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Trope Co / Shifting Sand Land

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Be sure to come before Tourist Season.

From the company that brought you the Green Hill Zone™ and Crystal Landscape™, Trope Co.® brings you the Shifting Sand Land!

Our chief World Building architects use the same techniques as the Egyptians and Babylonians to create a new, hot, egg-frying land perfect for platforming. Using our Sorting Algorithm of Threatening Geography, we have scientifically designed each and every grain of sand to test your freshly stretched muscles from our Green Hill Zone™ to make everything slightly harder to survive. Creepy crawlies and scheming serpents all along the LD50 chart crawling and digging in the ground. Genies, both benign and malignant, waiting in lost treasure hidden beneath the dunes. Crevices, sinkholes, rivers and lakes that you would think is made of water in the distance, but nope! More sand!


Answer The Sphinx and get out of the harsh sun in the pyramids. Enjoy a thrilling archeological tour with our own Mummy tour guide (after he tries cursing you into an early grave) and meet the Nepharious Pharaoh himself. Beat him in a boss battle and earn a prize!

If you don't like platforming, we can arm our Elite Mooks™ fresh from the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy to slow you down and give you an authentic modern-gaming experience.

This product has been brought to you by Sand™! It's everywhere! Get used to it.


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