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Two people are circling each other romantically, or perhaps are already together. Other characters in the story smile fondly at the couple and ship them. And then there's this guy. He does not like the two people together, makes his opinion known, and clearly hopes that the ship will sink. This may be for a variety of reasons:

And there may be other reasons too. If it progresses far enough, may result in attempted Relationship Sabotage. Related tropes may include Boyfriend-Blocking Dad and My Sister Is Off-Limits.

Contrast Shipper on Deck, Shipper with an Agenda, and Romantic Wingman. For information on actual torpedoes, see Naval Weapons.

Compare Moment Killer, when the interfering party only ruins a certain moment and/or may not be intentional; and Ship Sinking, when a ship is sunk by the writers, not characters.

Considering that this trope shows up at least as far back as Shakespeare, it is Older Than Steam, if not even older.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In the Blue Exorcist anime, Izumo is horrified at the sight of Shima going on a date with her friend Paku, and follows them around. In reality, Shima was trying to buy Izumo a birthday gift and asked for Paku's help.
  • Case Closed:
    • Sonoko isn't exactly pleased to see Ran pining after the "missing" Shinichi, fearing that her feelings will be unreciprocated and wondering "What Does She See in Him?". (Though she does loosen up later.)
    • Ran's parents Eri and Kogoro haven't openly objected to their relationship (which is quite a feat in Kogoro's case since he's overprotective), but both have told Ran that she shouldn't wait for him.
    • Similarly, Satou's admirers were really, really upset when she started getting very close to one of her coworkers, Takagi. The one who led this, Inspector Shiratori, also had very strong feelings for Satou, thus creating a Love Triangle between the three. Which kiiiinda backfires when he does step outta the triangle and it seems that he's falling for another woman, Satou's Identical Stranger Kobayashi, since poor Kobayashi overhears how the spurned fanboys wondering if Shiratori is Loving a Shadow in regards to her. (He's not).
  • The Somas' head maid in Fruits Basket did not approve of one of her fellow servants falling in love with the family head at the time, Akito's father Akira, even when he loved her back. She upholds this behavior even after Akira's dying words about his relationship with Ren would have at least left a better impression on Akito. Given Ren's personality, she isn't completely in the wrong.
  • Tamahome's Old Master Tokaki and his wife Subaru are this in Fushigi Yuugi, among the sea of Miaka/Tamahome Shippers on Deck. It turns out they've got very good reasons: they were Byakko Seishi, witnessed how their fellow Seishi Tatara and their Miko Suzuno fell in love... and how it ended up BADLY, so they don't want Miaka and Tamahome to suffer like Suzuno and Tatara did. They give in when Tamahome states that he'll remain in love with Miaka even after finding out about this.
  • Girls Bravo: Fukuyama is fine with his kid sister, Lisa, dating and has even offered to find her a suitable boyfriend... so long as it's anyone other than "Puny-Nari". Not that she cares about his objections, since she either has Kosame shoot him, or taze him, whenever he tries to interfere.
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War:
  • In Natsu e no Tobira, when Marion is involved with a much older woman, his friends aren't necessarily thrilled. Out of all of them, Claude opposes the most to Marion's affair and even calls Sara a prostitute. That's because he loves Marion, so he's both conflicted and jealous.
  • In his last voiced appearance in Pokémon the Series: XY, Tierno tries flirting with Serena one more time, but Shauna, herself a Shipper on Deck for Ash and Serena, finally puts her foot down and nixes Tierno's attempts.
  • In the Sailor Moon first anime, Usagi was rather crossed when her Muggle Best Friend Naru developed a huge crush on a Princely Young Man named Masato Sanjouin... but she had pretty good reasons, as Sanjoin was actually Nephrite from the Dark Kingdom and put Naru's life at risk more than once. She even told Naru to her face that Sanjoin/Nephrite was a bad guy, and Naru said that she understood that Usagi was right, but that even then she couldn't fall out of love. Usagi was still moved to tears when Nephrite, via Love Redeems, died in a Heroic Sacrifice for Naru.
  • Spy X Family:
    • When Nightfall, aka. Fiona Frost, is first introduced, she learns that Twilight, aka. Loid Forger, is now married to Yor as part of Operation Strix. Since Nightfall was away on a mission when Twilight got "married," she missed out on being in a Fake Relationship with him, and since she has a crush Twilight, she hoped this was her chance to become more than just partners and get married for real. To get Yor out of the way, Nightfall first considered killing Yor, but decided to use psychological manipulation instead. Nightfall convinced Yor that Loid has recently been complaining that he feels unhappy in his marriage, with the hope that Loid and Yor would get a divorce, and Nightfall would swoop in and become Mrs. Fiona Forger.
    • In the same manner, Anya herself becomes this for Fiona's potential dream. This is because Anya can read Fiona's mind. While trying to steal Twilight from Yor is one thing, the straw that breaks the camel's back is when Anya learns that to make Anya graduate her academy with flying colors, Fiona will implement extremely harsh, spartan-like mentoring system without any care of Anya's well-being. Hence, Anya will do everything she can to make sure Fiona does not get together with Loid.
      "(Every fiber of Anya's being does not want this mama!!)"
  • Saeki from Strawberry Shake Sweet is very opposed to Julia and Ran's relationship and continuously tries to sabotage it—ostensibly out of fear of a scandal that will end all three of their careers. That she is the Token Straight Girl in a Cast Full of Gay probably has something to do with it, too...
  • In Summer Wars, the whole Jinnouchi family is either supportive or indifferent to Natsuki's (at first) fake relationship with Kenji, except for her second-cousin Shota, who has a severe Big Brother Instinct even in the final scene.
