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Trope Co / Faster Than Light Drive

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So you've built yourself a Cool Starship. You've got a qualified Captain to pilot it, an army of Mooks to run it, and maybe even a Wave Motion Gun to do some damage. Now all that stands in the way of your inner Galactic Conqueror or Galactic Savior is the sheer size of Outer Space. (Or not.)

Well, worry no longer! With Trope Co.'s patented Faster-Than-Light Drive, crossing space has never been easier! Available in both Warp and Jump varieties, our new Faster-Than-Light Drive is made of pure Applied Phlebotinum and can be modified to fit any ship in any universe! Capable of running on almost any fuel ever created, our Faster-Than-Light Drive is guaranteed to fail at the worst possible time for no apparent reason!


For added effectiveness, try our optional Drama+ Kit!* For one low, low, price of just 398 credits, we'll outfit your Faster-Than-Light Drive with advanced Tim Taylor and Polarity Reversal capabilities. Not only that, we'll also include a full set of Explosive Instrumentation with built in Extreme Graphical Representation and our all new Viewer-Friendly Interface, FREE OF CHARGE!

Trope Co. is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage resulting from improperly installed, used, or modified Faster-Than-Light Drives. Please jump responsibly and never drink and fly.
*Warning: The Drama+ kit has been known to make your ship increasingly vulnerable to Hollywood Hacking and Overclocking Attack. Use with caution.

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