempting to seduce two married ladies, Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. Neither is impressed by him, so they conspire to subject him to a succession of practical jokes.
  • Six: The Musical starts off as a pop concert where the six titular queens and ex-wives compete over who had the worst time with Henry VIII, but it's later revealed that the competition is fake. In the end, the six titular queens kick Henry VIII out of the narrative, singing the ending song "Six" as an act of defiance to history, reaffirming their own personal identities, and solidarity.

  • Olympic Dames sees a group of pregnant high-school girls getting together in unusual circumstances. They attract the unpleasant and deeply weird Cyril, a fetishist who gets off on images of pregnant women's bodies; none of the girls are thrilled to realise that his motivation is to get pictures of them for a pregnancy-fetish website, and he is soon cast out of the group.

    Western Animation 
  • In the Bob's Burgers episode "Better Off Sled", Logan and his friends take over the Belcher kids' favorite sledding spot. To get it back, the Belchers get the help of Regular-Sized Rudy's cousin Mandy, whom Logan mocked when both were kids. Later, Mandy gathers all the varsity girl athletes of whom Logan had made fun for some sweet payback.
  • In the episode "Sex Drive" of Spicy City, the Mad Scientist Otaku abducts sex workers, drains their consciousnesses, reworks them to be obedient, and then sells them as VR sex programs. One, Virus, is turned into a Cyborg because Otaku needs someone to run a few errands for him. She gets restored to her old self by rookie cop Nisa and in turn returns all her colleagues' minds to their bodies. Armed to the teeth, they wait for Otaku, who doesn't yet know that he's been thwarted, to come back.
  • In the Johnny Bravo episode "The Sensitive Male!", Johnny gets dating advice from the titular Sensitive Male, who demonstrates his techniques by wooing several women throughout the episode. In the end, he makes the mistake of admitting out loud (in song!) that he's just faking being sensitive and telling women what they want to hear... only to be overheard by the women he wooed earlier. They promptly tie him up and carry him off, presumably to punish him for toying with their hearts.
  • Futurama in the episode "A Bicylops Made For Two" Leela meets a man - Alcazar - who appears to be another member of her mysterious unknown alien race that she's been searching for her entire life since being abandoned as a baby. He convinces her to marry him despite the fact that he's a jerk after telling her that they are both the last of their kind. However after Bender and Fry uncover he's done this to four other alien women, they arrange to have all the brides turn up at the ceremony and Alcazar is revealed to be a shapeshifter who is conning them all... so Leela and the other brides beat him up.


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