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Yuri Is My Job is a yuri manga by minman.

Hime Shiraki is an incredibly cute high school girl who has a dream- to become the Trophy Wife of a billionaire- so she keeps up a cute façade in order to appeal to everyone. Unfortunately, one day, she ends up accidentally injuring a fellow student who runs a café where the employees play students at an all-girls boarding school. In order to keep her reputation intact, Hime reluctantly agrees to take the injured student's place.


While at the cafe, Hime meets a girl named Mitsuki, who, unlike virtually everyone else Hime knows, can't stand her, and makes no secret how aggravated she is over Hime's incompetence in her role. Despite this, Hime wants to get along with Mitsuki, not knowing that she's more than just a stranger to Hime.

This series contains examples of:

  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: After accidentally injuring Mai, Hime gets blackmailed into serving as her replacement in the cafe.
  • Big Fancy House: Mitsuki has a fairly large house, and her family employs a maid.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing:
    • Hime manages to put up a facade of a cute girl, but in reality, is a habitual liar.
    • Played with in Mitsuki's case. While her "kind senpai" character is just an act she puts on for the café, she actually hopes to become that person.
    • A far more malicious example is Yoko Goeido, who had a talent of not doing anything people would approve of, preventing the rest of Liebe from realizing her manipulative nature until it was too late. Worst of all was how she dealt with Saionji, who fell in love with her even though Goeido saw her as nothing more than a plaything.
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  • Brutal Honesty: Mitsuki tends to say precisely what's on her mind when not in character, which is why not many people like her.
  • Central Theme: People putting on facades of various sorts, for various reasons, from Hime acting like a cute girl to the various characters roleplaying in the salon.
  • Cerebus Retcon: Several character traits quickly take on a darker meaning as you learn more about the characters themselves.
    • Hime's putting up a cute façade, supposedly to win a billionaire husband, is actually out of a desire to make everyone love her. As a result, while virtually everyone likes her, Mitsuki and later Kanoko are her only real friends.
    • Kanoko's inability to talk to anyone besides Hime is initially presented as an endearing quirk that proves that she's a Shrinking Violet, but in her flashback, it's shown that she was once a somewhat misanthropic loner. Her crush on Hime is also shown to be far stronger than it initially seems, and she turns out to be jealous of Mitsuki's closeness with Hime.
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    • When Mitsuki first meets Hime, she's outwardly polite towards Hime, hiding her growing irritation with Hime's incompetence while Mitsuki's still in character. In a flashback in the second volume, it turns out that Mitsuki was overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing her former friend again, and was quite disappointed that Hime apparently didn't remember her.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Sets in gradually over the course of the first volume. The series starts with Hime, a girl who has a habit of acting cute around others getting roped into working at a salon due to an accident. Over time, it turns out that Hime's habit of lying has cost her the friendship of more than a few people in the past, and by the end of the first volume, Hime realizes that she's been working alongside her former friend the whole time. As a result, Volume 2 is significantly more dramatic and focuses on Hime and Mitsuki's broken friendship.
  • Childhood Friend: Hime and Mitsuki have known each other since elementary school.
  • Chromosome Casting: All of the significant characters, as well as most of the extras, are female.
  • The Danza: In-Universe, the various girls working at the same cafe keep their first names, but have different last names. For example, Hime Shiraki is called Hime Shirasagi at the cafe.
  • Decided by One Vote: A variant in the Blume election. Since Kanoko's vote(like those of the other employees) is worth that of 90 customers, she had a great deal of leverage, and could have enabled Mitsuki to win if she'd voted for Mitsuki instead of Sumika.
  • Dislikes the New Guy: Mitsuki acts polite to Hime when in character, but in reality, can't stand her. It's an unusual variation on the trope, considering that Mitsuki's actually known Hime longer than anyone else at the cafe, even longer than Hime's friend Kanoko.
  • Elaborate University High: Liebe Girls' Academy is shown to be a highly prestigious school for wealthy girls. Averted for Hime's elementary, middle and high schools, which appear to be relatively normal schools.
  • Establishing Character Moment
    • The series begins with the Hime being showered with affection by her classmates for how cute she is, before revealing in an Internal Monologue that it's all an act that she's worked on for her entire life, and she hopes to use it to marry a billionaire.
