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The Team is usually overjoyed to have more members in their ranks. There's an ever growing circle of True Companions, or an army bolstered by reinforcements.

Except for this guy, who sees the new kid and can't stand him. Maybe the disliker is just slow to warm up to others. He could be overprotective of the existing group and resistant to change. If the new guy's a bit of a screw up, he may be justified in not immediately loving them just for being around.

Or he may suspect that this new friend isn't a friend at all, but a mole selling secrets and sabotaging the team from the inside. Or maybe the newcomer is stealing his thunder, and can't stand to have a rival or worse a replacement.

Whatever the reason, this specific example of The Resenter will make it known that they don't like the newcomer and no one else should either.

This set up can be resolved in a variety of ways. If The Complainer Is Always Wrong then this is a chance to have Fire-Forged Friends. If they're right and the new guy isn't good for the team, they get vindicated when the Sixth Ranger becomes a Sixth Ranger Traitor, though it usually doesn't feel good to say 'I told you so' in these situations.

The Rookie Red Ranger and Sixth Ranger are usually the recipients of the resentment. If it's more about their perspective, they'll often go out of their way to prove they're worthy. Or you can get an aesop about ignoring the haters.

This is usually about an individual or small group of people disliking newcomers. Compare All of the Other Reindeer or Untrusting Community if the majority is hostile. Related to Boyfriend-Blocking Dad, My Sister Is Off-Limits, Accuser of the Brethren, Infant Sibling Jealousy, Jealous Pet, and Territorial Smurfette.

