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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The show has plenty of these, most notably:
    • Nina Martin, the protagonist, is either seen as a kind, heroic, and sympathetic figure, or an abusive, impatient jerkass to her friends and Fabian. This debate comes from Season 2, where Nina's increased stress over the mystery caused her to lash out a lot. Fans of her believe she was sympathetic and relatable, while detractors felt she was too mean and that the issue was with her personality, not her stress.
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    • Joy: Sympathetic Jerkass Woobie who was a better fit for Fabian than Nina was? Or a Jerkass who just kept playing the victim card?
    • In season 3, was Mara a sympathetic Jerkass Woobie or a formerly sympathetic character who Took a Level in Jerkass and had no right to do what she did to Joy and Jerome? Much of the fandom seemed to lean to the latter, but there are still people who believe the former.
    • A popular theory that gained traction after the show ended is that KT is actually a lesbian, something popular with fans as KT hasn't had a love-interest in the show proper.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Nina Martin herself. You either think she's a good protagonist and find her sympathetic despite her occasional show of a temper, or you think she's a poorly-written Jerkass who was mean to her (more sympathetic, in this case) friends. One thing that all these fans seem to agree on, though, is that she makes the best Fabian love interest.
  • Broken Base:
    • The revelation that Nina would not be returning in the third season caused a lot of debating- fans couldn't agree on if Nina's absence bettered the show or worsened it, if Fabian should move on or if he should eventually end up back with Nina, and if new character KT was a good replacement or not.
    • In Touchstone of Ra, Mabian is either a cute couple that we should all be happy about for allowing Fabian to move on or a poorly-done, shoehorned example of Strangled by the Red String and Pair the Spares.
  • Cargo Ship: A couple, but the most popular is Victor/Corbierre—Corbierre being his dead, stuffed raven. Who he talks to as if it is alive and even panicked when Fabian 'kidnapped' it. It's no wonder many people like shipping it.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Senkhara, the Forgotten Ruler, is season 2's primary villain. In the past, she was King Tut's stepmother, as well as the one who murdered him. In the show proper, she appeared in the second season to force Nina into getting her an artifact known as the Mask of Anubis, all with the end goal of entering the Egyptian afterlife, while using Nina as a host body, to reign as a goddess. She laid a curse on all the members of Sibuna that allowed her to end their lives at any moment, something she constantly threatened them all with. To make matters worse, she also cursed Nina's grandmother, using her as a "Time Piece" and slowly killing her in order to make Nina work faster. In addition to her willingness to murder at any moment, she also liked to torment the kids psychologically, using the grandmother's illness in addition to cruel nightmares, crippling curses, and taunting Nina about the potential loss of everyone she loves. Self-serving and incredibly nasty, Senkhara took sheer delight in hurting Nina and her friends, all while making it utterly impossible for them to escape her control.
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    • Season 3: Caroline Denby stole her adoptive sister Harriet's identity and destiny, all while locking her up in a mental institution. Working at the school under her sister's name, she masquerades as Robert Frobisher-Smythe's "Keeper" and thus a key component to his being reawakened. Her impure heart corrupts the ceremony, but despite this, she forces it to occur, even threatening the students so they're forced to take part. Robert awakens evil and she continues working with him, despite that his new goal is to cause the apocalypse and unleash an evil goddess. As the only member of Team Evil to never lose her soul, she's the only one to commit these evil acts for her own personal glory and status, all while intentionally trying to corrupt innocent people—often using cruel emotional manipulation to do so. Even her own sister isn't immune from the apocalypse she'd be creating, not that she really seems to care either way, as she let her get turned into a sinner during the climax. Cruel and power-hungry to the core, Caroline cares only about her own personal status, even if it means turning the world into a living hell.
  • Crack Pairing:
    • There are several "food pairings", tongue-in-cheek shippings meant to poke fun at a character and their Trademark Favorite Food. These include Joy/Cereal, Jerome/Apple, and Mick/Banana. Similarly, fans like to ship Victor with his stuffed raven, Corbierre.
    • One relatively popular pairing is of Nina and Mick- two characters who almost never interacted during the show, paired mostly based on appearances.
    • KT/Tree. Yes, one of the main characters and a tree. It exists because KT's actress, Alexandra Shipp, joked about wanting KT to have a boyfriend of any kind, "even a tree". Fans took it and ran with it.
  • Die for Our Ship:
    • In season 2, you were either a Fabina shipper, or a Jabian shipper- and the Jabian shippers were horribly outnumbered, with Joy being considered by many fans of the show to be a bullying Jerkass and an unwanted romantic rival- even before season 2 came out, and all we knew about Joy was that she had a crush on Fabian.
    • Mara attracted this from two angles- Joy/Jerome and Fabian/Nina. At first, she stood in the way of Joy and Jerome being together by bullying Jerome and then bullying Joy for liking him, something that turned a lot of fans off despite that she was meant to be a Jerkass Woobie. Then, in the movie Touchstone of Rah, she was set up with Fabian- something that drew even more ire her way, as now she was standing in the way of everyone's most beloved pairing, Fabina.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Despite being a teacher who only appeared in the first season, Jason Winkler remains super popular among fans. People begged for his return in season 2 or 3, and he's always brought up as one of the characters the show forgot about. This may have something to do with his implied romance with Patricia- Pason, despite being non-canon, was wildly popular.
