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When the Star Spangled Man needed some star spangled fanservice, Trope Co was there!

Do you want your big musical number to be as great as possible? You want it to look as amazing and intricate as the best Busby Berkeley Numbers? You would like it to be the most memorable part of the show (even if the scene is a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment)? Well you know what's missing? Some lovely Chorus Girls! And that's what Trope Co.® is here to provide!

We've brought some of the best aspiring dancers across the land, and enchanted, um... we mean trained them, using the best techniques pioneered by the great Busby Berkeley, our most renowned sorcerer of song and dance. They'll be tapping and high kicking in perfect synch, or in any order you choose.

And if you don't have your own outfits ready, fear not, for our Wholesale Thread House Costuming Department is ready to provide you with a few ready-to-dance outfits, with free auto tailoring if the clothes don't fit. And of course it can be any Sexy Whatever Outfit you need for the show (Sexy Santa Dresses have a generous discount when ordered in the off season).


WARNING: These ladies are hired to work for you, but are still under the employ, and protection, of Trope Co. Do not mistreat or abuse them. What do you think they are? Interns?


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