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Nightmare Fuel / Henry Danger

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Kid, where are you?

  • "The Bucket Trap", in which Piper uses a taser to shock Jasper into not telling his (fake) secret.
  • The ending of "Scream Machine", where Ray jumps out of the car, leaving everyone else stuck in a swerving car.
  • "Jasper's Real Girlfriend": Henry tells her that Jasper loves Charlotte (he means as a friend), but the girlfriend doesn't take it too well, as she tried to kill Charlotte!
  • Henry's nightmare sequence in "Dream Busters".
  • Dirk, the angry customer from "Henry's Jelly".
  • The many people getting sent to jail (for dumb reasons like wearing two hats) in "Christmas Danger".
  • Jasper getting arrested when Mitch Bilsky framed him in "Mouth Candy".
  • "The Beat Goes On" has Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort brainwashing Charlotte and turning her into an uncontrollable evil psychopath who nearly killed the main team.
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  • Lacey and Roger turning into a gross, horrible, and disturbing blob after trying Schwoz's teleportation machine in "Saturday Night Lies".
  • Henry turning into a feral, hairy monster in "Henry the Man-Beast".
  • "Green Fingers", especially Schwoz using all of Jasper's blood to create an antidote.
  • Frankini and Goomer controlling Captain Man and Kid Danger with a domitron in "Live and Dangerous".
  • It turns out Ray was lucky! In "Indestructible Henry", it's shown that when other people were put through the desensitizer machine, they not only became indestructible, they also grew extra body parts! One guy had a face on his belly, and another guy had arms pop out of his ears that constantly poked him in the eyes!
    • Schwoz theorizes that because Ray was a young boy, he did not suffer any mutations. He decides to test it out on Henry, who is also a young boy. Unfortunately, Schwoz was wrong. Henry does get a mutation: he breaths fire every time he laughs! As Henry stated, he could burn anyone's face off should he laugh!
  • Drex going back in time to prevent Captain Man from getting his indestructibly in "Back to the Danger". And he nearly succeeds! Worse still, when he becomes indestructible, his right hand turns into a dinosaur's.
    • His final fate: Henry sends him back 100 million years into the past.
  • The Thumb buddies after getting sent to outer space in "Thumb War".
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  • The lonely monster named Kevin from "Danger Things", and after Captain Man destroys the portal, Oliver gets trapped in the other dimension with Kevin, forever. Although, it is Nightmare Retardant when it's revealed Kevin is actually pretty friendly.
  • From "The Great Cactus Con", "GAME ON".
  • In "Part 1: A New Evil", the new villain, Rick Twittler plans to drain Captain Man and Kid Danger of their powers and use those same powers to create a biological computer virus that will shut off the internet permanently. While people can live without phones and computers (despite the fact that the people of Swellview go crazy if they can't send a single text message), what will happen to vital machinery that runs on the internet?
    • And to make things worse in "Part 2: A New Darkness", Rick Twittler succeeds, and all the power in Swellview goes out!
    • And in "Part 3 : A New Hero", Rick Twittler gets infected by his own computer virus (thanks to Captain Man punching him into it), turning him into a viral version of the Borg, intent on spreading itself to humans! Thankfully, the virus only infects only one henchman and the process is reversible.
  • "Sister Twister Part 1 and 2": Piper finally learns Henry is Kid Danger and Ray is Captain Man. So what does Ray try to do to her? Do what he does whenever someone learns their identities: completely erase their memories and reduce them to a mindless fop. Only this time, Piper turns the tables and erases his memory.
  • Ray getting pregnant after eating the alien egg in "Captain Mom".
  • It turns out Schwoz has a setting on his memory eraser that lets him erase only the part where people realize Ray is Captain Man and Henry is Kid Danger. Ray is of course outraged. Why erase everyone's entire memories when they could have erased that one particular memory?! Schwoz says because it's fun watching people being reduced to mindless, confused idiots.
  • Drex is back! Somehow he survived being sent back millions of years into the past and has an army of cavemen with him!
    • The first sign that he's back is the painting of Captain Man and Kid Danger on a cave wall. At first, you think it's just graffiti, but it's actually an ancient cave painting!
  • Drex's final plan: upon learning of the memory wiper's above mentioned setting, he intends to use it to wipe out all of Swellview's memory of Captain Man so he can replace him. And to ensure Captain Man won't impede his plan, he sends him back 101 million years into the past and breaks the device so Henry and his friends won't use it.
  • Miles nearly drowns one of the caveman he was fighting after gaining his teleportation powers.
  • During the fight on the blimp, Drex tosses Captain Man off.
    Drex: Good thing he's indestructible. Oh, wait! Not anymore!

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