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Internet Backdraft

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Well...that's the last time I bring that up...

"The Internet has given everybody in America a voice. For some reason, everybody decides to use that voice to bitch about movies."

Poor, innocent, hapless newbie wanders into a forum and wonders aloud if that guy in that show should be with that girl in that show. The forum erupts into flames, igniting all the boards that deal with the show, which ignites whole sections of the Internet into a blazing Inferno. Or alternatively, a Straw Nihilist declares that Humans Are Bastards (which causes the same result, but with Nihilists vs Idealists) In this case, we will talk about the latter.

The Cynic has opened the door, causing an Internet Backdraft.

Here's how it would go: Straw Nihilist declares that Humans Are Bastards, Are The Real Monsters, and are the only species to kill each other just because they can. This results in multiple flame wars, spreading between Idealists, Cynicals/Straw Nihilists and Realists spanning multiple forums, including This Very Wiki (The topic on this was even banned). Internet Trolls spread the flames even further, causing the Silent Majority to join the Flame War. Eventually, Flame Wars will start by those who are sick of the conflict, until people realize how pointless the Forever War is. Until a Noob, a Troll or an another Straw Nihilist starts it all over again.

This is also known as "Holy Wars". Trolls and Fan Dumb are drawn to to them like flies to a carcass. Mike Reed's Flame Warriors refers to this, when the metaphorical "door" is opened on purpose, as a Grenade. It is also why we have the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment, and one of the most frequent reasons for a trope page specifying No Real Life Examples, Please!. Some tropes and/or audience reactions are themselves this - which is why they are listed as Flame Bait.

The single item in common for these is that people outside the involved communities are astounded that anyone could care enough about the issue to get in any kind of argument about it at all, much less a big argument.

It sometimes leads to people saying "Pass the Popcorn."

Not to be confused with Internet Counterattack - That's when the internet acts as one to make someone in real life pay.

See also, Flame War, which is a common terminology for this, Flame Bait, a normal cause for this, and G.I.F.T.. See also this video from CollegeHumor, which sets the whole concept of this to a Billy Joel song.

No examples, please. Everything can cause this to an extent, whether it's on the Internet or not. Besides, having an examples section for this is just asking for vandalism.

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