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Tear Jerker / Yuri is My Job!

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  • Chapter 7 details how Hime and Mitsuki's friendship broke down and how hard it is on both of them.
    • First, Hime's perspective. She took the initiative to befriend a girl who's disliked by the rest of the class, and even told lies in order to protect her reputation. Unfortunately, people seemed to think that Mitsuki was bullying her into playing with her at the recital, she thought she had no choice but to quit. In return, Mitsuki "repays" Hime by exposing her as a liar in front of Hime's other friends, resulting in Hime becoming a pariah.
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    • It's also hard from Mitsuki's perspective. While grateful for Hime's friendship, she also didn't understand why Hime cared so much about her classmates, to the point where she would tell lies to stay close to them. Over time, it became increasingly difficult for Mituski to tell what was true and what was false, culminating in Hime quitting the recital without even telling Mitsuki. When Mitsuki overhears Hime lying to her friends once again, she concludes that Hime betrayed her.
  • Volume 3 focuses on Kanoko, and how she's feeling left behind as Hime bonds with Mitsuki as schwestern. Sumika, the only one Kanoko's willing to confide in, bluntly tells her to give up on Hime. While this may be what Kanoko needs to hear in the long run, it certainly isn't what she wants to hear, so she doesn't take it well.
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  • Volume 4's flashback reveals an especially tragic love story, in which Saionji fell for Goeido, who turned out not to even care about her at all, an experience that scarred Saionji so badly that she wasn't even able to continue at the salon. To make matters worse, the short-lived relationship ended up also costing Saionji her schwestership with Sumika, who did genuinely care about her.
  • It's difficult to watch Kanoko for much of Volume 4, particularly as she sinks into depression knowing that she can't do anything about Hime becoming closer to Mitsuki, nor can she even tell Hime how she feels. She even ends up lashing out at Hime, inadvertently calling her an "idiot," before realizing that she never meant to.
  • When Hime visits Mitsuki at her home, Mitsuki reveals the depths of her self-loathing.
    • Mitsuki confesses that she's jealous of Kanoko's closeness to Hime, prompting Hime to protest that Kanoko isn't like the fake friends Hime had in elementary school. Mitsuki says she knows that, and doesn't expect Hime to like her, narrating that once again, she's ruining something precious to her.
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    • Shortly afterward, Mitsuki then confesses her greatest fear; every time she tells the truth, she ends up hurting someone's feelings, resulting in her no longer trusting herself.

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