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Fridge Brilliance

  • After the identity of the Osirion is revealed, it kind of makes sense that The Chosen One and her guardian would both be from the same country.
    • "The Chosen One and the Osiron can't be in the same place, or terrible things will happen". Real Life Writes the Plot or otherwise, it makes sense when you consider that Nina and Eddie spent all of Season 2 in the same school: Senkhara showed up days after he arrived... and she nearly succeeded in the end!
      • Actually, both Nina and Fabian are cursed before Eddie arrives (using Amazons episode numbering, Eddie arrives during 2x08, while Nina and Fabian are cursed in 2x04 and 2x05). They’re even cursed before Mick decides to leave, which is the reason for the space in Anubis House to become available.

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