  • In Sweet Days With A Boy, a few characters try to discourage Nagisa from getting together with his stepmother's younger sister Ai. His father reluctantly agrees to allow him to stay with Ai, but says that "If anything should happen with that woman," the deal is off. Nagisa doesn't get what his father means at first, he later comes to realize that he has feelings for her. When he tells his schoolmate Arima, Arima insists that Nagisa not confess, saying that he's still a minor and that if he were to get into a relationship with the much older Ai, Ai would bear the brunt of the inevitable backlash. At that point, Nagisa finally understands what his father was implying, and abandons his plans to confess.
  • In Wandering Son Maho was originally a Shipper on Deck for her younger sibling Shuichi and one of her friends. When they actually began dating she turned into this.
  • In Yuri is My Job!, Kanoko Mamiya has long had an unrequited crush on her friend Hime Shiraki, which is why she begins feeling jealous when Hime bonds with Mitsuki Yano, a coworker at the salon where they work and a former friend of Hime's, as Mitsuki's "schwester." While the schwester bond is not intended to be romantic, Kanoko asks Sumika Chibana to abolish the schwewster system if she wins the "Blume" election. At that point, Sumika bluntly tells Kanoko to get over her feelings for Hime. That being said, it later turns out that Kanoko, despite being jealous of Mitsuki's closeness with Hime, is actually fine with her own status as Hime's only real friend, so she ultimately gives up on trying to abolish the schwester system and becomes Sumika's schwester.
  • Yuuutsu-kun to Succubus-san: Sakuma's boss at the "Pandemic" bakery. Sakuma works at the bakery to earn additional wages after forcing Yuu to quit the job that was overworking him into severe depression. Her boss doesn't know this, and misinterprets her relationship with Yuu as an abusive one in which Yuu makes Sakuma do all the work while he just lazes about the house. She disapproves and tries to find ways to break them apart. In one instance, she goes so far as to offer Sakuma tickets to an amusement park with an urban legend that it breaks up couples and actively shuts up a bystander who tries to mention said legend. The plan fails because Sakuma decides Yuu's in no condition for such a trip.

    Fan Works 
  • The AFR Universe:
    • In the series, Yu Narukami and Naoto Shirogane are an Official Couple, killing the popular ship of Naoto with Kanji Tatsumi. In "Buchi-Con", Kanji explains to Haru Okumura that while he did have a crush on Naoto, he never built up the courage to ask her out, so Yu eventually beat him to the punch. He's man enough to admit it's his own fault that he never got in a relationship with her, and he's genuinely happy that two of his closest friends are happy together.
    • In "Buchi-Con", Haru shows clear attraction to Kanji and it's implied the two slept together at the end. Unfortunately, "Rainy Day Visit" reveals that whatever spark was there didn't last. Kanji and Haru were both too invested in their homes and careers for either to consider moving in with the other, and they had tried and failed at a long-distance relationship.
  • All Assorted Animorphs AUs: In “What if they had the chance to do it over again?”, Marco stops his father dating his maths teacher by telling her that his father has various girlfriends already.
  • Blackbird (Arrow): Played with and subverted. Thea thinks she's this to what she perceives as Oliver and Sara's renewed affair, which she makes no secret of to Oliver, because she thinks it would be disrespecting Laurel's "memory"note . In reality, Oliver is even more disgusted with the idea than Thea herself is due to still holding a grudge against Sara for what happened to Laurel. Sara similarly has lost interest due to her own guilt over the situation, and most of their interactions usually devolve into arguments over how to get Laurel back from the League.
  • In Crossed Wires, Sydney reflects that she is happy that Vaughn is happily married to Lauren, and takes a further step to move on from her old feelings when she starts falling for Dean Winchester.
  • A Crown of Stars: Rei does NOT like seeing Shinji and Asuka together due to a mix of jealousy, envy and over-protectiveness. Put bluntly, Rei does not think Asuka has treated him well and he does not want to admit Asuka cares for Shinji.
  • In Danny Phantom: Stranded, Stella and Jean-Luc dismiss the idea of Star being with Danny, finding him too plain and unimpressive for her. However, Stella comes around in future stories.
  • In the Angel/Dark Angel crossover Darkest Angel, Angel has to deal with the double blow of Spike being brought back from the destruction of Sunnydale as a human and getting together with Buffy and Cordelia waking up from her coma with partial amnesia of her time in Los Angeles so that she only sees Angel as a friend.
  • Evangelion 303: When Shinji and Asuka got together, most people in the Distler Air Base were neutral or supportive... but Ritsuko was against it, arguing that their relationship was very volatile and if they broke up it might mess the pilots' teamwork up. However she was told that they should let them make their own choices so that she stopped to try to keep them apart.
  • Downplayed in Flowers Drenched in Vodka. While Kotori didn't actively disapprove of Eli and Hanayo's relationship, Nico is fully aware that Kotori has always been "skeptical" of it, and so she's the first person she tells about her suspicions that Eli is physically abusing Hanayo(and even she isn't immediately convinced). Kotori gets together with Hanayo in the end, so a part of this may have been due to jealousy of Eli. Kotori admits that a part of her wanted their relationship to fail, but never dreamed that it would turn abusive, and certainly didn't want it to.
  • In Harry Potter and the Ice Princess, Elsa only ever saw Malfoy as a friend at best, but when Harry and Ron infiltrate Slytherin under polyjuice, they confirm that Draco is judging his potential relationship with Elsa based on how it would benefit him socially rather than showing any true appreciation for her as a person, affirming to Elsa that she will never date Malfoy.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Superman does NOT approve of his cousin Kara dating Dev-Em, a former bully/delinquent who used to make his life harder -just for the Hell of it- way back when Kal-El was Superboy and a Legionnaire. Dev has cleaned up his act since, but he's still a jerkass who is not good enough for Kara as far as Superman is concerned. Unfortunately Kara is quite smitten with Dev, so Superman has to accept their relationship, like or not.
