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Trope Co / Artifact Collection Agency

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The following file contains classified information only allowed to be witnessed by Trope Co.® Employees with Clearance Level-7 or higher with permission from the Board of Directors. If you are reading this and do not meet these criteria, the Explosive Leash implanted in your neck will detonate in five minutes. Please return this file to where you found it and your remains will be sent to your next of kin.

This is Director Sdrawkcab Alias. This is not my real name. I am using an alias for security purposes. Trope Co.® has used its power and influence over story-telling to create products of every Character Alignment.

The Artifact Collection Agency was established by Trope Co.®'s founding CEO in order to catalogue and, if need be, recall and contain all products placed under the Artifact of Power classification.

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