    • Mitsuki's first scene has her acting nice to Hime while in character, but then fiercely rebuffing her when she tries to act like she knows her, setting the tone for her relationship with Hime.
  • Exact Eavesdropping: In the past, Mitsuki overheard Hime lying to her friends about not being able to stick it out with Mitsuki. Since Mitsuki believed Hime had been lying to her, too, that was the final straw that ended their friendship.
  • The Fake Cutie: Hime's able to present the image of a cute and adorable girl to her classmates.
  • First-Episode Twist: At the end of the first volume, it's revealed that Mitsuki is actually Hime's former friend. It's very difficult to talk about the series or Mitsuki's character arc without revealing this fact.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: Hime mentions that her old friend's name was Mitsuki Yano immediately before Mitsuki reveals her real last name.
  • Foregone Conclusion: The Whole Episode Flashback in Chapter 7 will end with Hime and Mitsuki's friendship falling apart, as well as the rest of the class shunning Hime because of what Mitsuki told them.
  • Foreshadowing
    • Hime notices that Mitsuki's eyes look very similar to her former friend's. It turns out that Mitsuki is Hime's old friend.
    • Kanoko is briefly shown taking a picture of Hime on her smartphone, establishing that she has a crush on Hime.
    • The salon employees' assumed last names are similar to their real ones. Since Hime Shiraki becomes Hime Shirasagi, Kanoko Mamiya becomes Kanoko Amamiya, and Sumika Tachibana's real surname is later revealed to be Chibana, it isn't hard to see that Mitsuki Ayanokouji is actually Mitsuki Yano.
    • When Kanoko is talking with Hime about Sumika while in the kitchen, referring to Sumika as a gyaru, it touches a nerve with Nene, who tells them not to talk about Sumika behind her back, and saying that Sumika comes in early and stays late. All this suggests that Nene is familiar with Sumika, as her former schwester.
  • Gold Digger: Hime announces that her goal in life is to use her cuteness to become the Trophy Wife of a billionaire.
  • Gratuitous German: The cafe uses terms such as "schwestern" (sisters) and "kreusz"(cross).
  • Gyaru Girl: Sumika gives Hime this impression when not in the salon.
  • Hate Sink:
    • While all the characters are flawed in various ways but have redeeming qualities, Hime and Mitsuki's classmates not only appear to have no qualms about ostracizing Mitsuki (who, granted, isn't the easiest to get along with), but even spread rumors about her bullying Hime, leading Hime to quit the recital and indirectly causing Hime and Mitsuki's friendship to fall apart.
    • Goeido. While she appeared to charm Saionji into falling in love with her, she apparently viewed her as nothing more than a plaything, and cast their relationship aside without a second thought once she had to quit the salon.
  • History Repeats: In elementary school, people spread rumors about Mitsuki bullying Hime into doing the piano accompaniment with her. In high school, after seeing Mitsuki snap at Hime, the salon patrons start suggesting that Mitsuki forced Hime to be schwestern with her.
  • Hostility on the Set: In-Universe, the fallout over Mitsuki revealing that she's Hime's former friend, and the resulting increased hostility between the two, causes much of the drama in Volume 2. Thankfully, Hime standing up for Mitsuki helps address some of the problems.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: The chapters are called "Shifts." Each extra chapter is called "(Activity) is (Character)'s job!"
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: Hime lies and puts up a façade in order to make people like her.
  • Inconsistent Dub: The localization of the manga alternates between putting character names in Western order and in Japanese order. For example, at the end of Chapter 6, Mitsuki's student ID says "Yano Mitsuki," but it says "Mitsuki Yano" at the start of Chapter 8.
  • In Medias Res: The first few pages show the main characters working at the café, before flashing back to how Hime got the job.
  • Irony: Mitsuki, who had been honest to a fault, ends up being well-suited to playing the role of the "kind senpai" at the salon, much to Hime's amazement. Hime, despite being a natural liar, doesn't do nearly as well, since her façade of being a cute and slightly shy good girl isn't as well-suited to her role, and Mai says Hime is better suited to being Lady Blume's little sister than she is to being Lady Blume herself.
