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Since 2004.

Trope Co.® (TSX: TROPE) is a mega-conglomerate specializing in surplus goods for discerning heroes, gentile villains, Applied Phlebotinum, and quick narrative devices for harried writers.

Like all morally-conscious corporations, Trope Co.® maintains a strong political lobby aimed at combating the notion that a wiki doesn't require novelty narration techniques to be good. It's well-known that:

Therefore, it's safe to conclude that without parody infomercials, TV Tropes would be just like it. You can thank us and help us on our mission by re-writing unrelated tropes as if you were selling them. Don't forget to use gratuitous exclamation marks whenever making product claims! We love that in advertising.


For Artifact of Power tropes, please visit our Artifact Collection Agency™ below.
For Setting tropes, please visit our Fictional Settings Real Estate Agency™ below.
For Genre Tropes, please visit our Genre Department™ below.

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    Our fine list of products™ includes: 
  • Acme™ Products: We're a full-line Acme dealer. From jet-powered roller skates to Instant Martians (Just Add Water), if you need it, we supply it!
  • And Call Him "George"!™: One use of our product and your pets will never love you again!
  • Bag of Holding™: Tired of not being able to hold everything you get? Need more storage space? Wonder no more! It's the Bag of Holding™, with special techniques that make this bag a lot Bigger on the Inside than out.
  • Bag of Spilling™: Are you tired of retaining information on your walk through life? Do you wish you could go back and do it all over again? The Bag of Spilling has you covered by removing acquired character development and life experiences as one chapter closes and an identical one opens.
  • Battering Ram™: Who needs a key or a mallet when you can just charge through all of it?
  • The Beautiful Elite™: You think people are born that pretty? Trope Co makes them so.
  • Beehive Barrier™: A marvel in non-Euclidian engineering, made of precision crafted FDA approved hexagons into a spherical barrier of utter protection. Guaranteed to withstand The Worf Barrage and intercept a Macross Missile Massacre, or your money back!
  • Bling-Bling-BANG!™: Pimp out your tired, dull-looking firearms and turn them into dazzling setpieces.
  • Boarding Pod™: Get your Space Marines aboard the enemy ship without all the hassle of using airlocks.
  • Board of Directors™: A staple for any Corrupt Corporate Executive.
  • Brain Bleach™: The new stain remover designed to get rid of the horrible things you've seen in life, from fan-made porn on the Internet to awful movies to all matter of Nightmare and Nausea Fuel. Brain Bleach is also effective in removing hard stains left behind by grass, chocolate, tomato sauce, grape juice, pen ink, grease, motor oil, red wine, house paint, and blood.
  • Cat Girl™: Our new dating service feature, when you need a lady who just purrs at your touch!
  • Chiaroscuro™: Hiring light and shadows dedicated to making the most compelling images!
  • Chorus Girls™: To give your musical numbers that extra kick (line)!
  • Clam Trap™: Foes giving you trouble underwater? The Clam Trap can get rid of them in a snap!

    For products on order from Trope Co® Departments, Bureaus, Subsidiaries and Shell Companies...: 

So call within the next ten minutes! Operators Are Standing By. Offer Void In Nebraska.

Those living in Ruritania, Molossia, the Banana Republic, Bulungi, Qurac, Carbombya, or Germany should remember to take into account shipping costs. Regretfully, due to a tragic shipping accident Trope Co.® is temporarily prohibited from shipping to Latverian addresses. Residents of Redwall Abbey, Mossflower Woods and/or Salamandstron may encounter shipping delays with their orders.

WARNING: Some Trope Co.® products May Contain Evil™. Trope Co.® and its affiliates take no responsibility for any Unpredictable Results or odd behaviors that may ensue.

If you're interested in real products, get them here.

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