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Sold only at your local bookstore and video game dispensary.

Is your Cosmic Horror Story too bleak? Does it consume your very life into a nihilistic abyss where there is no return? Does the unknown and the various eldritch horrors that dwell beyond its shores frighten you to the point of wondering why you even get out of bed every morning?

Well fret no more, as we at Trope Co.® are proud to introduce our new genre: Lovecraft Lite™. No more hiding in the dark, no more getting pushed around by alien gods and their minions in the material world.

The monsters in the dark can be beaten! They can be pushed back! Even in a cold and pitiless world, Lovecraft Lite™ can give you the courage to face it head on without Going Mad from the Revelation. Punch out Cthulhu and see what loot he drops. Take that genre-typical Downer Ending and Earn Your Happy Ending instead.


WARNING: May contain authorial bias. Do not take more than one Lovecraft Lite™ per work of fiction. Failure to do so may lead to Genre Blindness.


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