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Manga / Yurika's Campus Life

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Replace the protagonist on the right with any straight man or lesbian and you got the harem's ultimate dream.


Yurika attends a girls-only college with a long tradition of lesbian love, and according to rumors, she's been with over half of the 10,000 girls who attend the school! This rumor is mortifying to Yurika, and seriously damages her chances of ever getting a boyfriend. The truth is, for some reason, she's just completely irresistible to women, even women who claim to be straight. One day, Yurika gets a call from her Dad, letting her know that his company is bankrupt. He suggests that she get by on her charms since he can no longer help her with money. Is it time for Yurika to actually start taking advantage of her unwanted persona as a masterful lesbian lover?


Yurika's Campus Tropes:

  • Accidental Pornomancer: Yurika starts out like this, somehow bedding every woman she meets accidentally. Due to her rather tight economical situation, she quickly takes hold of her potential and starts seducing the women in her campus into giving her food and a place to stay, effectively crossing over into regular pornomancy.
  • Character Title: It's a story about our protagonist Yurika and her (outlandish) life around campus so of course the manga is titled Yurika's Campus Life
  • Chick Magnet: The title character herself.
  • It Runs in the Family: Turns out Yurika's irresistible charm towards women is inherited from her father who's on par with or even outmatched her in the battlefield of female romance.
  • Missing Mom: While her father appears periodically, Yurika's mother is nowhere to be found and is never mentioned at all throughout the manga's run.
  • Yuri Genre: This manga is definitely catered to the genre although it borderlines on being a parody of it.


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