    • Fans really like Patricia's Polar Opposite Twin, Piper. Her brief cameo in season 3 was met with excitement and surprise, and she's beloved for being a genuinely sweet Nice Girl who contrasts her sister nicely. This is despite that she was only in the show for a handful of episodes and was barely mentioned since.
    • While the other characters introduced in Touchstone of Ra were criticized as being annoying or unnecessary, Dexter escaped that fate by virtue of being funny, likeable, and sympathetic. His personality, considered by many to be a mix of all the male characters in the show, stood out and made him endearing, making him surprisingly popular for a character who only appeared in the finale.
  • Evil Is Sexy: One of the biggest draws of the Sinners is that they're considered highly attractive, especially Fabian. It's odd, since it's literally just normal characters given an evil personality change, but for the students, it comes with enough of a confidence boost to make them appealing, and it helps that the actors clearly had the time of their lives doing it. With these things combined, the sinners were fawned over for making evil look hot.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: At the end of season one, one of the most popular pairings was Patricia and Jerome, or "Patrome". While Patricia had no canon love interest at this point, Jerome did have a canon crush on Mara. But since fans liked the idea of Mara being with Mick, they also liked the idea of Patricia and Jerome getting together instead, in part due to their similar personalities. This popularity lasted until season two came out, when Patricia's actual love interest, Eddie, was introduced. Their relationship overtook Patrome in popularity almost overnight.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Patricia is, even in her best moments, snarky, jealous, and rude. She kicked off the show by bullying Nina and antagonizing everyone else, and continues to be an aggressive, temperamental, and cynical character throughout. Despite this, she's also quite sympathetic, as her Nina-bullying coincided with a desperate hunt for her missing best friend, and it all went downhill from there, from emotional breakdowns to kidnappings to romantic issues. It's strongly implied her issues stem from personal insecurities, and that she lashes out because of them, adding to the woobie-ness.
    • Jerome is a manipulative Jerkass and creates trouble even when he's trying to reform himself. He picks on his "friends", pulls a lot of seriously shady stunts, and cheated on his girlfriend. However, it's also known that his behavioral issues started after a bad case of Parental Abandonment, and even his attempts to be a better person tend to backfire on him, putting him in horrible situations that outweigh anything he himself did. For that reason, Jerome is considered highly sympathetic, albeit very flawed.
    • Joy's pulled a lot of bad things, especially in the second season, where her actions ranged from "kissing Fabian under sketchy circumstances", to "turn the school newspaper into a gossip column", to "write slander about Nina". She had a serious jerkass streak and alienated even the other characters. However, her life is an absolute mess, which makes her sympathetic at the same time- from being kidnapped, to suffering from Unrequited Love, to having insecurity issues and an identity crisis.
  • Jerks Are Worse Than Villains:
    • Vera, Denby, and Sophia are by far the most hated villains in the show. However, fans don't hate them for their evil acts; instead, they're despised for being Jerkasses to the heroes, such as by manipulating their insecurities or getting them expelled. Indeed, they're even hated worse than the other villains, as characters like Rufus, Senkhara and the Sinners are beloved for being competent and entertaining. The other three simply don't have the same charisma and are instead just generally unpleasant.
    • Joy, Mara, and Nina all got fan backlash for being rude to other characters, without enough likable or interesting qualities to make up for it. Joy and Mara are both often considered the worst characters in Season 2 or 3 respectively, stemming simply from being jealous bullies who take things too far. Nina, meanwhile, wound up with a temper that fans considered borderline abusive, despite being the series protagonist. By contrast, characters like Patricia and Jerome made up for their jerkass traits with enough depth and comedy to make them popular.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: It seems agreed on by much of the fandom that Patricia makes a good pairing with virtually every other student in the house, regardless of gender. (And one teacher.) While they can be platonic most of them are viewed as romantic.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • For Rufus, it's when he traps the students in the school, threatening to kill them with an extremely painful death if the Society doesn't hand over the Cup Of Ankh and The Chosen One.
    • For Vera, it's kidnapping Trudy and locking her up in the barn.
    • For Senkhara, it was cursing Nina's grandmother. She had also been revealed to had murdered King Tut while she was still living...
    • In the third season, Miss Denby does a lot of horrible things. Two contenders are:
      • When she tricks Patricia into thinking Eddie was cheating on her, causing Patricia to break down in tears for the first time on the show, and then turning her into a sinner—and according to Eddie's vision, it involved a lot of dragging and fighting to get her in the coffin.