  • Jerkass Realization: After realizing Hime had lied for her sake, Mitsuki realizes that she was the one who betrayed Hime.
  • Karma Houdini: Nothing seems to happen to Hime and Mitsuki's classmates after they spread rumors about Mitsuki being a bully.
  • Kingmaker Scenario: What the Blume election boils down to. At the end of the voting period, Mitsuki has a lead of about 162 votes over Sumika, but each of the five salon employees have a vote that is worth that of 90 ordinary people. Kanoko offers to support Sumika in hopes of having her abolish the schwester system, something that Sumika refuses to do, then votes for her anyway in spite of that. In the end, Sumika wins against Mitsuki, with an advantage of 118 votes, meaning that if Kanoko had voted for Mitsuki instead, Mitsuki would have won.
  • Love Hurts: Nene, who was cruelly dumped by the coworker who she thought loved her, tells Sumika that "Crying because you've been left behind is just another part of love." She adds that Kanoko should be aware of that, too, and that if Sumika wants to help Kanoko, then there are better ways to do it than just by standing in her way.
  • Non-Uniform Uniform:
    • While most female students wear blazer-style uniforms with blazers, dress shirts, neckties and plaid skirts, Hime wears a V-neck sweater in lieu of a blazer. She switches to a sweater vest in the summer, and encourages Kanoko to do the same if she's too cold in the summer uniform.
    • Sumika wears a cardigan and a neck ribbon rather than a blazer and necktie, as part of her gyaru image.
  • Not Quite the Right Thing: Hime lies and claims to not be any good at playing the piano when her classmates ask, since they're afraid that if they find out, they'll try to get her to replace Mitsuki. Unfortunately, people start getting the impression that Mitsuki bullied Hime into accompanying her, so Hime quits the recital in order to protect Mitsuki. After Mitsuki overhears Hime talking with her friends, she confronts Hime, ending their friendship. Hime later realizes where she went wrong.
    "I should've picked the path that made me happy. I shouldn't have relied on lies."
  • Not So Different: While Mitsuki is blunt and tactless, she's still capable of playing the kind sempai to Hime while in character. In fact, it's revealed that she kept her real feelings inside when meeting Hime again.
  • One Head Taller: While Mitsuki and Hime are about the same height as children, Mitsuki is this much taller than Hime as a high schooler.
  • One Steve Limit: Played straight. Hime doesn't initially realize that the Mitsuki she meet at the salon is actually her former friend Mitsuki Yano, until Mitsuki shows Hime her student ID. As Hime points out, "Mitsuki" isn't all that uncommon of a name.
  • Only Friend: Hime was Mitsuki's only friend when she was younger, due to her overly serious personality driving everyone else away. To a certain extent, the same goes for Hime, since while she had other friends, Mitsuki was the only one Hime really cared about. At the start of the series, Kanoko and Hime are each other's only friends, until Sumika befriends Kanoko.
  • Origins Episode: Hime, Kanoko and Mitsuki all have entire flashbacks showing their backstories.
  • Poor Communication Kills:
    • Mitsuki may not have taken Hime's quitting the recital nearly as badly if Hime had talked to her about it. Instead, Mitsuki hears about it from a teacher, overhears Hime talking to her friends, and comes to the conclusion that Hime lied to her.
    • Hime probably would have had a much easier time at the café and wouldn't make as many mistakes if her employers had straight up told her what the rules were and taught her everything from the ground up instead of just expecting her to know everything and then blaming her for every faux pas she makes.
  • Preppy Name: The employees at the salon are given different surnames when working, presumably ones that sound higher-class. Examples include Hime Shirasagi(her real name is Shiraki), Mitsuki Ayanokouji (Yano), Sumika Tachibana (Chibana), Kanoko Amamiya(Mamiya) and Nene Saionji (unknown).
  • Reality Ensues: When you compulsively tell lies, you shouldn't be surprised if people have trouble believing anything you say. While Hime's intentions for lying to her other "friends" are good, since she wants to protect Mitsuki, Mitsuki understandably begins to question how much she can trust Hime after Hime confesses to being a liar.
  • Sempai/Kohai: Despite being in the same year as Hime in real life, Mitsuki plays Hime's senpai in the salon.
