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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Patricia apologizing to Nina, followed by Nina responding that she forgives Patricia, as Nina understands that Patricia acted the way she did only because she was worried about Joy.
  • Fabian and Amber find out Nina is okay when she calls to them through the vent and they hug. Damnit, that whole scene in general!
  • Nina and Alfie reuniting with Patricia and Amber when they fall into the tomb, specifically when Nina helps Patricia to her feet. Shows how far they've come since the first season.
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  • Alfie returning Amber's dress after Jerome pulled a prank on her by stealing it.
  • Nina and Fabian finally getting together at the end of the season finale. They had been (ship)teased so much, as well as interrupted a number of times, so seeing them kiss and smile in bliss afterward is worthy of this trope.
    • When they reunite in the second season finale, every single Anubis housemate gathers around clapping and hugging them. Shippers On Deck indeed.
  • When Victor finds out Vera's non-stone Taken for Granite state, and is threatened to return the other 3 items the kids need, he does it with little to no hesitation on his part. In fact, he even puts them in easy-to-find places and outright lets the kids take them from him. He even planted a small kiss on Vera's forehead, when he thought he had failed her.
  • When Nina is captured in the Sennet game, the whole gang is understandably upset about this, but who was the most gung-ho about getting her back? Patricia, to the point where she was eager to go back and play the game right away, despite the risk to all of their lives. That's right, the girl who hated Nina when she first arrived is now the most insistent about getting her back.
  • Victor Rodenmaar Sr's final request to Nina:
    Victor: Pass my message to my worthless son. Tell him I'm sorry...and that I was the worthless one.
    • And afterward, Nina giving Victor the message from his father. The look on his face afterward, and the way he looks like he's about to cry, truly makes you feel sorry for this guy.
  • Victor giving up the last Tear of Gold, the missing ingredient for his immortality exilir recipe (which he's been looking for the entire season), to revive the dying Joy. It shows that despite his ways, he truly does care for the kids.
    • Speaking of Joy, her Heroic Sacrifice by taking the fatal lightning bolt that was meant for Fabian.
  • A small one compared to the others, but when Victor encourages Nina to give Rufus the mask, he calls her "Nina". Not "Nina Martin" or "Miss Martin", just "Nina". For him, that's showing a great deal of warmth.
  • Jerome tends to get these in life or death situations. Freaking out when Rufus threatens Poppy, panicking when Alfie seems to be dying, the look of relief when Joy revives. Despite his Jerkass tendency he really does care about his friends.
  • When Eddie comes into his role as the Osirion, his panicked insistence on helping Nina counts. He didn't even know what was happening, but he stepped up and did what it took to help.
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  • When Joy and Fabian hugged after completing the senet game, followed shortly by this exchange-
    Joy: (Slapping Fabian) You promised you weren't going to do it! ('it' being do the final move for the senet game)
    Fabian: Well someone had to trust you, and it wasn't going to be you! (They both laugh)...Joy, you were right. I've been a coward.
    Joy: No, you were really brave.
    Fabian: Not about the game. I meant about our relationship.
    Joy: It's okay. I think I've known for a while that I've missed my window. A girl can still hope, right? Friends.
    Fabian: (Shaking her hand) Friends.
  • The kiss between Eddie and the Sinner-turned Patricia, and how Eddie nearly burst into tears at the idea of Patricia not remembering her feelings towards him, even claiming that if he didn't have her it might as well be he end of everything. The references to their kiss, and their love-hate relationship helped.
  • KT getting to talk to Frobisher, her great grandfather, once the curse had been lifted from him. It was just so sweet because during the entire time of him wanting to destroy Sibuna and her struggling to do anything against him, seeing them finally get to act like family was incredibly touching.
  • Just after Patricia had a nightmare during class, she ran out screaming. Cue every Anubis House resident running after her without hesitation, followed by a search for her. Alfie found her in the laundry room and the two of them wound up bonding over their shared experiences with bad dreams, and agreed to hang out more often if it meant peace. This led to a close friendship between them.
