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Nightmare Fuel / House of Anubis

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  • Rufus appearing in Patricia's room, looking only as a silhouette as she screams. He then vanishes without a trace, leaving her as the only person who saw him.
  • Patricia getting kidnapped by Rufus and kept alone in an abandoned barn. After Nina and Amber try to rescue her, he manages to sneak away with her and holds her up in his truck. When Ms. Andrews comes to trade important objects for her, he nearly leaves with everything while Patricia is still with him, and she only escapes in the last second before he drives away.
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  • Another Rufus one, his final scene in the season 1 finale. He bursts into the cellar with bug stings all over his face, and grabs Amber, threatening to kill her via sandfly in the ear if they don't hand over the cup and elixir. As Alfie almost dies to be his acolyte, he just laughs and runs off, gleefully claiming to be immortal.
  • The rituals done by the Secret Society. They stand around in weird robes and jackal masks, chanting ominously in the cellar while all the students are asleep.
  • Senkhara. Most of what she does is just downright horrifying. Notable examples include-
    • Cornering Amber in her dream, slowly creeping closer with her hand outstretched to mark her, with Amber shaking and crying against the wall
    • Her cursing Nina's grandmother to turn her into the timepiece, threatening to kill her and the other Sibuna members every time Nina struggled to get the mask.
    • The fact that she was behind King Tut's death. It's not elaborated upon, but it's mentioned her name is spoken of only in whispers as she was that evil in life.
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    • Her pushing Nina down a chasm. It was a dream, but still, terrifying, and an ominous foreshadowing of what would happen to Nina if the day went as the dream foretold.
    • In one of her dream visits, she possesses Nina's sickly grandmother, who shows COMPLETELY black eyes. No irises, no pupils, no nothing but black. It's considerably creepy to look at.
    • There’s also one of the darkest images Nickelodeon has given us in a live action show in recent years: When Senkhara attempts to kill everyone after Nina’s fallen into the tomb, it cuts to a brief shot of Nina’s grandmother beginning to flatline in her hospital bed.
    • Simply the fact that she was the only villain in the show to have real power over Sibuna. The other villains were threatening, but she controlled our heroes until the end and, unlike the other baddies, she could kill them whenever she wanted to. All of them.
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    • Sophiya Haque, the actress who played her, passed away in 2013 of Cancer and pneumonia. That by itself is scary enough, but considering the character is a ghost, it adds a major creep factor in hindsight.
  • Rufus in season 2 manages to be more menacing than he was in the first season. Highlights include-
    • Everything he did as The Collector. At that point in the series, he was just an anonymous Big Bad who rarely ever showed up. On the occasions when he did, he was dressed in a robe and mask, lurked in the shadows, and operated everything from behind the scenes.
    • His kidnapping of Jerome, by simply being there in Anubis House to grab him. Eddie stumbles upon the two of them in the kitchen, and Rufus smoothly pretends to be his uncle Rene. He makes a comment about kidnapping Jerome's little sister as well just to taunt Jerome about the fact that he could do it if he wanted. Then, while Eddie is still there, he and Jerome leave. This is just after he disguises himself as Trudy's memory doctor and effortlessly enters Anubis House.
  • The season 2 finale. First there was Senkhara possessing Nina so she could have a body to take her to the afterlife as a goddess, and controlling Nina to hurl lightning at her friends. After Eddie banishes her, Rufus puts the mask on himself, only for it to shrink on him, glow red, and make a demonic voice shout that he is not the paragon, and it ends up sucking him down into hell. All in about five minutes.
  • In Season 3, Mr.Sweet somehow manages to go from being an Adorkable Bumbling Dad, to being actually menacing as a villain. Example being when he managed to manipulate Eddie into leaving the bracelet behind by making KT go see Miss Denby, and having Eddie freak out and chase after her, only for it to be revealed that KT was in no trouble at all. However, then they return to the classroom...where everyone had left, except Mr.Sweet, who coldly handed his son his jacket and left the room, now in possession of the bracelet needed for the ceremony.
  • Sinner!Fabian becomes pretty scary, partially because of the Beware the Nice Ones factor and the fact that he becomes rather sociopathic, that is, tricking KT into trusting him while verbally ripping Alfie and Joy to pieces just For the Evulz. Unlike the other sinners, he became quite the manipulator, and really did manage to make it seem like he was still good until it was too late, at least for the most part.
  • The end of House of Hog/House of Defeat- Team Evil has won, by pulling a brilliant gambit against the heroes and turning them into Unwitting Pawns. Now Ammut is released upon the world, and all you see at the end is swirling dark smoke.
  • The ending of Touchstone Of Ra. Lightning is raining down from the earth on the students, as Ra is letting out his wrath. Eddie then decides to be the sacrifice needed to stop him...

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