Not to be confused with Shoo Out the New Guy.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Black Clover, Noelle Silva initially disapproves of Asta joining the Black Bulls, given that he has no magic. However, she eventually reconsiders her opinion of Asta once he and the other Black Bulls help her accept who she really is.
  • In Black Lagoon, Revy is initially intensely uncomfortable with Rock joining the team, and in her typical ill-tempered violent manner acts out by gunning down the crew of a research ship during one of their jobs.note  Dutch complains that she pulled the same crap when he brought Benny aboard, but unlike Benny, there's implications later in the series that Revy reacted badly to Rock specifically due to Tsundere-ism.
  • In Berserk, newcomer Guts is disliked by TWO members of the Band of the Hawk: Casca and Corkus. Casca eventually loosens up and befriends Guts after three years of always bickering with him; Corkus, not so much.
  • After he was the antagonist of the first arc of Digimon Adventure 02, you can't blame Yolei and Cody for distrusting Ken when he has a Heel–Face Turn. Ken trying to fix his mistakes himself to atone doesn't make things better.
  • At the end of the first volume of Bloom Into You, Touko Nanami, who'd served on the student council along with her best friend Sayaka Saeki, is elected Student Council President, and her administration consists of herself, Sayaka and three newcomers- Yuu Koito(the protagonist, who is part of the main couple with Touko), Suguru Doujima and Seiji Maki. Sayaka is unimpressed with Doujima's flippant attitude toward student council work, since he claims that he joined because he "sucked" at Kendo and thought being on the student council would be good for his resume. As for Yuu, Sayaka is somewhat jealous of her closeness with Touko, and while she mostly keeps it to herself, it does result in some friction with Yuu. That said, Sayaka and Yuu eventually reach an understanding of sorts, after Sayaka realizes that both she and Yuu hope Touko will change.
  • Dragon Ball: Vegeta got this when he was forced to join forces with the Earthlings since he's, well, Vegeta (not made any easier for Yamcha when it's revealed he sired Bulma's child). The others were also a bit wary of teaming up with Piccolo five years after he was the Big Bad of the previous arc.
  • Eureka Seven: Most of the members of the Gekkostate were distrustful to Renton. Holland Novak is even more resentful of the boy from the get-go. Whenever things went wrong, he initially singled out Renton and would beat the crap out of him. It's later revealed to be because of jealousy that Eureka initially works better with him, along with the fact that he used to date Renton's sister. When Holland realizes that Renton and Eureka were always destined to be together and he reconciles with them, he decides to atone for his misdeeds.
  • Fairy Tail, as a guild, is usually quite welcoming, but it's had a few exceptions—some say more about the recruit and others say more about the member.
    • When Lucy first joined, Laxus was initially fairly dismissive of her, blaming her for their rival guild, Phantom Lord, attacking the guild in part to kidnap her, although it's worth noting that Laxus got along poorly with almost everyone outside of his Raijin Tribe before his Character Development. To a lesser degree, Loke, despite being a womanizer, gave Lucy a wide berth because she's a Celestial Spirit Wizard, and he'd had a bad experience with his previous key owner.
    • Gajeel, a member of Phantom Lord who destroyed the old guildhall, attacked Team Shadow Gear and recaptured Lucy while injuring the wizards who were protecting her, was understandably distrusted by the majority of Fairy Tail once he joined, as even Makarov—the one who extended his hand to Gajeel—said he wouldn't forgive Gajeel harming his children. Laxus in particular viewed Gajeel's addition as one of the tipping points of his decision to enact his forceful takeover of the guild, seeing it as proof of how far Fairy Tail had fallen and become a joke. Over time, though, Gajeel gradually earns the trust of Fairy Tail, and even falls in love with Levy, one of those he attacked.
    • Similar to Gajeel, some members of Fairy Tail also dislike Juvia, who also was a former member of Phantom Lord. Freed in particular expresses this sentiment while forcing Juvia to fight Cana, only for Juvia to pull a Heroic Sacrifice to save Cana from having to fight her.
