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Nightmare Fuel / House of Cards (US)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Basically anytime Frank goes full on Iago or Richard III, but some of the most disturbing examples include:

  • His slow and methodical murder of Peter Russo.
  • His quick, but no less methodical, murder of Zoe Barnes by pushing her in front of a moving locomotive.
  • Entrapping Lucas Goodwin.
  • The look he gives the camera once he gets to sit in the Oval Office, as well as the loud knocks on the table. One would be forgiven for thinking Kevin Spacey was reprising his Lex Luthor performance here.
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  • When he well and truly tells Claire exactly what he thinks of her in the season three finale. You realise the extent of Frank's hatred and contempt for everyone around him.
  • His intimidation of Catherine Durant when he tries to get her to back off challenging Claire for VP has outright admitting he killed Peter and Zoe (with only a minor pretense subsequent to this that he was joking) and then implicitly threatening that he will do the same to her. This is the first time Frank has actually used the threat of murder during a back room negotiation, and it shows that even the presidency will not satisfy his lust for power.
  • Frank and Claire essentially decide to start a war in order to have a chance at winning the election. It gets absolutely blood-chilling when they subtly provoke some ICO wannabees into killing one of their hostages ON AIR to "make the terror" that will justify a war. And as if this couldn't be any worse, Frank and Claire watch the live-stream of the hostage's execution with complete indifference, and then BOTH of them look directly at the camera. The Underwoods, now truly united, seem virtually unstoppable.
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  • Realizing he's losing the election, Frank goes so far as to take a terrorist attack as an excuse to close down polls in a desperate attempt to put off his inevitable loss.
  • The final line of the Season 5: "My turn."
  • Not every frightening scene on this show has to do with Frank. Let's not forget the Season 3 finale, where Doug kidnaps and murders Rachael and acts like a dick the entire time. It's actually a shockingly dark and detailed depiction of a kidnapping. Everything about it shows what a horrifying fate it must be for one to be brought to the middle of nowhere, murdered, and buried where no one will ever find them. Subverted in that Doug decides at first to not kill her, but Double Subverted when he decides to anyway, for reasons that are left to speculation.

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