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Tween Drama

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The Tween Drama is a dramatic series aimed towards younger children, with kids in the main roles. Such series are not as ubiquitous as the Kid Com, namely as Kid Coms have a tried and true formula and the Rule of Funny is in place — it's way easier to make children laugh as opposed to keep them compelled with dramatic situations and conflict.

That hasn't stopped creators and networks from trying and creating dramatic series for kids. Very often, these shows can have a fantastic/adventure theme and/or slide into dramedy territory. An Aesop is quite common.

These are distinct from Teen Dramas as the child characters deal with Age-Appropriate Angst as opposed to the usual high-stakes teen drama tropes; there's very little violence, little to no swearing, and especially nothing approaching sexuality is touched, outside of puberty storylines and crushes. These shows can also star teenagers themselves, just so as long as the series's subject matter is still child-friendly.

The literary equivalent to this are Middle Grade fictional series.