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Trope Co / Power Gives You Wings

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Step right up! Step right up!

You sir, madam, and/or otherwise! You look like you could stand an update to your Outdated Outfit! How can you expect Arch Enemies to cower before your amazing powers if you look like a Rummage Sale Reject? Don't fret, Trope Co. will provide you with a completely free* makeover, with wings!

First, take a swig of this completely harmless power tonic!** Feel more powerful yet? Good! Now, my lovely assistant will add a few Power Crystals to your armor, a Frilly Upgrade or three, and for the pièce de résistance... wings!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, beautiful, angelic wings! How better to show that Power Gives You Wings and make enemies quake in their boots than by floating majestically with radiant wings? Thanks to our patented "No Flap" technology, you only need to worry about posing them artfully!


We also carry Hard Light models, feathers, robotic, reptilian, bat, rainbow, dragon, butterfly, and dragonfly styles! Also available in odd numbers!

*Sales Tax not included, Offer Void In Nebraska.
**Side effects may vary. Consult your Mad Scientist before use.


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