    • In a flashback, Gray, then relatively new to Fairy Tail, was annoyed by the newly arrived Erza's standoffish attitude and distance from others, until he got an inkling of the pain that she'd been bottling up from her Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Erina Nakiri of Food Wars! has this attitude towards the protagonist, Soma Yukihira, early on. Being used to be respected and feared by everyone around her, she doesn't take kindly when Soma nonchalantly takes a few jabs at her pride, let alone when he manages to make a high-quality dish with simple ingredients. During the early part of the story, she tries to do everything in her power to get him expelled from the Tootsuki academy and the mere mention of his name becomes a Berserk Button. She however has a full 180° when she learns he's the son of the chef she's always admired and wishes to emulate.
    • Incidentally, the entire school pretty much takes it against Soma, due to his speech about how he'll use the school as a stepping stone to become the number one chef. Their opinion gradually improves as they witness how hard he works and surpasses every challenge that comes his way.
  • Helvetica: When Asahi joins a group of Magical Girls (girls with magical powers), after being captured by a group of witch hunters who hunt on them and then escaping of them, most of the girls were pleased with him and welcome him. Aya, on the other hand, not so much. She spends all her time demonizing him, believing him to be a homicidal pervert, because she found him with a knife on his hand, while looking for her pet cat, thinking he would try to attack and kill her, thus attacking him, and then seeing posters of his favorite Magical Girl anime on his wall, thus her disgusted reaction. And not only that, she blames him for her fellow Magical Girl (a healer)'s comatose state after she healed him while he was injured during his capture.
  • Leone Abbacchio from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind dislikes the newcomer, Giorno Giovanna the instant Giorno showed up. Abbacchio distrusts him at first and gets irate with GioGio's risky ideas and willingness to disobey orders. Also, Giorno reminds Abbacchio of his optimistic past self and this causes some hatred towards the newcomer. He eventually trusts and sort of warms up to Giorno though.
  • Monster Rancher: Given how they they first met, it's only natural that Tiger of the Wind dislikes Hare — he beat him in a tournament through trickery, then tried to con the heroes out of their rightful winnings. While most of the Searchers forgive him and welcome Hare into the team, Tiger remains suspicious, and they constantly butt heads, even while gradually growing into Vitriolic Best Buds.
  • When James Bond joins the Moriarty crew in Moriarty the Patriot, Moran is immediately unimpressed and forces him to prove himself able to think quickly and ably on his own with next to no guidance.
  • Naruto and Sakura are start out suspicious and unwelcoming toward Sai, who joins Team 7 as Sasuke's replacement. Considering that Sai attacked Naruto soon after meeting him, insults him and Sakura, and is a plant by Danzo's "Foundation" who plans on becoming a Fake Defector and assassinating Sasuke rather than bringing him back (as well as using classified information on the ANBU as a bargaining chip), thereby undermining the mission, it's understandable. Sai ultimately chooses the team over his mission, though, and eventually is treated as a full member of Team 7.
  • One Piece: When Robin first joins the group, everyone's wary of her because she used to be one of the bad guys of the previous arc... but then she seduces them in different ways to make them all like her. The exception is Zoro, who's still suspicious. He slowly changes his opinion in the following arc, but is still the least trusting of her when she seemingly betrays the group in Water 7.
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets: From Nino's perspective, Fuutarou's arrival to the Nakano home is something that shouldn't be tolerated, and she's the most openly hostile towards him. Overlaps with Irrational Hatred since she takes to dislike him more for what she thinks he could do rather than for something he did to her personally.
  • In Yuri is My Job!
    • Hime Shiraki ends up being pressganged into working at a salon where the servers roleplay as students at a prestigious all-girls school. Mitsuki Yano, one of Hime's coworkers, acts nice to Hime while in character, but in reality, can't stand her. While it initially seems as though Hime's ineptitude is the main reason why Mitsuki dislikes her, in reality, Hime and Mitsuki used to be friends in elementary school and parted on bad terms, but Hime doesn't recognize Mitsuki. Mitsuki doesn't seem to have a problem with Kanoko Mamiya, who joins after Hime does, until she starts developing feelings for Hime and becomes jealous of Kanoko's closeness with Hime.
    • Back when Liebe was founded, there were three employees- the manager Mai Koshiba and servers Sumika Chibana and Nene Nishidera. After some time, they got a newcomer, Yoko Goto, and Sumika quickly due to dislike Yoko due to a Gut Feeling. Sumika was right to be wary, as Yoko turned out to be a manipulative sociopath who broke Nene's heart.