      • Drugging her own, kind of crazy adoptive sister, keeping her locked in the basement and stealing her title as "The Keeper", which caused Robert Frobisher-Smythe to wake up evil.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • To squee or not to squee? SQUEE! explanation 
    • Falls out of his/her chair in amazement. explanation 
    • You have five minutes precisely, tropers, and then I shall want to hear a pin drop. explanation 
    • Moy Castle explanation 
    • Dark!Fabian and Angry!Fabian explanation 
    • WHERE'S JOY?! explanation 
    • LOAS explanation 
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: All of the pairings, major or minor, platonic or romantic, were given these. The most notable ones are Fabina (Fabian/Nina), Peddie (Patricia/Eddie), Jabian (Joy/Fabian), Jeroy (Jerome/Joy), Amfie (Amber/Alfie) and Walfie (Willow/Alfie).
  • Replacement Scrappy: KT garnered this reaction. As she arrived just as Nina left, her similarities stuck out and also made her incredibly unpopular for a while- both of them being new students from America with an elderly guardian and a strange destiny, and who got on Patricia's bad side. The main difference between Nina and KT was that KT was snarkier.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: In season 2, Joy was the scrappy, as she not only threatened to break up Nina and Fabian's insanely popular relationship, but she also lost her interesting traits from Season 1 and became a jealous jerkass. This is before she joined Sibuna and saved not only Nina's life, but Fabian's, almost dying to do so. Then season 3 rolled around, and Joy almost became a completely different character, shedding most of her unlikable traits and being set up with Jerome, leading to a wildly popular pairing and a much better reception for Joy.
  • The Scrappy: Almost nobody seems to like the new students introduced in "The Touchstone Of Ra" (aside from Dexter). Cassie and Erin are seen as being annoying and pointless additions to the movie as well as being disliked for flirting with the guys. Sophia, meanwhile, gets this for flirting with Eddie and for being the Big Bad. The flirting is especially disliked in both cases- the characters are freshmen flirting with seniors, coming off as super Squicky in addition to being unnecessary padding and getting in the way of the pairings people wanted to watch one last time.
  • Ship Mates: At least for season one, the most common ship mates were Nina/Fabian, Mick/Mara, Amber/Alfie, and then Patricia/Jerome thanks to the fans wanting to Pair the Spares. It got a little more complicated once other pairings began to emerge.
  • Shocking Moments:
    • We all expected mythical and downright strange things to happen as our heroes slowly solve the mysteries, as well as drama. But when Nina falls down a very long pit because of Season 2's mysterious spirit, ending on a cliffhanger... well... Granted it turned out to be All Just a Dream, but it was still such a shock, especially as she was Dreaming of Things to Come...
    • It might be safe to say that Season 2 took a level in this when compared to Season 1. We have Senkhara's Reality Warper powers, the first actual on-screen death for Rufus, the Nightmare Fuel as mentioned above...
    • More than halfway through Season 3, we have Victor who is a sinner at the time set up a variant of an actual guillotine, which sliced through a book with ease.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Fabian and Mara, apparently. They had very few interactions until the end of Season 3, and suddenly got paired together in "Touchstone of Ra". While their personalities fit pretty well, it came out of nowhere, and jarred viewers who were hoping for a Fabina reunion.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Some of the visual effects on this show are the very embodiment of Nightmare Fuel: Senkhara's curse on Nina's grandmother, the black smoke and red skies when Ammut is influencing the world in Season 3, the lightning being fired from the skies when Ra is pissed off in "The Touchstone of Ra"...and those are just a few examples. The visual effects artists deserve some serious kudos.
  • What an Idiot!: In one Season 3 episode, the Big Bad of the season Robert Frobisher-Smythe was found in Fabian's room on the floor, dying and begging for Fabian's help.
    • You'd expect: Fabian to see through this obvious trick as he knows Frobisher-Smythe is evil, and abandon him in the room while he goes to get help.
    • Instead: Fabian agrees to help him, and takes Frobisher-Smythe to the gatehouse, where people are turned into sinners.
    • And then: Then, Frobisher-Smythe asks him to complete his research when he's dead. Fabian is delighted and agrees, seeming to forget completely that he's talking to the Big Bad...and then, Frobisher-Smythe ends up revealing his evil nature, and tricks Fabian into expressing the sin of pride, which of course gets Fabian turned into a sinner.
  • The Woobie:
    • It is very hard not to feel bad for Nina in the second season. Not only was she dealing with a love triangle and had broken up with her boyfriend Fabian early in the season, but she and all her friends were cursed by an evil Egyptian spirit, as well as her grandmother (who she lived with, because her parents died when she was a child). If she failed in her quest to get the mask, her friends and grandmother would be killed. She did have some Jerkass moments, but it was hard not to sympathize for her when things continued getting worse and worse as the season went on.
    • Alfie got this after being trapped in the cellar. He spent the night observing the Secret Society's ceremony and came out of it badly traumatized. In an effort to stop a sudden fit, Patricia gave him a drink- which turned out to be the fake Elixir, causing him to get very sick and hospitalized.
    • Amber spent an episode in Season 3 being a major woobie. She was trapped in the tank room all night and caught by the teachers before her friends could come back for her. As her father was visiting at this time, he was very disappointed in her for "sleepwalking", and forced her to apologize to the teachers. Immediately after, she was blackmailed into giving the teachers a mystery-relevant artifact she'd picked up or to otherwise betray her friends. Then she was forced to leave the school. This was her last episode.

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