  • In I Saw Her Standing There, Mya warns Edric to stay away from Alayne Stone, because Littlefinger will have something to say about it. And it wouldn’t be nice.
  • Juleka vs. the Forces of the Universe: After discovering Marinette and Adrien's Secret Identities, Juleka decides that she can't support them getting together anymore, as she's able to see just how unbalanced and unhealthy the relationship is. Marinette gets tongue-tied and constantly humiliated around Adrien, while Adrien seems completely oblivious to her crush... and as Chat Noir, he blithely ignores Ladybug's repeated rejections of his unwanted advances, insisting that they're meant to be together. Thus, Juleka becomes determined to see Marinette get together with somebody she's actually comfortable around, despite others conspiring to force the two together.
  • In the Power Rangers: Dino Thunder fic "Legends and Heroes", Trent ruins his own chances with Kira when he tricks her into missing her first date with Conner by claiming that Conner stood her up. After Trent admits this, he tries to argue that he truly admires Kira, but Kira is just disgusted at the idea that he intended to start a relationship with her based on a lie, informing Trent that if he couldn't respect her decision to be with Conner, than he doesn't respect her.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton:
    • Jack has a strong disapproval of Cree Lincoln since Danny told him that she is a Child Hater.
    • Kevin is very confrontational with Danny, much to Gwen Tennyson's irritation.
    • Sheldon tries to interrupt Danny's date with Jenny Wakeman, since he only told her about the dating website as a means of rigging it to date her.
    • Donatello is extremely jealous of Danny for dating April O'Neil.
    • Downplayed in TMDDF: Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates. Clover tries to set up Alex with one of Dash's friends, Dale, because Danny's not into sports like her. However, Clover does not truly dislike Danny or try to get in the way of his and Alex's relationship, and accepts that Alex's not interested in Dale. And later, Clover becomes more supportive of Danny and Alex's relationship.
    • In TMDDF: Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates, Sam's parents make it clear they don't know what she sees in Danny, let alone any other girl.
  • In A Mother's Love, Groo still breaks up with Cordelia due to her love for Angel, but Wesley also decides not to pursue anything with Lilah after Illyria’s warning.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide, Ritsuko thinks a relationship between Shinji and Asuka can't work, and chides Misato for not "getting" it.
  • Not Better, Just Different culminates in the Tenth Doctor explicitly telling Rose Tyler that he has moved past their old relationship and has now fallen in love with Martha Jones, even as he regrets hurting Rose and assure her that they just missed their moment rather than him never having feelings for her in the first place.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: In the sequel Picking Up the Pieces, Internal Affairs agents are bound to make sure the Guards uphold the rules, including not having romantic relationships between two or more Guards. When Gentle Step and Memorizing Gaze start a relationship, a handful of IA agents show up in their office the next day to warn Gentle Step that she needs to break it off because of that rule, and inform her that it would be best if she gave a public statement reminding the other Guards of it. Surprisingly averted by their Deputy Commissioner Iron Gates, who has no problem with the relationship as long as they keep it professional while on duty. It later turns out IA's Commissioner couldn't care less about their relationship, he was just using it as an excuse in his efforts to take down Gentle Step due to the grudge he has against her.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Pikachu is this for anyone who isn't Ash getting together with his female companions. Case in point, he expresses disgust when Ash says that he always thought May and Dawn had a thing for Drew and Kenny respectively back in the old timeline.
  • There's multiple cases of this in The Stalking Zuko Series:
    • Both Zuko and Katara try to gently get Aang to understand that Katara doesn't feel the same way about him that he does about her (or she does in canon, but that's another matter). It ultimately takes Aang kissing Katara for him to give up on getting into a relationship with her, since he's not ready for the sexual aspect of a relationship.
    • Iroh tries repeatedly to convince Zuko that he shouldn't get back together with Mai merely for the sake of honor. Katara also disapproves, but doesn't quite express that well enough, leading Zuko to temporarily rekindle his relationship with Mai.
    • Not even Zutara, the main pairing of this fic, is exempt. Hakoda talks to Zuko and, uses his friend Bato's relationship with Ming as an example of why relationships between Fire Nation and Water Tribe people won't workout- it's clear that he's implicitly suggesting that Zuko break up with Katara.
  • In the Dragon Age: Inquisition fic Walking in Circles has Keldra, Evelyn’s best friend, who openly and constantly opposes the idea of Evelyn and Solas being together or even being acquainted. Keldra believes that Solas being too old will prevent him from adjusting to a life in a Circle, and thus will bring danger to himself and Evelyn.
  • Stone attempts to do this in Zuma's Fear - Stone forces Skye to tell Chase that she has never and will never have romantic feelings for him. He takes it well all things considered.

    Films — Animation 
  • Shows up a lot in the films in the Disney Animated Canon, usually courtesy of the villains.
    • In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Queen looks furious when she sees the Prince flirting with Snow White. Her feelings are not elaborated upon in the final product, but earlier drafts had her capture the Prince and try to force him to marry her instead.
    • Lady Tremaine aka the Wicked Stepmother in Cinderella wanted to keep Cinderella away from Prince Charming because she hoped he'd choose one of her daughters, whether it's Anastasia or Drizella. In the third movie, she also objects to Anastasia not only having a Heel–Face Turn... but also falling in love with a baker boy beneath her station. This contrasts with Cindy being a total Shipper on Deck for Anastasia and her prospective boyfriend.
    • In Tangled, Mother Gothel tries to break Rapunzel's faith in Flynn to keep Rapunzel dependent on her. When her last-ditch involves Flynn being severely wounded, she tries to force Rapunzel in a Sadistic Choice to save him. It backfired. Fatally. On HER..