    Comic Books 
  • In Detective Comics (Rebirth), Batwoman acts this way toward Batwing when he joins the Knights, seeing him as nothing more than a Nominal Hero who is only in it for the thrill, and who could flake out on a whim if he gets bored. They become friends after Kate learns that Luke's reasons for being a superhero are very similar to her own, and that she misjudged him.
  • In Runaways, Chase is initially very hostile towards Victor after he joins the team, because Victor is possibly fated to become the supervillain Victorious, who kills Chase's girlfriend Gert in the future. They later become good friends.

    Fan Works 
  • In Evangelion 303, Asuka shows hostility towards both Shinji and Mari when they join the team, though she does warm up to Shinji rather quickly. Averted with Jessika, who she hits it off with almost immediately.
  • In The Prayer Warriors, Michael strongly dislikes Hermione from the moment she converts to Christianity, and makes it clear that he's only baptizing her because Ebonynote  vouched for Hermione's character (and because he doesn't want women to baptize people). While Michael calls Hermione a "satanic bitch" unworthy of redemption, nothing comes of this.
  • In Three Strikes, Trigger starts at the bottom of the ladder when she arrives at the 444, with Spare Squadron not being impressed by her at all, Count in particular. They quickly warm up to her as she proves her worth, beginning with High Roller, though it takes Count longer than the others.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • The commander and crew of the American submarine Tigerfish are sent to Ice Station Zebra near the north pole, but know something's up when they get a Jerkass intelligence agent, a quirky Russian, and a detachment of Marine commandos en route. Many aboard the sub regard Boris Vaslov with suspicion, until the intel agent, as the Cloudcuckoolander's Minder, vouches for him. Marine Captain Anders harbors a constant suspicion of the Russian, which proves justified when Vaslov turns out to be The Mole.
  • Star Wars: Mace Windu, more than any other Jedi, disapproves of Anakin Skywalker joining the Order. He continues to voice his general dislike for Anakin's volatile personality and unpredictability throughout his career. In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin reveals Palpatine is a Sith Lord and Windu starts to reconsider his opinion, until Skywalker ultimately helps Palpatine kill him.
  • In Team America: World Police, Chris dislikes Gary from the moment he joined the team, due to the fact that Gary is an actor and Chris is prejudiced against actors. This persists after the Cairo mission, where Chris blames Gary for endangering the mission, despite the fact that Gary did what he was told, and only ends after Gary saves Chris from Susan Sarandon, by noticing that Sarandon is "acting" by pretending to be a hostage.

  • In Dont Pat The Wombat by Elizabeth Honey, the narrator remarks at the start that Mitch, one of his friends, didn't like new guy Jonah for a long time. He finds that strange since both of them had trouble fitting in.
  • N.E.R.D.S.: It would be faster to list Jackson's new teammates who do like him at the start of Book 1. Justified since Jackson used to bully them and was added to the team despite their protests. Heathcliff hates Jackson the most, however, having taken the brunt of the latter's torment in the past. It takes saving the world with his help for the whole team to finally accept and befriend Jackson. Except for Heathcliff, who has a Face–Heel Turn partially due to being unable to accept his former bully as a teammate.
  • In Paths of Darkness Psionicist Kimmuriel is condescending to new-ish Bregan D'earthe recruit and lieutenant Rai-guy, because of his disdain for the arcane arts. Actually, the two of them hit it off really well, but pretend to hate each other to fool their boss, Jarlaxle.
  • In Twig, Sy dislikes Lillian because she's the newest and is a normal (albeit very bright) human while everyone else is an experiment of some sort.

