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Fanfic / Crossed Wires

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Artwork by Marcus S Lazarus

Crossed Wires by Cas is a crossover of Supernatural and Alias that sees Dean Winchester and Sydney Bristow joining forces on a search to find the Spear of Destiny, Sydney believing it’s another Rambaldi-related artefact while Dean has determined that it is the best chance he has to get Sam out of the Cage.

Crossed Wires contains examples of:

  • All Your Powers Combined:
    • Dean and Sydney combine their blood with the Spear of Destiny to open a portal to Lucifer’s Cage that allows them to retrieve Sam.
    • At the story’s conclusion, Castiel and Vaughn contact the Winchesters and Sydney independently to reveal that Crowley is attempting to use a Mueller device.
  • Canon Welding: It is speculated that Rambaldi was actually a Prophet of the Lord to account for his superior knowledge.
  • Continuity Snarl: Neatly fits into what was known of Supernatural canon at the time, but Sydney talks as though SD-6 is still an active threat and muses to herself that Michael Vaughn is now married to Lauren. In the actual show, SD-6 had been shut down in the latter half of the second season, and Vaughn’s marriage to Lauren was only an issue in the first half of the third season before Lauren's treachery was revealed.
  • Full-Frontal Assault: Sydney basically does this by accident; when Sam regains consciousness, Sydney comes out of the shower in her underwear and is so relieved to see he's awake that she tries to hug him, only for Sam to attack her thinking she's just the latest torment from Hell until she and Dean can explain the situation.
  • Holy Lance: Dean and Sydney meet when each are trying to find the Spear of Destiny.
  • Ignorant of Their Own Ignorance: Sark appears to talk to Sydney, but while he is aware of Castiel and Raphael’s interest in the Spear, he has no way of knowing they’re actually angels.
  • Intimate Healing: Semi-jokingly brought up when Dean and Sydney's mission sees them spend a night in a snowy cave up a cold mountain, the two requiring minimal encouragement from the other to just strip down completely and have sex right there.
  • Ironic Echo: Dean and Sydney note the irony that they’ve each fought a doppelganger; Dean fought a shapeshifter in his image and Sydney fought an assassin disguised as her best friend.
  • Mistaken Identity: Essentially applies when Sam wakes up; believing he's still in Hell, he assumes that Sydney (who had just had a shower and was only wearing underwear) is the latest torture from Lucifer.
  • Outside-Context Problem: Sydney is completely caught off-guard at the very idea of dealing with vampires and demons, to the point of instinctively wondering if Dean’s anti-possession charm hides some kind of technology.
  • Put on the Bus: The story opens as Dean leaves Lisa and Ben, concluding that it isn’t fair of him to burden them with his emotional baggage after Sam’s sacrifice.
  • Sequel Hook: No sign that it will be explicitly used, but the story ends with the implication that Crowley has acquired a Mueller device.
  • Shipper on Deck: Once Sam has been properly introduced to Sydney and learned of her history with Dean, he is fully supportive of Dean’s new relationship.
  • Shipping Torpedo: Sydney thinks to herself that she is happy for Vaughn in his marriage to Lauren, but that potential relationship takes a further torpedo when she starts falling for Dean.