    • Frozen has Queen Elsa, who refuses to bless her sister Anna's engagement to Prince Hans, and also Kristoff, who calls out Anna on her accepting the prince's marriage proposal on the same day she met him, saying that is in no way true love. They're both right; Hans is an Opportunistic Bastard who only wants to marry one of the royal sisters so he can become king, and plans on disposing of both afterward.
      Elsa: You can't marry a man you just met.
      Kristoff: Who marries a man she just met!?
      Hans: Oh, Anna. If only there was someone who loved you.
  • Briefly happens in Anastasia, when Vlad worries about Dimitri and Anya's budding romance. He quickly shifts to a Shipper on Deck, though.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In August: Osage County, Barb is urged by her aunt to torpedo the romance blooming between Barb's sister Ivy and their cousin Charles. What Ivy and Charles don't know is the bomb which the aunt (Charles's mother) drops on Barb: that Charles is the product of her own affair with the girls' late father, and thus the sweethearts are actually half-siblings as well as cousins.
  • Bonjour Tristesse: Cecile doesn't super oppose the idea of her dad Raymond dating her dead mom's best friend Anne at first, but changes her mind upon realising that their relatioship would finish her and Raymond's laid-back, hedonistic lifestyle. It ends in tragedy when Cècile tries to re-hook up Raymond and his ex-lover Elsa... and Anne crack so badly that she goes the Spurned into Suicide way.
  • The Dark Knight: Bruce Wayne is a borderline case of this in regards to Harvey and Rachel since this essentially relegates him to Unlucky Childhood Friend status with respect to the woman he's loved for years. He mostly just makes snarky comments and refuses to believe or accept that Rachel actually loves Harvey, remaining convinced that Dent was just a place filler for himself.
  • In Eternals, Makkari and Druig flirt, to the surprise and dismay of Phastos and Kingo.
    Phastos: I'm sorry, what are we watching? Because this- this is new.
    Kingo: Is this new? Because I hate it.
  • In The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, Nicholas and his villainous uncle try to torpedo Mia/Andrew because Nicholas will get the throne if Mia can't marry by the end of the month. No one counted on the Belligerent Sexual Tension between Nicholas and Mia.

  • The first Amelia Peabody book, Crocodile on the Sandbank plays with this with Emerson's attitude toward the developing relationship between his brother Walter and the penniless Evelyn. He's constantly snarking at something or other that they are saying or doing. Ultimately subverted, as his disparaging comments, often crossing the line into rude, are calculated to goad his brother into making a decisive stand for Evelyn.
  • In the novel Barrayar, Vidal Vordarian launches one of these straight between Cordelia, Lady Vorkosigan (nee Captain Cordelia Naismith) and Aral, Admiral & Lord telling Cordelia at a ball that Aral is bisexual. It fails to detonate—Cordelia, a Betan scientist, absent-mindedly agrees that yes, he was, visibly shocking the very Barrayan Vordarian—but it's a rare example of a shipping torpedo that feeds into both characterization and a major plot point: once Cordelia realizes Vordarian was trying to destroy her marriage, she immediately suspects him of being exactly the kind of person who would engineer an assassination attempt on her recently-promoted-to-Imperial-Regent husband. She's right.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo:
    • The entire plot is in part kicked off by this trope crossing with Murder the Hypotenuse: Edmond Dantès is due to marry Mercédès, but Fernand Mondego wants her for himself. So Mondego joins into a conspiracy with Danglars, who resents Edmond's successes and proposes to have him arrested on false charges, allowing him to marry Mercédès himself.
    • Played much straighter in the case of Valentine de Villefort: Her grandfather, Noirtier opposes her Arranged Marriage to Franz d'Épinay, whom she does not love. In an effort to protect her and block the marriage Noirtier has Valentine — who is set to inherit his fortune — disinherited, and only reinstates her once the engagement falls apart (ironically for unrelated reasons) and she is free to court Maximilien Morrell.
  • In Eva Luna, Eva's Cool Big Sis Mimi is very upset when she learns that she's dating Huberto. Not helped by Mimi having known Huberto from the days when he was a Street Urchin and she still was the male-bodied teacher Melecio , and by Mimi's Big Sister Instinct towards Eva, which makes her believe that the guy's not good enough for her very smart and kind "little sister".
  • Scarlett in Gone with the Wind is decidedly this way towards Ashley and Melanie, since she believes Ashley is her true love.
  • A handful in Harry Potter:
    • Ron is not a fan of anyone dating his little sister Ginny. It even takes him a little getting used to the idea of his best friend Harry dating her. Ginny eventually tells him off.
      • Ron vehemently tries to torpedo Hermione/Viktor Krum, although at this point he Cannot Spit It Out as to the real reason why.
    • In flashbacks, Snape towards Lily and James.
    • In a more humorous example, this is initially Mrs. Weasley's reaction to Bill and Fleur, but Molly gets over it when Fleur says that she loves Bill even if he's disfigured.
  • Lots of examples from Jane Austen's novels:
    • Emma:
      • Most people think that Emma and Frank Churchill belong together. The only one who thinks that Frank doesn't deserve her is Mr Knightley.
      • Emma is displeased when she finds out that her protegée Harriet considers marrying Mr Martin, a young farmer. She talks Harriet out of accepting his offer.
      • People in town start shipping Mr Knightley and Jane Fairfax. Emma is very much against their marriage and thinks it's only because her small nephew might not stay Mr Knightley's heir. She realizes she actually loves Mr Knightely herself later.
    • Lady Susan: Reginald's whole family is horrified when they find that he's in love with Lady Susan who is a beautiful woman, but evil and rotten to her very core.
    • Mansfield Park:
      • Fanny dislikes the idea of Mary marrying Edmund because she's in love with him herself and because she thinks Mary is not good enough for him.
