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Headscratchers / House of Anubis

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Jerome's recycled homework business
  • How exactly is Jerome getting away with selling papers to younger students? I mean, wouldn't you think that one of his old teachers would eventually recognize one of the papers?
    • Probably, but considering that them teachers are busy with their secret rituals... I say everyone gets B's and A's if most of the answers are right.
    • Not every teacher in the school participates in the secret rituals and the ones that do are Jerome's current teachers, not his former ones, so that doesn't really explain it.

In Season 2, are they going to continue attending school with the same teachers who nearly killed them in Season 1?
  • Okay, granted that the whole "You'll die if we drink out of the Cup of Ankh" thing was a misunderstanding on the part of the Secret Society members, (Only former member Rufus Zeno actually knew about it), but it's still a little chilling to think that Nina and friends might actually continue to be taught by these people.
    • Considering everyone but Rufus didn't know about the exchange, everyone minus Victor gave up being involved in Season 2, and these people aren't that bad in the first place, it's not really that much an issue.
If Senkhara doesn't want Victor to get the mask, why doesn't she lay a curse on him?
  • Okay, so Senkhara is adamant that Nina must get the Mask of Anubis before Victor and she's willing to lay some vicious curses on Nina and her friends to ensure that it happens. So why doesn't she curse Victor to impede his progress?
    • Well, she recently cursed Vera to achieve this purpose. You can blame Rule of Drama for her taking this long to do so.
How did Victor Rodenmaar Sr. get his hands on a Tear of Gold?
  • In the finale, Nina gives Victor a ring that was left to him by his father. When he puts it on, it glows and opens to reveal a Tear of Gold, the elixir ingredient. While this makes for a nice cliffhanger, it doesn't really add up: Victor's dad said that he never found the Mask of Anubis and died trying to get its power, so how did he get one?
    • Good question, and there is no answer without speculation right now. If there's a Season 3 though, we'll probably find out then.
    • Unfortunately, it's Season 3 and it's not looking like we're going to.
What was Victor's plan if he got his hands on the Mask?
  • The Season 2 finale reveals that Victor knew fully well what would happen if someone who wasn't pure of heart wore the Mask. (And let's face it, though he's not as evil as Rufus, he probably doesn't qualify.) Furthermore, even if it isn't your intention to access the Egyptian afterlife, it's stated clearly that only The Chosen One could make the Mask produce Tears of Gold. Victor had no means to force Nina to wear the mask, so what was he planning to do if he got it?
    • Actually, he didn't know until much later. In the finale, he himself said he had been neglecting his research for far too long. And when we did find out, he made sure Rufus DID take the mask, knowing what'd happen. As for what he wanted the Mask for, he wanted it for the Tears of Gold, as they were the missing indregient for his life-elixir. Though he gave up the then-last one for Joy (showing he's a Noble Demon who does care for the kids), he finds one hidden in his father's ring.

Joy's Article.
Why didn't Joy get trouble for the article she wrote about Nina? She used the school blog to viciously attack another student! No school I'm aware of would allow such behavior to go unpunished yet Joy walks away from the incident without so much as a detention or even a scolding! I don't care if she was jealous or feeling left out, Joy should have been punished for her actions and yet she wasn't. What. The. Hell?!

Touchstone of Ra.
If the boarding school is in the U.K. (presumably England), why is there an American style graduation ceremony, complete with robes, diplomas and a valedictorians? I could understand it having some kind of Leaving Ceremony, given it's a boarding school, but not an American style graduation.Also, why does Willow worry about not having enough 'credits' to get into the same college as Alfie? England has a system of GCSEs at 16, and A Levels at 18. University acceptance is done on having specific or relevant A Levels and specific grades, whereas college usually just needs 5 passes at A-C. So if Willow was failing a certain course (like business studies), she could just retake the specific exams that she failed. Also, if they mean college (16-18, to do A Levels, or other Futher educations), most schools have those colleges attached to them, as do most independent schools (which the unnamed school that Anubis house is attached to is likely to be).

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