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Headscratchers / Yuri is My Job!

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  • Reading the first volume, I just have to ask: Why the hell don't the Cafe Liebe girls ever bother to teach Hime how their cafe and the various rules work?! Hime is just thrown into a completely new setting with no proper instruction, expected to just be able to fake her way through everything, and whenever she messes up, she's always blamed for it for not magically knowing the rules, even the various employees are at fault for never bothering to teach her shit! Many of the things the girls at the cafe do to Hime would be considered harassment in the workplace, or outright bullying at worst! Even Hime's friend Kanoko gets in on it by straight up telling her that she needs to do her job or she'll be an inconvenience, even though Hime has literally had no instruction on anything at all! This is the equivalent of yanking someone off the streets, throwing them into a classy party, refusing to teach them things like proper etiquette or dress codes, and then chastising them for not somehow magically knowing the rules.

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