      • Julia is courted by Mr Yates who is just a shallow cad. Her father Sir William is really against it very strongly, but Julia is only flirting with him out of boredom and not really into it. Later she hastily elopes with him and they marry — out of fear she wouldn't be allowed to socialize after her sister's scandalous affair.
      • Maria is engaged to Mr Rushworth who is extremely rich, but also extremely stupid. Her brother Edmund and later her father wonder why she's willing to marry him just for money, and her father actually tries to talk her out of a marriage without love.
    • In Northanger Abbey, General Tilney heavily ships his son Henry and Catherine Morland because he thinks she's a rich heiress. When he finds out it's not true, he throws her out of their house and forbids Henry to think of her.
    • Persuasion:
      • Before the novel begins, Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth got engaged, but Anne broke it off. Her family was against their marriage, especially her dear godmother Lady Russell whom Anne loves and respects very much.
      • Mary Musgrove disapproves of her sister-in-law Henrietta's suitor, Charles Hayter. She thinks he's too poor and from an unsuitable family.
      • Widowed Mrs Clay tries to charm Sir William. Almost everybody sees this possible relationship as evil — Anne, Mary (his adult daughters), Lady Russell (a family friend) and Mr Elliot (his heir presumptive). Only his eldest daughter doesn't see it —she thinks her father would never fall in love with a woman who is not strikingly beautiful. The relationship is supported only by her family (they let her stay with him in Bath and take care of her children) and by Nurse Rooke who hopes to take care of her during a possible pregnancy and delivery.
    • Pride and Prejudice:
      • Miss Bingley and Mr. Darcy actively break up Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingley. She's a snob who ships him with Miss Darcy. Mr. Darcy thinks Miss Bennet doesn't love Mr. Bingley enough.
      • Mr. Darcy doesn't like that George Wickham flirts with Elizabeth. He's jealous, but he also knows that Wickham is not an honest man.
      • Mrs. Gardiner, Elizabeth's aunt, advises against Elizabeth's possible relationship with Wickham because neither of them has an independent fortune.
      • Darcy reveals that he found out that his sister nearly eloped with a man but luckily he stopped them.
      • Lady Catherine is furious when she hears rumours that her nephew Mr. Darcy is love with Elizabeth Bennet.
    • In Sense and Sensibility, Edward Ferrars's family ships him with wealthy Miss Morton and they are against him courting Elinor Dashwood. Edward is however secretly engaged to a much poorer and less genteel woman, Lucy Steele, which is even worse for them and poor Edward is disinherited.
  • Alec Lightwood of The Mortal Instruments isn't a fan of Jace/Clary at first, since he has feelings for Jace himself. But once he falls in love with Magnus, he calms down about it.
  • In Team Human Mel is adamantly opposed to her best friend Cathy's romance with Francis, a vampire. This is partly Fantastic Racism and partly honest concern for her friend's well-being. Cathy is 17 and Francis is over 150, and the process of becoming a vampire has the risk of killing Cathy or turning her into a zombie.
  • Howard from The Underland Chronicles seems hellbent on making sure Gregor and Luxa never go on a date.
  • In Warrior Cats, Ivypool is strongly opposed to her sister Dovewing's interest in Tigerheart. This is because she doesn't want her to suffer the inevitable consequences, humiliation, and heartbreak of a forbidden relationship. As a result, she pressures Dovewing to get back with her ex, and tries to kill any chance of the two being alone together, going so far as to speak out against a mission to find her apprentice's lost kin (since Dovewing and Tigerheart volunteered to go), which kicks off a series of events leading to said apprentice going without backup and suffering a rather painful Disney Death as a result. Ivypool's efforts ultimately failed, if the blurb of Tigerheart's Shadow is anything to go by.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 30 Rock: Jack is not subtle about his disapproval of Liz/Dennis, thinking that Liz could do better.
    • Liz and Colleen both disapprove of Phoebe for Jack, with the former giving off bad vibes to them. They turn out to be right, with Phoebe turning out to be a Gold Digger.
  • Several characters from The Big Bang Theory are anti Priya/Leonard shippers:
    • Raj, because he doesn't want Leonard dating his sister.
    • Her parents because Leonard isn't Indian.
    • Amy, Bernadette and Penny either want Leonard/Penny to happen or think Priya is out of line for trying to change Leonard and demanding he stop being friends with Penny.
    • Sheldon doesn't like her because she's mean to him and challenged the Roommate Agreement to help Leonard.
  • The Buffyverse is full of this:
    • Xander was king of this trope: he loathed Buffy with Angel because he had a crush on Buffy, and later just because he didn't get along with Angel; was a Torpedo to Spike/Buffy because he disliked Spike and thought he was bad for Buffy, and anti-shipped Wesley/Cordelia for all of the above reasons. He eventually changes his mind about Spike in the comics, albeit only after he'd been a semi-regular Scooby for nearly a decade.
    • Pretty much everyone (sans Tara) was against Spike/Buffy - even the two of them on occasion. Averted in the season 10/11 comics, where everyone accepts their relationship and in fact even encourages it. Except for Angel, for obvious reasons.
    • Wesley isn't fond of Fred's relationship with Gunn and less so of her flirtation with Knox, and the Squick that accompanies the pairing of Connor with Cordy makes it unpopular in-universe and out.
  • Heartwarmingly subverted on Castle, when everyone assumes Gates would flip out if she discovered Rick and Kate's relationship. Turns out she's as big a Shipper on Deck as the rest of the cast.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation:
  • Doctor Who:
    • The trope is Played for Laughs whenever Captain Jack Harkness is around by the Doctor, given that Jack is a Lovable Sex Maniac and an Extreme Omnisexual. It became a running gag that the Doctor would torpedo Jack to avoid the relationships between companions, ex companions, etc and Jack.