    Live-Action TV 
  • On Criminal Minds Garcia takes more than a season to fully warm up to newbie Alvez, because he replaced new-dad Morgan.
  • In Firefly a flashback episode revealed that Zoe distrusted Wash when he first came aboard, despite his towering list of recommendations. The joke is that in the present day, the two are married, and the "thing" Zoe can't put her finger on is a hideous Porn Stache he's shaved off by that point.
    Zoe: Just something about him bothers me.
  • The Flash (2014): Joe West is exceedingly hostile towards and distrustful of Earth-2 Harrison Wells, even after the rest of the team has somewhat warmed up to him. To be fair, Harry is an enormous Jerkass, but the others are able to put up with that because he is genuinely helpful. Joe, on the other hand, refuses to see him as anything other than a bad guy who is obviously out to hurt Barry. It remains to be seen whether he'll warm up to him after learning that Zoom has Harry's daughter, and he has crossed dimensions in a desperate quest to save her.
  • Game of Thrones: Missandei and Grey Worm's actress and actor revealed that their characters have some distrust for Tyrion because of his foreign background. Missandei is also unimpressed with Tyrion as she thinks he's a drunk and doesn't approve of him, but she is grateful that he saved her life. Grey Worm has never experienced a person like Tyrion before and his knowledge of the Lannisters confuses him once he meets him.
  • Glee: Due to her need to be the center of attention, Rachel has a tendency to act hostile to newcomers who might upstage her. This is despite the fact their glee club needs a minimum number of members or else they can't participate in competitions. The most clear cut example of this is her treatment of Sunshine. Rachel gives her the wrong directions to the glee club auditions, resulting in her getting sent to a crack house. Because of this, Sunshine ends up joining a rival glee club.
  • Patricia in House of Anubis, if one considers Anubis House as a "team", tends to really dislike the new kid who joins the House each season. It's for different reasons each time, however, and typically personal ones. With Nina, she believed she was responsible for causing the disappearance of her best friend, Joy. With Eddie, it was a case of hatred turned Belligerent Sexual Tension. And, with KT...she was worried about Eddie liking her. Usually, the other house members find her attitude to be irrational and pointlessly mean, and it tends to cause some problems. She ends up getting over it in the middle of each season and becomes very close to the person she once couldn't stand.
  • Mako Mermaids: An H₂O Adventure: Ondina takes an almost instant dislike to Weilan after witnessing her attack David for trying to approach a young mermaid in distress. She quickly gathers more reasons to not like Weilan, ranging from justified (Weilan showed up at the same time as the Water Dragon, making it look like it followed her from Shanghai, plus she's a slob who makes a mess of the grotto the mermaids live in) to petty (Weilan has lived most of her life on land, so Ondina sees her as "not a real mermaid"). It's not until Weilan cures Ondina from a Shapeshifter Mode Lock and proves that she's just as in the dark about the Water Dragon as the rest of the cast that Ondina finally tries to befriend her.
  • NYPD Blue: When Bobby Simone joins the squad his new partner Andy Sipowicz dislikes him as of his first line. This was specifically done to make the audience sympathetic to Simone, who was replacing the very popular John Kelly. Andy warms up to Simone eventually, even having him be the best man at his wedding.
    Simone: Morning. How's it going?
    [Sipowicz warily walks up to Simone]
    Sipowicz: Andy Sipowicz.
    Simone: Oh, Andy. Bobby Simone. Good to meet you.
    Sipowicz: Uh... yeah.
    [Sipowicz walks out of the locker room and into the squad room where he sees Lt. Fancy arriving for work]
    Sipowicz: Hey, Lieutenant. It's no good. It's not gonna work out. I just met this new guy.
    Fancy: Simone?
    Sipowicz: Yeah. It's not gonna work out.
    Fancy: What happened?
    Sipowicz: Don't get me started. His attitude is all wrong. "How you doing?" That type of thing.
    Fancy: He asked you how you are doing?
    Sipowicz: Yeah. I can't... it's not going to work out.
  • The Shield: Shane dislikes Tavon when the latter joins the Strike Team. This is due to both Shane's racism and his jealousy that team leader Vic is shifting trust and responsibility away from him to Tavon. The others all get along fine with Tavon.
  • Stranger Things:
    • In season one, Lucas is deeply suspicious of Eleven despite her being accepted by Mike and Dustin. He eventually learns to trust her.
    • The next season, the inverse happens: Dustin and Lucas are accepting of Max, but Mike dislikes her because he feels that Lucas and Dustin are trying to replace Eleven.
  • Without a Trace's Danny Taylor gives new team member Martin Fitzgerald a Chilly Reception, believing him to have only gotten his job via Nepotism (his father is a high-ranking official in the FBI) and to be only using it as a stepping stone to a more prestigious assignment. Supervisor Jack Malone has to actually order him to be nicer to him, which pays off as the two eventually become good friends.
  • In Power Rangers Dino Charge, Tyler is a calm and steady leader until the handsome, brave, and confident knight Sir Ivan emerges and joins the team. Seeing him as a viable rival for both leadership and Shelby's attention, Tyler reacts by being alternately insecure (even trying to dress badass like Ivan) and untrusting until they become Fire-Forged Friends over the course of several episodes.
  • Victorious: When Tori transfers to Hollywood Arts, she's genuinely well-liked by her new classmates. The only person who seems to have a problem with her is Jade. This is implied to be due to her being jealous of Tori's talent and her fear she might steal her boyfriend.

