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With gay marriage legal in the US, we can offer two-for-one deals on dresses!note 

So you're getting married. Perhaps you are a princess, and you need a dress fitting one of Royal Blood. Perhaps you just want to feel like a princess on you wedding. Perhaps you just want a dress that shows sufficient Conspicuous Consumption. Or you're an Evil Overlord who has kidnapped the hero's love, and hypnotized her so that she will marry you insteadnote , but no mere dress is fitting for the bride of the Galactic Conqueror. Well Trope Co.® is here to fulfill all your Fairytale Wedding Dress needs!

Yet what separates our dresses from even those by the best Fashion Designers? Well if you've come to Trope Co, you know how things can go wrong. You bought the most beautiful and intricate gown, and of course it will be Doomed New Clothes, most likely from blood splatters. That's why Trope Co guarantees our dresses won't be so fragile. Whether it's a silk bodice, a lace veil, a mink wrap, or feather skirt, it would take heavy artillery to damage our materials. Say you're wearing white, our Super Bleaching process will ensure that no stains or dirt will say on there.note 


If you're in an action series, the odds are high that some fight will break out on your wedding day, and you will likely have to get involved. Trope Co can easily add a reinforced lining to your dress, and add pockets behind all the skirt frills, to store as many bullet magazines and throwing stars as you need. You'd also be surprised how much our armored hoopskirts will sway along with your hips.

We also include tuxes and bridesmaid dresses, but since we adhered to the Rule of Glamorous, please don't ask for ugly bridesmaid dresses. Simply being less elaborate will suffice.

Finally, if you need a fancy bouquet... just find a good flower shop. We tried making our own, but they ended up needing... special containment.note 


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