      Jack (meeting anybody): Well hello...
      The Doctor: Jack. NO.
      Jack: What? I'm just saying "hello"!
      whoever-Jack-just-met: I don't mind...
    • "Deep Breath" appeared to have the Doctor firing the torpedo after a season of his previous persona having an undisguised crush on Clara Oswald by having the Doctor distance himself from her in any romantic sense. However, later episodes showed this torpedo wasn't primed to actually sink the ship, resulting in an Anchored Ship for a time.
  • In Drop Dead Diva Luke is sent as Jane's guardian angel specifically to act as this to her relationship to Grayson in order for her to give up all aspects of her life as Deb.
  • In the Firefly episode "War Stories", it's revealed that Mal used to feel like this about Wash and Zoe, since relationships among crew members complicate things.
  • Friends: Phoebe is surprisingly anti Chandler/Monica, implying Monica can do better and predicting when they'll get divorced. This is very odd, as Chandler and Monica are extremely happy together and make each other much better and more secure people. Yet Phoebe is the biggest Shipper on Deck for the off-and-on Ross/Rachel, and her perspective is never really explained. This is made especially weird because Phoebe's relationship with Ross could be described as Vitriolic Best Buds as the show went on, perhaps even moreso than her relationship with Chandler.
  • In Game of Thrones Catelyn Stark displays visible disapproval of her son Robb's starting relationship with field nurse Talisa Maegyr due to his existing betrothal. And hell, she's right...(In the books it's already too late.)
  • Glee: The Ship-to-Ship Combat within the show rivals that of the fandom. A small sampling:
    • Quinn, for Finn and Rachel.
    • Rachel tends to do this whenever Finn has a relationship with anyone else, but particularly when she tells Finn about who Quinn's baby daddy really is.
    • Finn, for his part, has an extremely jealous streak and has punched out both of Rachel's other boyfriends.
    • At least in earlier seasons, Sue takes pleasure in torpedoing Will/Emma at every opportunity.
    • As she is very protective of Becky, Sue attempts to torpedo her relationship with Darryl, thinking he is using Becky.
    • Sue is so invested in making Klaine happen, she torpedoes Blaine/Dave by literaly forcing Blaine and Kurt to kiss.
    • In a particularly emotional variation, most of the main cast takes this stance when it is revealed that Cooter has become abusive to Beiste.
    • Sebastian isn't a fan of Blaine and Kurt together. He seems to get over it by the time he helps with Blaine's proposal.
  • Gilmore Girls is rife with this.
    • Lorelai is against Rory/Jess, instead shipping the rival Rory/Dean. Later she also opposes Rory/Dean (since he cheated on his wife) and Rory/Logan (thanks to Logan bringing Rory back to the rich life that Lorelai ran away from).
    • Rory quickly becomes anti-Christopher/Lorelai (despite them being her parents, she realizes they're a poor match) and ships the opposing Luke/Lorelai.
    • Richard and Emily vehemently torpedo Luke/Lorelai and Rory/Dean, to the point of Relationship Sabotage. Emily also dislikes Rory/Jess.
    • Marty is in love with Rory and thus not a fan of her and Logan.
    • In a humorous example, Taylor initially opposes Luke and Lorelai's relationship out of a fear of what the breakup would do to the town. He even draws up maps for division in the event of a breakup.
  • Dan Humphrey fills this role for Chuck and Blair at various points in Gossip Girl, and for various reasons. In season two, while Chuck and Blair are both insisting that they can't be together unless the other person says "I love you" first Dan deliberately sabotages them simply because he doesn't like them and believes they deserve to be unhappy. Later on he does this many times over because he's fallen in love with Blair. In the end, though, Chuck and Blair end up Happily Married.
  • On Graceland Paige and Johnny are pressuring Mike to break up with Abby. Their reasons are mostly pragmatic since Mike, Paige and Johnny are undercover federal agents and Abby is a civilian who does not know what they do for a living. Abby could inadvertently do something that would break Mike's cover and get him and the others killed. In turn, Mike always lying to Abby about his life and job is no basis for a real relationship and they want to save Mike from the heartbreak.
  • House of Anubis had many, at least one for every couple on the show. Most infamous, though, would probably be Joy, who made no secret of her love for Fabian or her dislike for him and Nina dating.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Lily is this for many of Ted's girlfriends, as he has a habit of thinking horrible women who aren't looking for a meaningful relationship and who invariably dump him are "the one", and Lily winds up actively sabotaging several of his relationships. Ted does not take this revelation well, especially when it slips out that Robin was one of the girlfriends in question.
    • Barney is openly this for Ted/Robin when they date in Season 2, presumably because he doesn't want to lose his wingman. Ironically, this is before Barney falls in love with Robin, after which he gives Ted his blessing to be with Robin several times.
  • On iCarly there were several occasions where one of the main characters ruined a relationship for the others:
    • In "iSaved Your Life", Sam puts the idea into Freddie's head that Carly is only into him because of hero worship after Freddie saved Carly's life.
    • In "iLove You", Carly torpedoes Spencer's girlfriend of the week relationship with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, which simultaneously causes Sam & Freddie to rethink their own relationship as they overhear the speech and realise it applies to them.
  • A darker version on Kings with Jack and Joseph, as Jack's parents vehemently disapprove of his sexuality and certainly are not okay with him having an actual relationship with a man.
  • Morgana in Merlin (2008) tries a lot of ways to break up Arthur and Guinevere, to make room for her to take the throne of Camelot.
  • Mimpi Metropolitan:
    • Pipin's aunt Saodah frequently acts antagonistic towards Alan as she never likes the idea of Pipin getting together with Alan, either because she believes Alan is a playboy, is not a good husband material or sometimes she just distrusts Alan without explanation.