    Video Games 
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Frederick dislikes Robin, the Avatar, in Fire Emblem: Awakening. While the other Shepherds are quick to welcome him/her to the group, as Chrom's body guard he is proud to say he's wary of an amnesiac hyper intelligent warrior joining their ranks out of the blue. Robin turns out to be the Avatar of Grima the Fell Dragon, the Big Bad and Chrom's killer in an alternate Bad Future but also a loyal member of the Shepherds and good friend in this timeline
    • Takumi is the most distrustful of Corrin rejoining the siblings on the Hoshido path in Fire Emblem Fates. Justified in that Corrin was raised by the enemy for many years. Saizo, a ninja and one of Takumi's older brother Ryoma's retainers, also distrusts Corrin for similar reasons, and complains about Corrin's decision to recruit Silas, Corrin's Childhood Friend and a Nohrian knight.
    • In the remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, Fernand immediately takes a dislike to Alm upon his joining the Deliverance, because Alm is a commoner. After Clive decides to make Alm their leader, Fernand gets angry enough to leave on the spot, eventually joining the Deliverance's enemies.
    • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Seteth initially distrusts Byleth, and disapproves of his friend Rhea's decision to make Byleth a professor at Garreg Mach Monastery. Seteth does warm up to Byleth after s/he saves Seteth's younger sister Flayn, and does come to accept him/her assuming Byleth doesn't join Edelgard in her war against the church.
  • Impa plays the disliker at least twice in The Legend of Zelda.
    • In Skyward Sword, she dislikes Link as a brash and untested warrior despite being The Chosen One. Her scolding encourages him to get his act together, and eventually, he earns her respect.
    • In the spinoff Hyrule Warriors, Impa dislikes Sheik. This time because Sheik claims to be a member of the Sheikah tribe, but Impa is the tribe's leader and has never heard of her. Impa knows Sheik is an impostor from the get-go, but can't figure out what the motive or the true identity is. Of course, all is forgiven when Sheik turns out to be Zelda in disguise.
  • In Mass Effect 2:
    • Joker is initially hostile towards EDI because he hates the notion of having someone figuratively looking over his shoulder and second-guessing his decisions. However, after she helps him retake the ship during a Collector attack, he grows to appreciate her.
    • During the search through the wreckage of the original Normandy, you can read Pressley's logs, where it's revealed that he initially hated the aliens on the crew because he could not see past their species. He eventually got over it after learning more about them, such as Tali's Pilgrimage being a way of helping her people out. In his case, it seems to be mainly an issue of Fantastic Racism, as he doesn't seem to mind having Ashley, a human who wasn't originally part of the Normandy crew, on board.
    • Throughout the game, Joker is disquieted by the various people Shepard recruits:
      [Jack] "OK, Shepard, glad you're back, but keep an eye on that last one, we can only hold so much crazy."
      [Grunt] "Did you collect stray cats as a kid, because we really needed a mega-krogan... so thanks for bringing him home."
      [Thane] "Oh, another dangerous alien aboard, Commander. Thanks. Why can't you collect coins or commemorative plates or something?"
      [Samara] "So, Commander, even your asari are trained killers? You get everyone at the same store or something?"
      [Legion] "So yeah. Geth. On the ship. Geth. ...we're all fricking insane."
  • After James MacAllan joins up with the Militia in the campaign Titanfall, they're mostly suspicious of him due to his status as a former IMC officer and Titan pilot, but their recent luck on the battlefield forces them to work with him regardless. They get over it once MacAllan proves himself as genuinely useful and loyal to the cause. Their experience with him allows them to accept Graves after his Heel–Face Turn, although the three-month Time Skip after Mission 8 may have helped them ease him in.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Tidus in Final Fantasy X is treated this way by Kimahri in regards to being Yuna's guardian. While Wakka is fine with having Tidus on the team and Lulu is mostly indifferent, Kimahri's first appearance has him attacking Tidus simply because he doesn't trust him. Kimahri then keeps to himself and doesn't answer when Tidus tries to talk to him. It isn't until halfway through the story that Kimahri begins to speak to Tidus as a sign of respect after seeing how far he's willing to protect Yuna while also questioning the norms everyone just went with.
    • A lot of veteran members of various guilds in Final Fantasy XIV will be very dismissive of you. You're either accused of being too green to handle the kind of work the guild does or you can't compare to the level of skill that the veterans possess. Some even outright attempt to sabotage your efforts in the hopes that you quit. As you rise in the ranks and skill, the people that put you down gradually accept you as an equal.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Daughter for Dessert, Amanda behaves coldly toward Lily when she first shows up at the diner looking for work. She even looks into the possibility of having Lily fired.


