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Ship-to-Ship Combat

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'Tis what you get when Avatar fans go mad.

Casey Jones: Not even close, Zip-neck. Professor and Mary Ann. Happily ever after.
Donatello: Heh! No way, Atomic Mouth. Gilligan was her main man. They'd be married and have six kids by now.
Casey Jones: Gilligan was a geek, Barfarooni!
Donatello: You're the geek, Camel Breath.
Casey Jones: Dome Head.
Donatello: [feels his head for a bit] Elf Lips.

Aka. Shipping Wars. Nothing to do with naval warfarenote . Or space warfare involving warships. Or UPS vs. FedEx. Or the A&E Reality Show based on the rivalry between a handful of independent truckers.

Many fans ship. Some of them have a distinct ship that they like over all others, while some of them are torn between contradictory pairings. Some of them like to debate a pairing while keeping in mind its status in canon, while some of them discuss it believing their pairing is canon (or, in the case of those who argue over what's going to happen like they think they're pooling money for a bet, will inevitably be). Now throw in the power of the Internet to connect everybody (and everybody's opinions) with everybody else…


Shippers tend to become emotionally invested in their pairings, and Internet shipping discussions can be quite difficult to keep peaceful. All too often, they can't help but devolve into heated quarrels where preferences are insulted, ad hominem attacks are thrown, and comparisons to Nazis are made (though, to be sure, the latter aspect is just as capable of arising from any subject of Internet disagreement currently known to exist).

These Flame Wars are known as Shipping Wars: verbal arguments between people with different opinions about romantic relationships between fictional characters, though sometimes it can include real person fiction. There are those who bash whoever doesn't like their ship of choice, those who bash whoever likes a certain ship, and those who do both, usually basing their attacks on how canon/Fanon the discussed ship is. The fact that most ships really aren't canon and will never be is usually ignored. Particular hatred for a pairing or a character who gets in the way of a pairing manifests in the form of Die for Our Ship in fic, or accusations of Canon Sue status in analysis. Alternatively, fans might pair that character with another character, getting him or her out of the way of their favorite ship. This creates "alliances" between different shippers called Ship Mates.


Common victims include Platonic Life-Partners, Heterosexual Life-Partners, and Lovely Angels. On one hand, lots of fans see Subtext, hints, and evidence where there really isn't; on the other, if there is some degree of subtext, other fans will adamantly refuse to see it and insult those who do. The Draco in Leather Pants also tends to be paired up a lot, and Shipping Wars erupt when deciding to whom he belongs. Often complicated by The "I Love You" Stigma.

Please note: someone just simply stating their opinion about whether they like a pairing or whether they think it's canon or not isn't Ship To Ship Combat or a ship war, that's just having a discussion. Or even when someone makes fun of a pairing. It's when the fans of a certain pairing start actually attacking and insulting the fans of another pairing that it becomes Ship To Ship Combat, such as if someone says they don't like a certain pairing or doesn't think it's canon and the fans of that pairing become enraged and start attacking that person for their opinion.

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If you really were looking for the trope about naval vessels fighting each other, try Epic Ship-on-Ship Action, Hot Sub-on-Sub Action, History of Naval Warfare, or even Standard Starship Scuffle if your definition of "naval" isn't strict.


Other Examples

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • The Shipping War that erupted after the events of "End of the Beginning" between the "Arkos" (Jaune Arc/Pyrrha Nikos) and the "Lancaster" (Jaune Arc/Ruby Rose) pairings. The end of "End of the Beginning" had Pyrrha kissing Jaune and then dying at the hands of Cinder Fall, leading to the Arkos pairing to suffer a Ship Sinking. Many of those connected to that ship bailed over to Lancaster as a response. However, despite this, many Arkos shippers are still defiant that their ship is still viable, that she's not dead, and that those who went over to Lancaster are traitors to the ship.
    • Less brutally, Lancaster is generally targeted by every other Ruby-related ship, most notably the popular "White Rose" (Ruby/Weiss) and "Nuts and Dolts" (Ruby/Penny). Unlike with Arkos, Season 3's events had no effect on Nuts and Dolts, largely because nobody believes that Penny's dead for keeps.
    • There is also a Shipping War between "Bumblebee" (Yang Xiao Long/Blake Belladonna) and "Eclipse" or "Black Sun" (Sun Wukong/Blake Belladonna) after the Volume 3 finale had Adam refer to Yang as someone Blake loves and Yang act heartbroken after being abandoned by Blake. This gave hope to the shippers of Bumblebee, one of the most popular fan pairings, that they could actually beat out the seemingly obvious canon of Black Sun. Unfortunately, this lead to fans on both sides getting very defensive over their ship's chances and absolutely hating the other. Tensions rose when a volume 4 song "Like Morning follows Night" was released with the focus on Blake and Sun's relationship. Things get worse when the Volume 4's soundtrack contains a love song called "Bmblb", which is clearly titled with Blake and Yang's ship in mind, that hints to be written from Yang's perspective about Blake. However, the song was not originally intended for the show or soundtrack, but was added last minute as an injury delayed the release of Volume 4's soundtrack, allowing time to compose the song. Unsurprisingly this clarification has only poured more fuel into the fire. With Sun's departure shortly after volume 5, this ship war has become even more heated. The events of the later volumes doing nothing to calm tensions and hardened the attitudes on both sides of the debate.
      • Unfortunately, as the years went on this ship war intensified. The fandom is now notorious for this. With each volume's release, shippers immediately dissect every character interaction in search of evidence supporting or refuting a ship. Even the creators weighing in and blatantly stating which ship had been planned from the beginning didn't completely cool matters.
    • There is a mild shipping war between "Bumblebee" (Yang/Blake) and "White Rose" (Ruby/Weiss) vs "Monochrome" (Blake/Weiss) and "Freezerburn" (Weiss/Yang). The former two are much more popular.
    • And now, from the first episode of Volume 5, we have two new ships: "Rose Garden", (Oscar/Ruby), and "Changing Colours" or "Reading Rainbow", (Blake/Ilia). Meaning that the two people most subject to shipping, Ruby and Blake, now are both involved in a three way ship war. Dear Lord, this fandom has very little in the way of sanity...
    • There is some friction between shippers of "Flour Power" (Ren/Nora) and "Martial Arcs" (Jaune/Ren). Though it is a bit one-sided as Flour Power massively beats Martial Arcs in popularity.
    • A relatively common trend post Volume Seven is for members of various factions to make peace and propose One True Threesome as a compromise. The Whiterose and Nuts and Dolts have joined forces to become Frosensteel, the Flour Power and Martial Arcs groups are perfectly fine with Juniper Berries (even/especially if Pyrrha comes back from the dead to join them), and it's not uncommon for people to remind everyone that Blake has two hands. In general, the polyshippers and multishippers are much calmer about the whole thing, accepting that all the characters are Found Family no matter their exact romantic leanings.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: During Season 5, there was a bit of this between Thanner (Than/Tanner) and Tristanner (Tanner/Tristan) shippers, all of which pretty much died down by that season's eleventh episode after certain loose ends were tied up.


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