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Our shadows worked hard to make her white ermine skirt look even more luxurious.

Many artists and photographers think that controlling the lighting is the key to making a great image. The fools! If you only want to manage the light, you're just doing half the work. You need to manage the darkness as well. That's why Trope Co.®; offers our very own forms of Chiaroscuro!

While some assume that darkness is just the absence of light, that's being spectralist, which is even worse if you ignorantly assume that all Dark Is Evil or harmful. While most of that is a discussion for another page, Trope Co can assure you that many shadows are nice people and hard workers. This includes lighting assistance.

Just as half the music is what's between the notes, what's between the light matters in making a compelling image. Both are needed to draw the eyes of your audience. You want your horror movie to create a sense of dread instead of relying on Jump Scares? Use the right lighting to create a disturbing mood and reserve the loud noises for when appropriatenote . You want your mystery character Emerging from the Shadows in the best possible way? Our shadows know how to stand just between them and the revealing light.


This also applies to Scenery Porn. Even the brightest areas need something not as well lit to offset the other parts. So you still need to hire the right amount of light and shadow to make the prettiest picture.

Our light and shadows also love being symbolic. You can play them straight and have your All-Loving Hero and Anti-Hero be in the light or dark respectively, or have them switch places for either visual Irony or to indicate to the audience that these characters may not be as clear cut as they seem. In other words, Character Depth can be conveyed simply by smart use of the depth of field.

Prices depend on length of the shoot, breadth of the image, degree of contrast, and how reflective or light absorbing the pictured surfaces are. For those not yet experienced enough in those subtleties, Trope Co offers some base packages.


Finally don't think because a work is bright and colorful, that this isn't needed. Even the shiniest pictures need things not as shiny to seem complete.


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