  • Shout-Out: Liebe Girls' Academy seems to be intended as a homage to Maria-sama ga Miteru, with the prestigious all-girls school that uses the "Gokigenyou" greeting, girls in older sister-younger sister relationships, and even a re-enactment of the scarf-fixing scene.
  • Speak in Unison: Kanoko and Mitsuki do this when telling Hime to get her act together, only differing when it comes to what honorific they use after Hime's name- Kanoko uses "-chan" while Mitsuki uses yobisute.
  • Spoiler Cover: Volume 4's cover spoils the outcome to the major conflict in that volume- Sumika and Kanoko are shown wearing kreusz necklaces, meaning that they've become schwestern.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Mitsuki is somewhat cold and standoffish at first glance, but has a softer side, as shown when she befriended Hime as a child. Even after her falling out with Hime, there are some signs that she does care about Hime.
  • Switching P.O.V.: While most scenes are from Hime's POV, over time, they start featuring other characters' perspectives, such as Mitsuki's or Kanoko's, especially in the extra chapters.
  • The Key Is Behind the Lock: Hime wants to become Lady Blume so that she can use her decree to make everyone love her. Said title is awarded in a popularity contest, so Hime would already have to be loved by everyone in order to win the title.
  • Wall Pin of Love: Sumika does this when trying to intimidate Hime into working at the salon to make up for accidentally injuring Mai. She does so again while in character.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Hime and Mitsuki. Hime joined up with Mitsuki to play the piano together, but lied to her friends for the sake of Mitsuki's reputation. Evenually, people started thinking that Hime was only playing the piano because Mitsuki was bullying her, and Hime quit, believing it was the only choice to prevent Mitsuki from being made out to be "the bad guy." Mitsuki, shocked by Hime's decision, overheard Hime lying about Mitsuki to her friends, and concluding that Hime had lied about being friends with her(since Hime had confessed to being a liar), maliciously reveals that Hime's friendliness is a facade.
  • Wham Episode: Chapter 6 reveals that Hime and Mitsuki, unbeknownst to the former, actually used to know each other.
  • Wham Line:
    • In Chapter 6, Mitsuki reveals herself as Hime's former friend after Hime reveals the name of said friend.
    Mitsuki: It's me. I am "Yano Mitsuki"!
    • In Chapter 7, the following exchange reveals the catalyst for Hime and Mitsuki's friendship falling apart.
    Music Teacher: Yano-san, are you practicing for the recital?
    Mitsuki: Yes. Hime-chan should be coming in later. With a little more work, I think she'll be up to speed, too.
    Music Teacher: You didn't hear? Shiraki-san quit the recital.
    • In Chapter 18, after an argument between Kanoko and Sumika, Sumika meets up with Nene in the kitchen, and the following line reveals that Nene is actually Saionji.
    Sumika: Nene-san! I still don't get it at all! Why did you ignore my advice and go to Goeido back then? Why did you choose romance, at the expense of tearing our schwester-ship apart? In the end... all that came of it was making you cry... and quit being "Saionji."
    • In Chapter 25, Mitsuki notices something is odd. Keep in mind that this is a flashback to the end of April, which means that it takes place before the past two and a half volumes.
    Mitsuki: Manager, is... your arm healed by now?
    Mai: All better! I got to take the cast off today!
  • Wham Shot:
    • At the end of Volume 2, Sumika picks up Kanoko's phone, and sees that it's full of pictures of Hime.
    • In a flashback in Chapter 25, taking place at the end of April, Mitsuki meets with Mai and Sumika, noticing that Mai no longer has her cast.
  • Whole Episode Flashback:
    • Chapter 7 flashes back to elementary school and shows Hime and Mitsuki's friendship, as well as how it fell apart.
    • Chapter 16 shows how Hime met and became friends with Kanoko.
    • Chapter 26 shows how Mitsuki joined the salon.
  • Year X: The midterm results for the Blume election are tallied on "May XX, 20XX." However, Mitsuki's student ID reveals that her birth date is July 7, 2001, and since she's a first-year in high school at the start of the series, and is turning 16 that year, the story is presumably set in 2017.
  • Yuri Genre: While Mitsuki and Hime don't start the series on very good terms, there's implied to be something between them. It's also implied, and later stated, that Kanoko has an unrequited crush on Hime.

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