    Web Original 
  • Binwin in Acquisitions Incorporated tends to be the harshest on the new interns among the core group (Omin is usually the one hiring them, while Jim doesn't care about anyone but himself), although even he warms up to them eventually—e.g. he was Aoefel's closest friend in the group.
  • During the Yogscast series Hole Diggers, Simon Lane expresses his frustration with Sixth Ranger Sips, constantly mocking him. He is also annoyed by Sjin trying to set up a chilli store on the island and proposes burning it down, whereas Lewis Brindley and Duncan Jones are at least content to leave him be.
  • In The Magnus Archives new hire Melanie gets a frosty reception from her new coworkers; although in this case, it isn't necessarily because they dislike her presence, but more because the employees know that the Magnus Institute is a front for one of the Powers, and working there puts your sanity, soul, and/or life in danger, so they're not happy to see someone else dragged into it.

    Western Animation 
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Everyone has some reservations about Zuko's Heel–Face Turn, but after helping them beat Combustion Man, the assassin that he hired to kill them at the beginning of the season, they welcome him in. Katara vocally disapproves of this decision, threatens Zuko on his first night at camp, and is generally a jerk to him even as everyone else warms up. This is because she was the first to trust him long before and he betrayed her personally. It takes him volunteering to help her on a revenge quest to regain her trust.
    • Lesser examples recur throughout the series. Sokka, a cynic and realist, is initially skeptical of Aang the happy go lucky magic boy when they first meet, and banishes him from the Southern Water Tribe for tripping a signal flare that alerts the Fire Nation. As the adventure goes on the two gradually warm up to each other and become great friends. Similarly Katara, a goody two shoes, disliked Toph, the rebel, when she first joined.
  • Horseland:
    • In the first episode when Sarah first came to Horseland, everyone avoided her out of spite she'd be a spoiled snob like Chloe and Zoey. But it turns out Sarah is really nice, and they soon learn looks can be deceiving.
    • In "The Newbies", Sixth Ranger Nani comes to Horseland and Zoey holds a grudge against her, until she discovers her notions were wrong.
  • Ace Bunny of the Loonatics Unleashed finds Pinkster Pig to be The Load, but retains enough pity to keep him aboard. However, when Pinkster Pig makes his play for the Loonatics' Kryptonite Factor, Ace reveals that he'd done some checking: Pinkster never enrolled in Police Academy, nor anything else on his resume. Pig's The Reveal came as no surprise to Ace, who'd switched the MacGuffin with a replica.
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures: When Gene first joined the group, Rhodey and Pepper, especially Pepper, were suspicious of him. Rhodey was more relaxed about it and seemed to accept Gene into the group early on, but Pepper maintained her suspicions for most of season one. Pepper turned out to be right, as Gene was revealed to be the Mandarin and he betrayed them, but Pepper had gotten closer to him before that. Ironically, Tony and Rhodey, who were the first ones to accept Gene, hated him after this, but Pepper maintained that there was good in him.
  • Near the middle of ReBoot's third season, the group is joined by Ray Tracer. His skills end up being indispensably helpful, but Matrix's distrustful personality puts the two at odds immediately. Ray's flirting with AndrAIa doesn't help matters.
  • Star Wars Resistance: Tam Ryvora initially dislikes Kazuda Xiono when he joins Team Fireball, for several reasons: One, she doesn't think they can afford another worker. Two, she's resentful because their boss Yeager loans Kaz the Fireball because he needs a ship to race in, and Yeager already promised her the ship if she could fix it up. Three, she takes Kaz pointing out the Fireball's Alleged Car status badly, seeing it as a deliberate insult of her mechanical skills. Four, Kaz is an absolutely terrible mechanic (since he has no mechanical training and is actually a spy), and his poor attempts at a cover story raise Tam's suspicions.
  • Steven Universe:
    • In "Bismuth", Steven meets Bismuth, one of the original Crystal Gems. Pearl and Garnet are elated to see her again, but Amethyst, who didn't emerge from the Kindergarten until after Gem Rebellion, finds it suspicious that not even Rose mentioned Bismuth to her. She is won over when Bismuth makes her a weapon to improve her whip. However, Bismuth gets poofed at the end of the episode by Steven when she tries to shatter him after he refuses to take the Breaking Point. Bismuth's gem is bubbled in the temple until after The Reveal near the end of the series.
    • In the episode "Room for Ruby", Navy of the Ruby Squad crashes into the Earth and asks to become a Crystal Gem. She is accepted by most of the group, but Lapis remains wary of her due to her overtly cheerful persona and near-seamless transition to Earth when Lapis and Peridot both had so much trouble doing so. It turns out that Navy was a mole looking to get her ship back. She steals the ship and flies away, presumably back to Homeworld.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: In the 2003 episode "The Costume Party", Strawberry and her friends encounter the new girl, Rainbow Sherbet, who's a sailor. Peppermint Fizz dislikes her because she's far too different than everyone else, and her resentment almost results in Rainbow leaving for good, until Strawberry teaches her a lesson by throwing a costume party and helping Peppermint see being the same is boring.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): Donatello dislikes Sixth Ranger Casey Jones in the continuity only because they are in a Love Triangle with April. The two eventually bond over their love of mechanics and vehicles, and maintain a much more friendly rivalry over April.
  • Teen Titans: Raven is instantly suspicious of Terra joining as a Sixth Ranger, partly because of Terra's difficulty controlling her powers (which have the potential for destructive consequences). After a Fire-Forged Friends outing she finally warms up to her. It's relatively short lived as Terra turns out to be a mole after all. Second to only Beast Boy, who had a crush on her, Raven is the most hurt by Terra's betrayal after going through a whirlwind of emotions with her.
  • Thomas & Friends:
    • In "Forever and Ever", Gordon initially didn't treat Nia well because she was taking Edward's place at Tidmouth Sheds while he moves to Wellsworth, but after Nia discusses to him about losing her friends of her own, they become friends.
    • This is repeated in "Confusion Without Delay", which takes place after the above episode. Gordon was rude to Rebecca for taking Henry's spot at the sheds while Henry is moving to Vicarstown. However, after Rebecca defends Gordon from the Flying Scotsman's bullying, the two become friends.
  • Young Justice:
    • Honorary True Companion Red Arrow is suspicious of Artemis when she first joins. He knows her given backstory is a lie, and that there's a mole operating, and doesn't like the idea of Green Arrow replacing him so quickly with a new sidekick. Despite having her secrets, Artemis proves time and time again that she's a stalwart member of the team. Red Arrow turns out to be the mole himself, to his own horror.
    • Similarly Kid Flash's general teenage-level Jerkassery during the beginning episodes of the show include him being very resentful of Artemis because he explicitly wants Red Arrow on the team. Even if Red Arrow decided to go solo because he resents the Justice League apparently holding them all back. There was some repressed Belligerent Sexual Tension in there too.


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