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Funny / Yuri is My Job!

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  • Hime offers up some snarky commentary while seeing Sumika and Mitsuki in action in the salon.
    Mitsuki: If anyone were to think that you make a habit of such indolence, why, even I would be scolded, Tachibana-sama!
    Hime: (thinks) Seriously, no one uses language like that outside of shoujo manga, do they?!
    Sumika: On brilliant days like this, all I want to do is take a walk in the woods behind school...
    Hime: (thinks) But all that's outside is a residential shopping district!!
    Sumika: (continues) I s'pose I've got no choice, though. Can't make my cute kohai do all the work.
    Hime: (thinks) Are you not an employee?! Go do your job!
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  • After Mai explains the "Blume" system, Hime gets quite annoyed at all the "confusing exposition," and when Mai adds that the "Blume" being selected from among the chosen few who work at the salon, Hime thinks, "Don't use your confusing exposition to explain even more confusing exposition!"
  • Hime's reason for wanting to become Lady Blume- to use her privilege to make a decree to get everyone to love her. While that's in character for Hime, Kanoko, who's aware that Lady Blume is chosen through a popularity contest, thinks, "Hime-chan, that's already what being Lady Blume means!"
  • Hime's disbelief as Sumika, who doesn't read many books, delivers a speech on the power of literature while in character.
  • Hime's face upon getting last place in the midterm results is priceless. While getting 488 out of the 3,302 votes (14.7%) in a four-way race isn't as outlandishly bad as you might expect, keep in mind that she not only lost to Mitsuki and Sumika, but also Kanoko. Granted, Hime does overtake Kanoko by the time of the final vote, as a result of getting some votes after the midterms, as well as Mitsuki's vote, but she's still a distant third behind Sumika and Mitsuki.
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  • Hime's reactions to Mitsuki's summer uniform are a mix of worry over what people might think now that the uniform shows off her breasts, as well as jealousy over the size of said breasts.
  • In "Invitations are Mai-san's job!" Mai expresses the hope that Mitsuki, who hadn't yet joined the salon at the time, has the same vision of Liebe that she and Sumika do. Mitsuki's surprised to realize that the seemingly childlike Mai is the manager, and that Sumika is actually a gyaru outside the salon.