    • When Bambang and Melani admits that they have got together, Bambang's romantic rivals Alexi and Juna not-so-subtly try to put an end to their relationship. Alexi gets Melani to work with him as his advisor then brings her to Bambang's workplace to make Bambang jealous. Juna makes snide comments on their relationship at any chance he got.
  • Prince Charming and Snow White get this a lot on Once Upon a Time:
    • Charming's Jerkass father will take any chance in either world to separate the two, for a variety of reasons but mostly stemming from a vindictive streak after Charming refused to make a marriage alliance because he was in love with Snow.
    • Regina wants to prevent Snow from getting a Happily Ever After after a mistake by a young Snow led to the death of her own One True Love.
    • While cursed, pretty much everyone is against Mary Margaret and David pursuing their inexplicable feelings.
    • If Regina trying to prevent Charming and Snow from being together isn't enough, she rips out the Huntsman's heart as punishment for him sparing Snow; forces the Huntsman, as Graham, to become her lover in Storybrooke (which essentially amounts to rape); and murders Graham out of spite and jealousy when Graham develops feelings for Emma. Regina generally seems to be the anti-ship to every canon ship in Storybrooke, breaking apart families, murdering, and harming others to make sure no one gets a Happily Ever After. Even when shown her soulmate, Robin Hood, Regina sabotages her own chance at a Happily Ever After, because she is afraid of falling in love again.
    • The Blue Fairy deliberately prevents Nova and Dreamy, later known as Grumpy, from eloping, because "dwarves don't fall in love", and she thinks she is protecting Nova for her own good. Hell, everyone (except Belle) seems against Dreamy and Nova's love for one another at first. However, after the Dark Curse is lifted from Storybrooke, Dreamy (now known as Leroy) and Nova are reunited, resuming their previous relationship.
    • David is extremely against his daughter Emma getting together with the rogueish pirate Hook. Unlike everyone else listed, he doesn't do anything more drastic besides treating Hook with hostility. He seems to have (reluctantly) come around to it by Season 4, since Hook makes Emma happy.
  • Queen Sugar: Vi was really unhappy about Ernest's relationship with Charley's mother, Lorna, because she thought Lorna was in the way of Ernest and True getting back together. Vi passed this attitude onto Nova, but after Lorna tells Nova the truth about the whole thing, Nova decides to try to stop judging her.
  • Queer as Folk (US):
    • From the pilot on for quite some time, Michael can't understand why Justin is different from any of Brian's other tricks, partly because he knows Brian so well and partly out of his own unrequited and long-unresolved feelings for Brian.
    • Amusingly, he shifts eventually sides and is vehemently against Justin and Ethan, something he would've welcomed not too long before.
    • Brian tends to sabotage Michael's relationships, whether out of a desire to keep himself as the most important person in Mike's life or just out of his utter disdain for monogamy.
    • Takes on a more serious tone when several characters (including his own mother) don't want Michael seeing Ben, who is HIV-positive.
  • Eric True Blood is an Anti-Shipper for Sookie/Alcide (and probably other Sookie shippings?), given that in the fifth season he hypnotizes Alcide into feeling disgusted by Sookie's touch.
  • Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries is really vocal about her dislike for Damon and Elena's relationship, mostly because she hates Damon and think Stefan is better for Elena.

  • Avril Lavigne:
    • "Sk8er Boi" has the narrator expressing her dislike for the titular skater boy's old girlfriend for her stuck-up attitude. when the narrator reveals that she is with the skater boy now, she rubs their happiness in the girl's face.
    • "Girlfriend" has the narrator explicitly tell her love interest that she should be his girlfriend instead of his current one. She trashes the current girlfriend's personality and in the music video physically assaults the girlfriend on numerous occasions.
  • "Boyfriend" by Dove Cameron is about how the narrator thinks she can be a better partner than her love interest's boyfriend.
  • Shawn Mendes: In "Treat You Better", the narrator says he would be better for the love interest than the guy she is currently pursuing.
  • Taylor Swift:
    • In "You Belong With Me", the narrator tries to get her guy friend to see that she is better for him than his current Alpha Bitch girlfriend.
    • In "Speak Now", the narrator offers to run away with a groom on his wedding day. She makes comments suggesting that she thinks his fiancee is superficial and not right for him.


    Video Games 
  • Art of Fighting: Takuma is aware that his daughter, Yuri, and his student, Robert, have feelings for each other. Her older brother, Ryo, is also aware of this... and they're both determined that it isn't gonna happen. They're convinced that a billionaire playboy like Robert will only take Yuri for granted, even though he helped rescue her in the original game and has been trying to get with her for the last several years. Plus, Yuri is an adult who's capable of defending herself. The issue was seemingly resolved, during Ryo and Robert's endings in Art of Fighting 3, where Ryo finally relented and told Yuri to go after him. But in the King of Fighters series, their relationship is downplayed and has remained tentative at best, due to Takuma's single-handed interference. (Ryo doesn't seem to mind as much anymore, probably because Robert and Yuri ship him with King).
  • Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance: In an early chapter, one of the Prinnies in the Hub World will state that a pairing between Seraphina and her long-time rival, Red Magnus, is just not gonna happen. To his point, Seraphina only ever has eyes for Killia, and Red Magnus is only into muscles.
  • Dragon Age II: Anders will actively degrade Fenris if the latter is in a relationship with Hawke, going so far as to dehumanize Fenris in several conversations. All with the hope that Hawke comes to some sort of realization that he is the better option for them. Whether that's true is debatable amongst fans.
  • In Final Fantasy X, Wakka and Lulu try to warn Tidus away from falling in love with Yuna due to her duties as a summoner and the fact that she will inevitably have to make a Heroic Sacrifice to defeat Sin. They don't succeed and ironically it's Tidus who ends up making the heroic sacrifice in the end, not Yuna.