  • Everyone comforting Fabian after they found out Nina wasn't returning to the house that year.
  • Trudy giving Jerome advice on how to get back with Joy over hot chocolate, and him trying to write a letter to her about his feelings. He then mentions that he's messing up with his letters because he's terrified that if he writes the wrong thing, Joy wouldn't want to be with him again, and he'd have to live with it every day of his life. Trudy's response? "Then write that."
    • Not to mention Mara tricking Joy into reading the letter while working with Alfie to get her back with Jerome.
  • Team Clarke. Just...Team Clarke. Everything about that family is heartwarming in their interactions, from Jerome working specifically to help his father, to his father being a bit of a Shipper on Deck for Jerome/Mara. Especially their hug in the season 2 finale.
  • Joy talking to KT after Patricia accused her of causing Amber to leave, and later the rest of the girls allowing KT into the sisterhood, including Patricia. Even with Patricia's usual snark it was still sweet.
  • Fabian assuring Eddie that Patricia did like him, and that Sibuna needed his help while they were stuck in the crypt.
  • Joy and Mara getting over their differences to help Willow get over being dumped by Alfie. Just shows how powerful the friendships are on this show.
  • The entirety of the end of the The Touchstone Of Ra: Victor officially helped Sibuna for the first time and dropped his pin for the last time as he decided to retire as the students had graduated. Fabian kissed Mara, which was a sweet moment regardless of what you think of them as a pairing. Finally, the trio of freshman who'd be moving into Anubis House next year took up the mantle of Sibuna and helped the original team save the day.
  • Patricia pulling an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy moment and telling Eddie that he can be with KT if he wants. After a season of jealousy and drama, she was willing to give up if he wanted to be with someone else. Of course, Eddie tells her that she's the one he wants, and they banter a bit, before finally kissing.
  • A small one, but the reason Alfie ended up sinning? Willow was threatened.
  • Another small one, but Patricia checking up on Joy and trying to be a good friend; it's sweet to know that despite everything Joy had done up to that point, and despite Patricia knowing full well her friend was in the wrong, Patricia still refused to abandon Joy.
  • Mick flying in from Australia just so he could see Mara.
  • Jason being concerned for the kids' well being when Rufus takes them hostage. In a deleted scene, he and the other teachers are all glad to see the kids are alright, and then he and Patricia finally get some closure with their destroyed friendship.
  • Patricia invites Eddie to dance at the end of "The Touchstone of Ra":
    Eddie: But you hate dancing.
    Patricia: I could make an exception for a superhero.
    Eddie: I'm not...not anymore.
    Patricia: You are to me.
  • Jerome finally asking Mara to go out with him in the Season 2 finale.
  • Every Anubis student rallying to keep Mara from getting kicked out of school thanks to her article on Vera. They even ended up busting into Mr. Sweet's office and demanding they keep Mara around. Eddie, who indirectly caused the problem, even tried to get Mr. Sweet to stop taking his anger out on Mara. It worked.
    • Similarly, after Sibuna was expelled for disrupting the ceremony during the eclipse, Mara, Jerome, Joy and Willow, without really knowing what was going on or why their friends were expelled, all vowed to work until their friends get admitted back into the school. Joy even discussed taking it to court. It was touching that despite their own drama, the four of them put everything aside for their friends.
  • Amber choosing Fabian and Nina as prom king and queen over herself and Alfie at the end of series one. It was incredibly sweet, especially since she spent the entire time gushing about how she'd be prom queen, she put her best friends first and let them have their moment.
  • Patricia spent a few days trying to discourage Eddie from writing the ghost article, and he spent a few days pulling an Operation: Jealousy on her. When they finally get to talking, Eddie admits that her jealousy gave him confirmation that she does like him, and then starts to gush about the project. Hearing this, Patricia changes her opinion on a dime and encourages him not only to write the article, but to do it the way he and Mara want, rather than the clickbait Joy wants. It's a sweet moment that really showcases how much the two of them care for each other, despite their BST.

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