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Trope Co / Magical Accessory

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Comes in every color, too!

Are you tired of bland earrings and bracelets that go out of style as soon as you get them? Do you want something that will give you amazing superpowers? Then look no further than this page as Trope Co.® has the perfect product for you! Introducing Magical Accessories™!

Glowing Gems in every color of the rainbow, each with its own eldritch properties that gives their wielder a plethora of superpowers that can shoot down those fashion divas out to ruin your social life! Hats that let you pull anything out of anywhere, hair-clips that lets you talk to your pets, rings that bestows the wearer unnatural charisma, even hairpins that turn people into porcupines!

Magical Accessories™: They look and make you fabulous!

Trope Co.® is not responsible for any unforeseen consequences that may occur should any Trope Co.&reg-brand Magical Accessories™ be used in anyway other than their intended purpose or purposes, including loss of life, addiction to the anomalous properties of Magical Accessories™ or the sudden manifestation of any euclidian or non-euclidian entities not listed in the manual provided.


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