    Visual Novels 
  • Played for Laughs in Cafe Enchante where even well before Rindo's route could start, the other regulars act as overprotective brothers of Kotone and were disapproving of any attempt, romantic or platonic, of Rindo spending time with Kotone. When Rindo's route actually starts, they actually called his cell phone during an Almost Kiss between him and Kotone to accuse him of taking advantage of her.
  • In Higurashi: When They Cry, sometimes Shion Sonozaki is a Shipper on Deck for Keiichi and Mion, but at other moments she sabotages their relationship out of jealousy. Like everyone else in the cast, Shion has... issues.
  • In School Days, Setsuna harasses Kotonoha because she wants Makoto to hook up with her best friend and half-sister Sekai instead. In one path, Sekai's friends Nanami and Hikari as well as Otome's Girl Posse bully Kotonoha specifically because they want Makoto/Sekai to happen. This will never end well for Sekai; if Makoto finds out, it'll press his Berserk Button of school bullying and he'll cut all ties with Sekai, assuming she was a knowing participant because she was the main beneficiary. If he doesn't, then Kotonoha goes full Yandere and kills Sekai in front of Makoto.

  • Dumbing of Age: Dorothy is this for Joe and Joyce. She flat out refuses to believe that Joe has changed his Cassanova ways and thinks his efforts at a Heel–Face Turn are a ploy to get in Joyce's pants. And she has no problem telling either one of them this.
  • Girl Genius: Gilgamesh Wulfenbach and Tarvek Sturmvoraus are this to each other, since they both love Agatha), considering their backgrounds it gets put on hold at least until they can leave the battlefield where they were at the moment. Also they are inside a deadly architecture construct with a sadistic predisposition.
  • Larisa is this for a while in Sandra and Woo between Sandra and Cloud, until she realises she values her friendship with Sandra more than she wants Cloud as her boyfriend.
  • In Slightly Damned Heathcliff fired a Shipping Torpedo at Buwaro's crush on Kieri, by pointing out several reasons why Buwaro wasn't good enough for her. Ironically, this ended up resulting in a Relationship Upgrade when Buwaro almost died protecting Kieri as a result of this. It also lead to Buwaro being inspired to become stronger and smarter for Kieri.

    Western Animation 
  • Arcane: Jinx sees the romantic tension between her sister Vi and Caitlyn and she hates it. As in "try to force her sister to shoot Caitlyn by making Vi choose between the two" levels of hate.
  • The Ghost And Molly Mcgee: Scratch, Molly's ghost friend, acts disapprovingly of her crush on her new neighbor, Oliver Chen, and tries to sabotage any romantic moments they shares together throughout, "I Wanna Dance With Some-Ollie". Though it's for a good reason, as Oliver is in fact, a ghost hunter. He even apologizes to Molly afterwards saying that he ultimately wants her to be happy, but Molly understands the gravitas of the situation, and calls off any sort of relationship with Ollie out of loyalty to Scratch. Too bad Oliver overhears all this, and ends up with a broken heart.
  • Josie and the Pussycats has Alexandra Cabot, who routinely tries to sabotage the Josie + Alan pair, never making a dent, and always suffering a Backstab Backfire for her efforts.
  • The Legend of Korra: In the first season Korra has a crush on Mako, who is with Asami instead. In the episode "The Spirit of Competition", she confesses her feelings to Mako, and they even kiss later in the episode. Mako and Korra do end up briefly becoming an Official Couple by the end of the season, but they break up midway through the second season and after that mutually decide it's better for them to stay just friends. In an ironic twist, Korra is endgame with Asami, the Love Hypotenuse she was jealous of at the beginning of the series.
    • We find out in the same episode that Pema also used a similar tactic on Tenzin when he was in a relationship with Lin.
  • Downplayed in Over the Garden WallGreg shakes his head disapprovingly during Wirt and Lorna's love song, but doesn't do anything.note 
  • The Owl House: Of all the members of the Blight family who learn of Amity's relationship with Luz, Odalia is the only one who's openly against it... not because of the two being both girls or that her daughter is in love with a human, but rather due to Luz being a sworn enemy of Emperor Belos, who Odalia is very loyal to.
  • Phineas and Ferb: Suzie always does everything in her power to break up her brother Jeremy's relationship with Candace.
  • Scooby-Doo in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, once he finds out Shaggy and Velma are dating, is hellbent on breaking them up via forcing a Friend Versus Lover decision on Shaggy. He succeeds.
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man: Sally Arvil hated that popular cheerleader Liz was in a relationship with geeky science nerd Peter, because it upset the social balance of Midtown High. Her reaction to their breakup was to declare "Finally," echoing Mary Jane's reaction to Gwen and Peter getting together.
  • Steven Universe: Back in the early days of Greg Universe and Rose Quartz's relationship, Pearl is fiercely against it due to her own feelings for Rose. Considering the name of the show, the end result is a foregone conclusion, but one particular move by Pearl to break them up backfires spectacularly. Her attempt to rub Greg's inability to fuse with Rose in his face in order to make him insecure enough to give up pursuing Rose eventually leads to the couple having a serious talk that actually strengthens their relationship. Pearl remains bitter about Rose choosing Greg over her for years, with her still treating him with disdain by the start of the series, and unable to move on until the fourth season.
  • Tangled: The Series: Cassandra is always getting in between Rapunzel and Eugene's romantic moments.
  • In Total Drama, Heather tried to break up Gwen and Trent. Supposedly this was because she saw this as a dangerous rival alliance and refused to allow such competition to thwart her plans to win the competition, though it was probably more her general hatred of Gwen, since she never cared about the other Official Couples. She also discouraged Lindsay/Tyler because Lindsay was part of HER alliance while Tyler was on the opposing team.


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